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  1. Since Naval Action is a PVP sandbox at heart, I propose a variation of EVE Online's log off mechanic. In EVE, there used to be a problem with supercapital class ships (supercarriers and titans) who abused the flat 5min timer to cheat death. Basically, in EVE, supers have a ridiculous amount of hitpoints and even a decent fleet of sub capital ships will take a while to kill one. These guys logged off while under attack to hopefully escape if the fleet wasn't able to kill them in time. However, the mechanics have changed to something far better. If a player is aggroed, he cannot logoff for 5min, each time he is aggroed in any way, the timer is reset. In Naval Action, the devs could add to that, as in you can't log out if a ship from any other faction is within a certain distance. Also, even when in safe conditions, there should be a ten second timer, just in case. When the timer hits zero, the screen obviously goes blank or whatever (exit game or back to character selection screen or what have you) and the player's ship disappears at the same time in game. Of course, you shouldn't be able to quit while in battle. For me this would fix most problems of combat logging or similar.
  2. I just played a game vs an AI (my santi vs Ai vic). My santi's guns sounded in time with the gun flashes and smoke, however the AI was firing and damaging me before the sounds reached me (he was within rock throwing distance of me). I'd say the delay is about 2 to 3 seconds. Just my observation.
  3. I'd say it was about 4pm for the time of this forum on the 27th of Jan. I saw a forum post saying the servers would be down for the next 120 minutes (which they weren't, awesome!) and that's when I got the update
  4. UPDATE: I attempted to log back in and I was still logged on as the new empty account. Then I logged back in again and I'm back with Smackcrack4 with all my progress back. Not really sure what happened but if the devs or admin want to look into it.... I'll be happy to help. EDIT: Maybe I got on a dev/test server? The thing that makes me say this is that in the man lobby, I had the option of clicking and joining a "private" lobby (button was on the left of PVE button). This is my current theory anyway.
  5. Ok this sucks I updated the game with the patch and tried to log in. The game immediately asked for my name (I usually just logged in through steam and never had this line pop up before). I thought "oh cool, I can finally changed my name like I read you could on a forum post." My steam name is Smackcrack4 and that's what it was in game as well since steam login. When I bought the game, I made my forum name to be what you see here. So I entered the name "Halt Tranty" and got in the game. And that's where I noticed that my entire progress through the ships was gone, it was like I'd never played the game before. So please developpers, check your logs and see where "Smackcrack4" was and either put my name back as that or transfer my progress to "Halt Tranty". I'm not going to grind 50 hours or so to get back to the Trinc. Please fix this as soon as possible, and let me know if I need to do something on my end. Thanks in advance. P.S: I'm pretty sure it's my fault for not putting my steam name in, but in case it's a bug, you have information on it now. My face right now:
  6. Aracno found the problem! Thanks very much I rebound the keys to totally different keys, and now i'm golden
  7. Goddamnit I just quit again and launched the game and the bug was still there. So I quit once more, and now it downloaded the patch again.... Wtf??!?
  8. Nope, nothing. I'm on my laptop with absolutely nothing connected to it apart from my mouse and my earphones. So RIP that suggestion.
  9. To follow up, I just once again quit and re-logged, this time I haven't even bothered to go in to a game because my screen resolution had been changed. Screen was fine --> "Exit" button --> launch game --> "play" button --> steam login button --> aaaaand my resolution is messed up
  10. First post so be lenient please. EDIT: the problem was my keys were conflicting because I had bound Q and D to the normal turn function and also to the incrementally turn function. The game chose to use the incremental command over the standard one and the "bug" was created. SUGGESTION TO DEVS: in the launcher key settings, clearly state which horizontal + and - is the normal turn and which is the incremental locking turn. Thank you all. I've played a couple of hours since the patch went live and the servers came back up. When i got in to my first game, the bug happened for the first time. Basically it locked my rudder fully to port or starboard every time I tried to turn the ship. No I was not double tapping to lock it manually, I know how to do that and it is not what I was doing. My keyboard is AZERTY so I was pressing either Q or D to turn. When I let go of them, the rudder should come back to neutral on it's own, but it didn't. Additionally, to move the rudder, I have to tap it and that nudges it one way or another a "tick" and locks it in place. So to recentre it, I have to nudge it several times in succession, which means that I always have to pay attention to my rudder. Even worse, half the time it will just go from one full lock to the other. The second time it happened, my cannons also behaved weirdly. They are long 6 pounders, and were loaded with double. I know how they arc and I've played around with caronades as well. Those 6 pounders arced like caronades and the aim was off every single time. To add to that, the shots would disperse even more than usual, criss crossing each other only a few metres away from their firing point. I almost never see rounds cross each other, and certainly not so blatantly at that close range. If anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if it really is a bug, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. P.S: in the second battle, the bug happened much after the battle had started. The game froze and crashed, I re-logged quickly and found my rudder going nuts again so I alt-f4ed and re-logged (again) but the problem hadn't been fixed.
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