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  1. The good Captain Alabastar and his men wait patiently for that glorious day.Sigh....
  2. My perfectly balanced ship would be the fourth rate variant of the Centurion.The 1732 one.Class,elegance,looks,Power,Manoueverability. And add along the English crew.
  3. Question to Devs: Will there be a smuggling mechanic added in for goods etc either now or in the distant future?
  4. Will there be a smuggling mechanic added in for goods etc either now or in the distant future?
  5. Understood My crew and me as Captain fully abide by those regulations and sign this post with 100% comittment.
  6. I consider it sacrilege calling my favorite Centurion being called a 3rd rate,eventhough there was a third rate version... The Centurion looks more better as a fourth rate.Id sail her as my battleship,merchant ship,smuggler ship and long voyage cruiser-but only if she was a fourth rate The Wasa(4th rate) would be a suitable alternative also *hint**hint* Salut
  7. How about The AI of now take over the disconnected players ships(combat instance) so a fight is still put up but nothing OP as the AI of now are hopeless....thus everyone gets a good(ish) fight and no nonsense of abusing disconnect mechanics as your ship still gets destroyed at the end(either way) And all disconnects are treated equal
  8. Epic moment:Tried raking a Bellona's stern,overshot quite badly before getting ran over and capsized by an ally's Victory,tried turning out of the way but inside I knew that was that.Not his fault though,it was mine tryin to get entangled in a big boys fight. Was in a Privateer
  9. May I inject another personal opinion of mine-the reason why we need realistic docking if for smugglers and runners to come in the dead of night....silently unload then move off....Also....if u are lets say smuggling or running, to click an option that says dock loses the whole anxiety and rush feeling of smuggling and docking
  10. I would sail the ship that fills in the gap between the Bellona and Constituition which would be a 4th rate. *coughs*(*hint* Wasa *hint*) *coughs* Agility likea frigate.Power like a Line Ship.With the compromise of course
  11. Tks for the link man.But in order to get the list of forums, you have to search for it.Thats why the specific forum for the updates and changelog is the solution to this.One forum with whatever we need to look at
  12. The title is self explainatory Would be nice to have a forum section specifically dedicated to changelog listing minor and major updates and the time it was put in place Allows players to easily see whats new when they see their Steam client updating Naval Action. Now as it stands,to find the changelog would be in general discussions (if im not wrong).Abit troublesome to find older changelog updates Place it in the announcements section and lock the topic (only mods and admins can update it) so that theres no unneccessary replies and everyone can easily access it For feedback though on the updates-maybe a separate topic in General Discussions? Forgive me if there's been a topic on this already
  13. Been playing PvE everytime I get ingame,trying to get da damage in quickly. For smaller ships they don make that much of a difference in big 1st-5th rate battles. Also,the drop in players is most likely due to players waiting for open world.
  14. For this,Pirates of the Carribean managed to put it off....The owner or Captain of the ship would pilot the ship while,other players can join the Captain on his vessel and take ownership of a gun where the player in control determines how its fired etc For Naval Action,perhaps a Gun Deck officer(or wadeva its called),where the player joining the owner and captain of a vessel would be in charge of his own gun deck for either the left or right broadside(applicable to multi level SOL"S) and determine what is fired etc etc.Ability to repair guns and restore guns. ,something along that line,thus removing monotony as there is constantly something to do
  15. I second this.LOL.Would be a shame to lose something so fine,wont it lads?(Pirates of the Carribean movie Reference) This can also apply to captured ships that have been abandoned by the enemy completely and become prize ships.
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