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  1. Well, the hardcore players stay and they tend to be the most vocal. Add in the hopes you had for what the game would look like, and seeing them in a (for you) wrong direction. I think easily can brew toxicity.
  2. Well, moderators contribute to it. I spent a lot of time on post where I tried to use EvE onlines economic model to highlight what I feel can easily be implemented and would improve the game. A post like that obviously (I hope) come from a place of wellmeaning and is intended to help. But when it is treated by moderators with snark and attitude, maybe because the examples I've listed has been posted ten times before and discussed, or the forum moderator is having a bad day or something else. So I try to contribute and are met with scorn by the people I try to help. I excect stuff like tha
  3. He cannot because you banned him. And your treatment of longtime members of this community voicing their rightfull concern is despicable. Shame on you.
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