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  1. Well, the hardcore players stay and they tend to be the most vocal. Add in the hopes you had for what the game would look like, and seeing them in a (for you) wrong direction. I think easily can brew toxicity.
  2. Well, moderators contribute to it. I spent a lot of time on post where I tried to use EvE onlines economic model to highlight what I feel can easily be implemented and would improve the game. A post like that obviously (I hope) come from a place of wellmeaning and is intended to help. But when it is treated by moderators with snark and attitude, maybe because the examples I've listed has been posted ten times before and discussed, or the forum moderator is having a bad day or something else. So I try to contribute and are met with scorn by the people I try to help. I excect stuff like that from the community, but not from any official from the Company. I've seen a lot of it and I think that something that very much drives the negativity often displayed. I think @Cetric de Cornusiac's post above highlights another driver of that negativity. Devs can't really change the userbase, but they can change how they approach that userbase.
  3. He cannot because you banned him. And your treatment of longtime members of this community voicing their rightfull concern is despicable. Shame on you.
  4. A warship with 1100 men, on full fire, 30 men seems a bit low. Maybe up the number to achieve max firefighting? If it said e.g. 300, it will more clearly communicate the dangerous situation your ship is in.
  5. Not enough contracts, too expensive to place items for sale, not enough profit compared to trading npc goods, no noble woods to craft ships from, most ships locked behind a permit wall, noone selling permits (see first two points).
  6. It might not, have the sub cost doubloons, and sell doubloons for real money, have the sub cost like five dollars. Would give the team a steadier cash flow and it won't fleece the playerbase.
  7. Why would you want to force someone to do anything in a game? EvE is great because it doesn't force you to do anything, it just presents opportunities you can exploit. And the new tutorial they have there is just great. Someone from the dev team should make an account and play through the tutorial and see if there is something there they can use to make the new player experience better. I would like to add that EvE has those features now because they had a solid base game on launch.
  8. PvP server is consent: I agree But there are varying degrees of it, if you stay in Capital zone only, there is a slim chance someone might attack you and sink you. They'll most likely fail, and almost certainly sink in the process. Reinforcement zone; you can be attacked, but if you can stay alive long enough for help to arrive, you might get out of it, high risk for the attacker. Open sea: FFA, anything goes. Expanding on the safe zones might not be a bad idea is what I'm saying. Like your mini-map suggestion (Which I really liked). Printing Money: Yes it injects money into eco, you need some, but not too much, a very difficult thing to get right. But what I meant to convey (poorly, as I was misunderstood) is that running that trade NPC trade route, is just burning time for me, it's not exciting, and the only thing I am left with at the end, is some money. But running rum and repairs to a freeport, that is exciting to me. Will it sell? Will someone undercut me when I am not paying attention? And when I claim my sold contract I know that someone, somewhere are using that to play their game. Both net me money, but I still run rum and rigs even if it is more work and pays less. Because I enjoy the connection to the gameworld.
  9. Can't comment on games I haven't played, looks like you have. Maybe you should try and make long post highlighting what worked and what didn't in those games? I have played elite though, and that game is just, sterile. Loved it before they changed the movement though.
  10. So award on ship loss to another player? Damage only might be too easily exploitable. What if you get boarded?
  11. Don't they do that now? You get pvp marks for damage done, or is that only awarded if you sink it. Maybe you should get marks if you get sunk too?
  12. You could check market for cannons before buying the ship. Or every ship can have basic guns equipped when 'empty'. I don't think AI should be crafting or selling anything at all.
  13. Diminishing feedback, given free of charge and with the best intention as rosy eyed nostalgia is rude, offensive and non-constructive. If you don't like it, say what you don't like, why you don't like it and if possible offer a different vision. And the biggest MMO, (WoW) hit off all time didn't introduce a single original feature on relase, it just offered polish and accesibility. Naval action has it's unique feature, excellent combat, responsive controls and enough depth so that one can grow as a player. Take a que from other games on the rest. Especially since it's a two-man team doing the work. EvE is known for excellent industry, economy and player trade, not seriously looking at their work is hubris.
  14. And I outlined some easy changes (contracts) that I believe will make the game vastly better on release and for a long time after. Hauling grain from sweden to denmark is just printing money, it doesn't affect the game at all, there's no connection to the game world, just busywork. Sailing to La Mona with a cargo of rum and selling it there affects the world in a meaningfull way, and for me, that is important. Giving players the tools to play the game as they want is important, hamstringing industry and trade minded people with only ten contracts makes zero sense to me, giving industrious players competition on goods from the AI makes zero sense to me. We should want more meaningfull stuff and less busywork. And forcing players to participate in pvp won't cure them of carebearitis, it will drive them off. So a safe are must be established. The fact that the hungry pvp wolves are angry because they can't get to the fat sheep doesn't bother me one bit, and it shouldn't bother the devs. PvP needs to be consentual, and the line of consent must be firmly drawn. It should be possible for a player to never leave the capital zone and still play the game in a meaningfull way. But the rewards for leaving should be enticing, something that will eventually draw them out into the open world. This is also an easy fix to implement. Btw, some will never leave the safe area, and that is fine. They will enjoy the fun npc combat, building and trading in the ports of the capital zone. Remove ship notes, they diminish the value of noble woods. The devs are going to do what they do. But I would like to see what their vision of the game is.
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