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  1. PVE1, WTS Exceptional Bellona. See attach file for ship detail. Accept: High grade notes and/or gold Im mostly operate around PR and Ile-a-Vache.
  2. Pavel crafting lvl required is not correct. It should be 40/41/42/43/44 not 40/40/40/40/40
  3. Well, then I will fill what I known so far. Rank 7 Fleet Mission have a chance of spawning: Niagara, Cerberus, Renommee, Surprise, Frigate, Belle Poule and Trincomalee. Rank 8 Solo Mission (only tried this once): Pavel x1 Rank 8 Fleet Mission have chance of spawning: Constitution, Ingermanland, 3rd rate, Bellona(?), Pavel That all I known since after the update. I assume that what ever you meet at fleet order you will have chance meet at solo order (this is my theory, not tested) although number is unknown. Fleet order is good enough for a fleet to handle, I have seen from 6 to 10-ish enemy ship so far. I think you might got drag into a event. If there is AI with your team, then its a fleet order, if not its one of those epic event
  4. haibeo

    Patch 9.68

    Essex and Niagara are not listed ship I think
  5. haibeo

    Patch 9.68

    3rd rate. At least that what the ship store ingame list it as.
  6. Essex blueprint is not that hard to get. Just craft a exceptional frigate or belle poule when you have high crafting level and you will get one. I crafted one Essex already but I prefer my Trincomalee over the Essex
  7. there is the daily maintenances thingy, it around 8-9am GMT which last up to 2 hours. Today there is a special maintenance, due to daylight saving times. Also, sometimes server a down individually (due to problems) and shown as "maintenance" on the server list.
  8. You should be able to get your head around the minimum price simple from your buying experience. For example, how much it cost per unit to buy the RW at that port? If you put your contract price slightly above that price (and assume no one put the buying price above your) you will get the RW as soon as they produce. afaik, price reference guide will only come from player (or experience of said player). I doubt the dev have any intention putting such guide in game any time soon. Many things ingame are learned and shared by the player, not by any official guide from the dev!
  9. The problems, at least in PvE server, is that the amount of profit from making and selling medium notes is much less than doing mission and grinding AI fleet. The demand for crafting note, in general, while high but the reward from doing mission is worth much more money. This mean that people will not engage in the economic and focus entirely on combat. Engage with econ at the moment, for some people, is just a waste of time, fun and profit; and we need those people to engage with the econ for it to function. Anyway, the european trader should still be there, thus if we purchase it for 3 times the basic price we should be able to buy it.
  10. The fire is float-able Sorry, forgot to F11 it but it happen on the last fight, before I teleport back to PR, is there anyway to send the log file to you guys??
  11. The update for crew management, most of the ship I seen is not capable of have 100% of gunnery mode. While this does not affect much ship that only having 1 broadside facing enemy, it putting ship that have enemy at 2 side under a huge disadvantage compare with before. Even if they have 100% crew the ship, when shooting 2 broadside around same time will generate a kind of "penalty" to gun reload time. Thus, inspire by Pirate of the Caribbean: At World's End, I think we can use 2 smaller ship exchange broadside with bigger ship yet survive and able to sink the larger ship. This tactic might not work previously, since the bigger ship does not have penalty when shooting 2 side at the same time, the 2 smaller ship will likely to sink before achieve a good result. This is an example I done tonight. A Trincomalee and a Consitution (both at Post Captain rank), hugging 2 side of an AI 3rd rate and we are able to take it down with not much punishment receive on our end. Each of us lost about 50 60% of the side plus the pump that the 3rd rate shooting. Whereas before the update, we 2 are most likely to lost all the armor on that side and might be sinking. The end result is we got quite good xp and gold while the repair cost is not as much as we thought. With this, I think we could implement a good strategy to use battle, doing damage while receive less return fire. What everyone else thinking about this situation? Does it balance or not?
  12. NPC production will stay on its current level and will be gradually decreased over time to fully player dependent economy How about NPC consumption? Will it stay or will it go?
  13. Im not sure about your "base" cost, but on PvE server, which few low pop, the based price (found in port with a hell lot of material and at any time) is as follow: Iron ore: 78 Gold: 167 Live Oak: 120. I think your base price might be out of date (meaning the dev had increase the base price). As I have no idea of how the production building will be implemented (I think the dev still discuss it), Im not sure how it impact the player and cant comment on that. But as it is now, the econ is a bit screw up. Which make crafting/trading feel more like a 2nd job when compare with fighting.
  14. I think you better bug report it for now and hope the dev fix it in the future. As for warehouse, Im not sure about your situation but for me I use at least 2 stock warehouse (not expand yet) and 1 expand by a bit. 1 for store upgrade, 1 for storing material needed later on as well as stuff got from break down ship and 1 warehouse dedicate for crafting material need within next 2 ship (or 4 days, which ever take longer). To a certain extent, having a new Outpost is cheaper than expand the warehouse you already have. But yeah, the game is still in alpha, while it hurt but encounter a bug this period is not too bad. I hope you could get another Trinc BP soon.
  15. Try to look at the nation chat ingame and ask them. there are few clan (at least on brit side) that actively looking for new player.
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