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  1. I mainly play a pirate and 1 dura is fine, I hardly ever buy a ship I just go and steal some, and when they all sink for whatever reason I have one back up ship in port with 5 dura that I did pay for to go steal some more. 1 dura is fine, and any more means people won't bother buying ships which will have an economic impact. I'd probably reduce the 5 dura to 3 to be honest, but I'm not that bothered either way, I'm in a 1 dura ship 99% of the time anyway. Of course things may change as could my opinion as the game develops but that is how I feel as things are now.
  2. DraigUK

    The boarding system is badly messed up after updated

    Until they get around to improving boarding just make sure you have 5-10 men more before you board and you will win.
  3. Yes getting the same, in a Frigate graping traders snow from all angles and range and it took forever to kill even 20 crew for a fellow captain to be able to cap it
  4. DraigUK


    If playing solo, get your Lynx and try and take a Cutter on, then capture it. That's enough of a challenge when starting and getting used to the new mechanics. Then your Cutter has enough power to start making you money and you're away on your journey. In the meantime keep an eye out for Trader Brigs which are unarmed and cap them at every opportunity to send back top port to sell for great cash when starting out. If you can get in a group then it becomes laughably easy to progress very quickly, even two or 3 of you can start working together to take on larger targets or small fleets and progress goes very very quickly. If you are very lucky a more experienced player will help you out and decrew ships for you to capture and send home for sale or use later.
  5. Prior to open world being available to everyone, I have only ever seen 1 incident of a pirate attacking another (real player) pirate maliciously. That was when some fool in a Lynx initiated an attack on me in my Snow and proceeded to ram me at full speed then claim ignorance of what he was doing as he sunk. That was maybe a month ago. So, with the influx of new players I'd expect a bit of asshattery for a few days until people settle down and realise helping each other is far more productive and when the the Nations come around MT and you need to help each other to survive, not having tried killing your fellow pirates earlier will be more helpful to you getting assistance when when you get ganked.
  6. DraigUK

    Not a ship in sight - then this!?!

    Earlier I got dragged into a fight me in my Trinc v a Trinc Snow and Brig. That ended an hour later with the time up and I had wracked up 19 kills with help from the 12 NPC that joined me v the 25 NPC on the enemy side. Assume patch will fix this soon.
  7. DraigUK

    pirate tactical discussion

    Says who? Screw nations, yeah I get that, but if anything pirates were all about self power and self serving ambition...
  8. DraigUK

    pirate tactical discussion

    I'd like to see pirates have their own unique playstyle as an alternative to being one of the Nation sheep. I really couldn't give too much of a damn about the history lessons, gameplay comes first every time for me. If it isn't fun people won't do it, and that just restricts the options for everyone to have gameplay variety. I don't like the idea of hard restrictions on what sort of ships pirates can sail at all! If a pirate can steal a ship and crew one he should be able to use it, and if that turns out to be a Santi good for him. "They can only use cutters" or other such nonsense will only relegate pirates to never being played. Make them fun and different to play. And viable to play! For example, pirates being the only ones who can board and steal ships to be sailed, and only ones who can sail 1 dura ships would be fun. Nation captains can take/board ships, but have to send them to the home port and sell them, or to admiralty, but they can't board and sail 1 dura ships, they have to buy ships not use stolen ones. Something like that which would make them different. They need their own ranking system and titles, playstyle, and positives to playing one, not just all negatives! Stealing shit, selling it and making tons of gold would be a good driving force to the ranks for them for example, the more gold you have the more men you can have, instead of xp (and even burying it on an island somewhere instead of banking it could be cool and different) Anything over say the size of a Surprise you need to steal, you can't buy and it will only ever have 1 dura as a result, would make them both a challenge and different. That also means pirates would be very unlikely to fit bigger ships with any good mods, again making them harder to play. The ships they can buy are different - so faster or hold more boarding crew or whatever, but only for sale to pirates. I don't give a damn about having a fixed pirate home base, but pirates need to be able to go always somewhere to repair/sell or what have you. Neutral ports for example that can't be taken by Nations, or having the ability to be running up a false flag, to enter a nations port and sell but at a price reduction (i.e .black market prices for example again makes them different but fun.) How to get a flag? Well, you need to nick one from that Nations ships of course! So when you board a Spanish ship you get the Spanish flag to run up, get a US ship and you get the US flag for example. Of course neutral ports give full price sale. Captains on here will no doubt one day wish to try and be a pirate, so making pirates as useless as possible, not fun to play and having restrictions all over the place does no one any good, and certainly doesn't do the game any good. A lot of posts I'm reading are basically looking for ways to screw pirates down and make them not fun or in some cases not even viable to play, which is useless to everyone. Throwing lines in about not being historically accurate serves no one. The game as it currently stands is no where near historically accurate on so many fronts using that line to justify a shitty restriction or gameplay mechanic is futile, and people need to stop using it to do so, especially some who seem to use it selectively when it suits them to drive home a point then ignore it totally when that suits them to do so. Pirates need to be fun to play but different. When a shit ton of players are there playing the Nations, taking all the ports, and diplomacy and all the rest that goes with it - with pirates as a go to target for all of them - they will not be easy to play and will certainly not be able to hold ports all over the place, so to all the rabid fanbois on here remember that you might be a pirate yourself one day as a second char or to have an alternative play time to your hardcore nation char, and take 1 hour of your 24/7 playtime to chill out and do something different. And to think this all started off with one guy simply asking for more deep water ports being available. Sheesh. Game is going to change so much over next coming months none of this will even be relevant as the game fleshes out anyway.
  9. DraigUK

    Open world patch #2 - Feedback

    Serious bug - In my Trinc with 1 dura, entered a battle me and another player in Trinc V about 6 NPC enemies. (they dragged him inot fight, I was nearby and got dragged in also) Quickly escalated causing huge lag to about 20 enemy NPC ships and we had 25 if not more. Enemy ship badly damaged with less than 100 crew, I had over 240 on my ship, I captured it, No capture/battle mechanic, it forced me into the damaged enemy ship immediately and no way to get back into my Trinc. The ship I'm now in sinks, end of battle for me. Trinc now lost with all modules etc. Battle is still probably going, last I looked was recurring 20-25 ships in there. On exit I received 366 gold and 187xp, and lost my Trinc which had full repairs left and hardly any damage done to it. Welcome to testing but please the rest of you be very careful when capturing.
  10. DraigUK

    Open world patch #2 - Feedback

    Instead of firing your guns in random order they go from front to back or back to front.
  11. DraigUK

    Open world patch #2 - Feedback

    I think there might be a problem with lack of ships (NPC) being around looking into it but they all seem to be hopping into battles with each other leaving nothing available - for example 15 of my nations ships in a battle with 28 French ships right outside home port. This means much fewer NPC are around to fight as they all jumped into these massive battles? I'm seeing similar things across the ocean not sure if intended or not? Rolling fire mode doesn't seem to be working anymore. Servers down in 1 min assume for hotfixes. Lost 100k gold due to patch
  12. DraigUK

    Open world patch #2 - Feedback

    Downloaded will give it a go shortly...
  13. DraigUK

    Why people don't fight.

    In a word, no. Having a ship available in skirmish mode is great, but it won't change behaviour in OW until the actual loss at lower levels of ships at least is almost insignificant, and easily recovered from. In addition rewards need to be quite large to take on odds against you. If you are in a situation in your Cutter where you are facing 3 Lynx and a Cutter the only situation where most people are going to actually try and fight is if the loss of their Cutter is negligible, they can recover from its loss very quickly, and if they do take on the enemies (and inevitably lose doing so) they are getting a lot of gold/xp for doing damage to odds against them and going down fighting. So in this instance possible x4 xp/gold rewards for damage caused. Even then, most people will just run, and if the casual/solo player kept getting attempted ganked with such odds all the time would eventually just not bother to play - especially if they get caught and lose a ship or two and end up back in a Lynx facing several play sessions to recover and get back into a Cutter.
  14. DraigUK

    Why people don't fight.

    Damage was the requirement in trials not kills, makes more sense. Getting the kill shot can be more luck than anything is multiple ship combat for example. Can also promote "kill stealing" play which I hate.
  15. DraigUK

    Patch might be delayed

    Does this explain the Steam authentication error not allowing log in?