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  1. 1. Crew management - poor ability to relocate crew to different jobs. I want to be able to set X amount of crew to specific job and not just predetermined number 2. Boarding minigame - all is said in posts above 3. Ganking/revange fleets/closed battle instance lurking - this whole cycle is too "gamey" 4. Blueprints - I mean those that are not obtainable 5. Pirate "nation" - i know this change is coming, but i cant wait anymore, for too long this is the issue
  2. Pirates need prey to make a pirate living. Like parasites on its hoast. Parasites almost never kill their host. Same thing as in Elite Dangerous... Only psychopaths kill their prey.
  3. I don't think i have seen a single change in this game after which so called "PvP crew" didn't instantly start whining. If you "PvP" that much better be good and not lose fights, or lose fights and sail in smaller ships until you get better. Oh and, you know, small ships can and still are fun to play with!
  4. Love the idea of changing winds! Just i think it would be a bit too static. But, I think it would be better if we could have zones with different wind speeds like faster winds in open seas and less wind speed "behind" islands from where wind is blowing. That way if you are island hopping in smaller ship, it would be faster if you would take longer route around island than just sail in strait line. Might make sailing in OW a bit more interesting.
  5. I know Salty dog is not very unique name for this game, but it is game i had in sea trials and in open world alpha. For few week i was not able to start this game, and when i got online today and wanted to start playing someone already "took" that name. I know it doesnt mean much but some people know me already by that name and it makes me pissed pretty much. Is there any way to have same name in each nation? Now im really salty.
  6. Bought it on steam. Also, have you guys heared about Homeworld: Shipbreakers? I can't wait for that one!
  7. 30 in 3 days, hope you guys bought me a present!
  8. I'm speechless... We were breathing water with some air in it as well... Does it get any more badass than that!? I feel like wimp now.
  9. Thanks again Nornica for humping him, and stopping him from sterncamping me!
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