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    all simulator games , flight, ww1, ww2 etc
  1. the second install worked, i placed it in another folder, i ran the verify fileles , all files validated , it is working now. ty regards leo
  2. im trying a second install now , if problem continues will try your other suggestions ty regards leo
  3. hello all: I have purchased the game taking advantage of the Christmas sale , I can not play it since I only get a black screen when launched and must re boot my pc , any ideas ? ty very much regards leo96 my pc is as follows : AMD FX 8350 MOBO: ASUS CROSSHAIR V FORMULA Z WITH 32 GB OF RAM WITH 1.33 MHZ STICKS GPU IS SAPPHIRE R9 280X 3GB OC EDITION ( THE DRIVERS ARE UP TO DATE ) ty regards
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