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  1. TDA is now prussian and might be recruiting ...
  2. Currently I have purchased the Prolific Forger DLC so I can change my nation to join my friends and I am unable to utilize it because I am unable to delete outposts that contain ships in them. Currently I am unable to travel to these ports as they are all in enemy nation control and I cannot force remove them even though I have to click through warnings saying if you continue it will delete everything then it won't delete because a ship exists there. And I can't use the Forger because I have outposts that aren't in neutral or free ports. Thank you for the time addressing this issue. Look fo
  3. How do you get old flag officers for the British gunnery sergeant upgrade ?
  4. The backgrounds and stuff people have posted here are nice and add flavor. But those default buttons and Data entries are an eye sore and have been since sea trials.
  5. As a compromise, I propose that the Pirate Nation as it currently sits, be split up into a loose coalition(think EU4 HRE) between pirate clans. In other words, each pirate clan that owns at least one port becomes their own "Nation". Non affiliated Pirates or clans without any owned ports could still port up at these different pirate clan ports so newbies aren't left without anything other than free ports to use. In order to give Non affiliated pirates a chance at having a nation this would be the only case someone would be allowed to pull a flag from a free port (but only once per day or s
  6. I concur with this assessment. We did well despite the disadvantages we faced. Overall it was a fun battle, and lets try to keep our banter civil and sportsman like.
  7. Usually I just throw a 'o/' or a 'o7' in a pm to the player.
  8. Adding decimal points after integers wouldn't make the values more accurate they would become more precise. The negative sign in this case serves as an indicator of direction, which is fairly harmless. Its not the end of the game as you know it, if there's an indicator for the direction your ship is heeling. As far as imagination goes why not just sit in a chair and imagine your captaining an age of sail ship instead of playing a game based in the age of sail, it is like the same thing.
  9. Negative Degrees make perfect sense. Lets say your ship is experiencing a 4 degree heel, on one side of your ship the cannons will be 4 degrees above the horizontal while on the opposite side they would experiencing 4 degrees below the horizontal or otherwise written as -4 degrees. Simple geometry. This work may seem unnecessary for highly experienced players but not everyone has had the luxury to play this game since Sea Trials. This is simply a suggestion for a cosmetic change that doesn't change any game-play but provides more accurate data to the user without the need to "feel
  10. The indicator that displays the heeling of the ship should have positive and negative values determined by which side of the ship your currently aiming with your guns. Example: Left or Right broadside side: negative values for depression into the water and positive for elevation above the water Bow or Stern Chasers: negative values for heel to port and positive for heel to starboard
  11. He means that all Spanish players are Don Quijote.
  12. I wish to clarify as I was in this fight, there was only 1 US frigate(myself).
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