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  1. Great patch, many good ideas here. I would suggest an option to allow certain people to craft directly using the clan warehouse.
  2. Gatsu

    Hotfix 9.72

    Please don't make the game too easy on people when it comes to PvP. When your out sailing it's not only about choosing your targets when hunting prey but also watching over your shoulder to not become an easy one. Please do not make the game too easy just because some can't handle doing this.
  3. And what use the would this API be? We get an update once every day (maintenance) making almost every data we can get inaccurate except within maybe 30 minutes after maintenance. This seems quite pointless to me, someone please enlighten me.
  4. I want my Bellona blueprint back that ur crash stole from me!!!!!! or at least the 1400 labour hours, you didnt give back any of the things that meant anything.... gah, pissed! I've got so much resources! The only thing of value in NA is labour hours and blueprints... so bad..
  5. Sounds to me like you'r quitting just as it gets hard
  6. We simply just does not have enough players in the Swedish nation to compete. We might have just enough for one port battle if our biggest clans combine all their online players with ships big enough. In general the nation is undercrewed and naturally cant stop a force of 10x more BR.
  7. Neoklaud is using "exit game" to exploit not losing durability in battle and escaping even while hes in combat. I saw it on his stream on twitch.
  8. Isn't this how it should be? Drive people towards port control for the resources? I don't see why this is a problem in the game that has to be fixed by spawning free resources in your cargos. I don't think the Oak overflow has taken effect yet since pleny probably have LH to use due to lack of Oak. Wait maybe 3 days and people will be sitting with 0 LH, not buying resources, letting Oak, Fir and Gold replenish in all ur ports. If I saw a reason to have a lot of gold in this game I'd actually bother going there selling you thousands of iron but now I don't so why bother.
  9. When Admin reads my posts I am getting what I want here... sure, whatever you say bro
  10. You should really look at which resources makes people use how much LH from your current blueprints and set a LH value per resource for each crafting branch. You must also see which branch is the biggest money sink, which crafting branch has the most used consumables to get an accurate LH value/resource type. Use this value to balance rareness of resources. To have ports producing lots of resources that has high LH value will then be overflowing on the market while underproduced low LH value resources will be rare due to lots of usage, and balance whatever type of resource production system you choose to use in the different map regions. I don't think you have to ruin the current market allowing people extreme wealth when you eventually swap to another production system to get these data. It's not fair. No matter the current resource gain, whats crafted and used in which magnitudes will be relative. I'd even go and guess that overflowing market with resources will mess up your data as I now easily can afford any upgrades the shop has to offer along with whatever ships and meterials players has crafted since they now will be much more cheap. Being able to buy everything is not normal but being able to just buy and use up what you really need is the way to go. Reduce all productions and mission rewards and see what data your getting to calculate LH values of resources. Because without LH, resources are not usable at all. I also suggest that you find a way to alter resource productions based on gameservers player activity. How about this idea?
  11. And you don't think I'm allowed to share my opinion or what are you saying? I'm not trying to force anybody to do anything, I'm simply persuading my opinion with real constructive criticism. I explain with reasons why and this is probably what you missread as me trying to force them to change to my way. Thank you for confirming that my argument has strength and thank you for the personal insults towards me. We have already tested these types of changes and as my screenshots show you, iron is now worthless. It has no value anymore due to a similar patch. This patch will do the exact same thing to Oak, Fir and Gold. We should learn from previous mistakes. I was not the only person getting oak from cities but I was one of them who did. This because I focused a lot of time on trading. It wasn't a cakewalk, it took many hours of sailing around with a lot of valuables in my cargo which is yet another aspect of the game that dissapeared with this patch. All those hours I spent to get my resources made me deserve them compared with all who instead were out getting xp. If you people wanted oak you could have spend your time really trying to get it. There is no longer any trading for profit with iron, the same will happen with oak. It's because Marigot will have 2500 oak for sale at 75g each. It will then not be possible for traders to buy all that stock (from all the oak producing ports) which is the one thing preventing people from being able to sell for profit. As long as that other port has NPC prices for lower then what you want to sell for profit in Gustavia you won't be able to do it. I hope this clears up some of my concerns. I think it worked before patch since the people who spent an effort were the people able to reap the rewards from that effort.
  12. Yes but that is no reason to not judge the changes of the game based on its current state, right? read the thread and u'll find plenty of people disagreeing with most of the changes this patch brings...
  13. So what do you mean by saying that I am having "problems" with all EA games? Because I do have a problem with this patch, so you are directly saying that I am having problems with all EA games. I find this patch way too extreme and destructive to the game world, I think it's breaking the entire game. It's up to you if you want to listen to my complaints or not, nobody forced you or anybody in your team to do so... What I am giving is constructive criticism, if u cant read my posts in a calm tone in your own head that's not my problem. I don't know why it always have to be so hard to have a normal discussion online.
  14. I am absolutely not against every change but I am strongly against making the game WAY too easy because I want a challenge. As it is today I see no challenges in front of me except for forcing myself to do the repetitive xp grinding which makes the game feel like a job that I don't want. Currently the hardest things to do is to grind xp and wait for your LH to regenerate. There is no point in trading or doing PvP since ship loss no longer matter at all. This is the only patch I've complained about and I've played this game hundreds of hours since the first day it released. I just cant understand why you people don't see that this simply cant work. Every hour that this patch is active we're going towards total pointlessness of playing this game. You know, if I get attacked I might as well just take surrender as it won't change anything. It wont hurt me as much as it won't benefit my enemy enough for anybody to care. If I find that a match is a waste of time I'll just surrender and then go on with what I was doing without a care. This is now how casually carebeary I want this game to be.
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