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  1. there are a lot of others things in this game that can be griefed, should be just get rid of everything? like trading?
  2. I also agree, not having a Bank because people can scam is terrible reason for not having it in.
  3. Many people want this but sadly Devs had said they won't put this is till they can figure out a way that people can not scam it.
  4. Once again lots of places use the SS.. not just the Nazi's, like how the Swastika is still used today as it means something completely different than the Nazi one.. They were also not banned for using that SS on their profile, I still do not see evidence of their apparent racism.
  5. I am seeing a lot of fingers pointing but no evidence to back these claims up. If you used F11 like you should when you see something against the rules in global or any other chat in-game these people you claim are racist and make poor jokes would have been banned by now.
  6. I am not seeing any evidence that shows they are racists or them saying SS is associated with Nazi's
  7. Provide evidence of such religious jokes and exploits instead of bashing a clan without evidence.
  8. There are lots of things in the world that have SS as it's abbreviation, just because they have it does not mean it has anything to do with Nazi Germany, really silly that you would get soo offended by such a thing... Politically Correctness has gone too far.. can't even have SS on anything now.. If they are such a racist clan as you claim it to be, provide evidence instead of calling them out without backing it all up.
  9. Press share on the youtube video and then post it in here Like so
  10. This is becoming pointless, you seem to be wanting arguments and refuse to put forward a constructive reply, I am going to go do something else now, enjoy your yourself mate.
  11. Uuummmm, you guys did create a thread boasting about taking 8 ports in 1 day and hold it against other nations, especially britain about how you guys are taking ports all the time http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12411-port-capture-records-all-servers/ But you took those ports? obviously the timers were not set at a time when you could not have any members on. I personally have not blamed france for anything nor have I witnessed it, and what would you be blamed for in the first place? taking ports? that's part of the time, you have that right to take them.
  12. I never once have told my guys in SOB to hide in a port so we can spring a trap or whatever, I honestly had nothing to do with the Vieques ordeal apart from taking Fred and 1 Swedish port, SOB sorta trickled out and focused on defending against the pirates in Haiti. I don't know what you find risky or fun, maybe you guys taking 8 undefended ports in a row is fun and risky to you guys, but for us we wanted to attack defended ports, why SOB stopped overly expanding and only focusing on the area we knew we could successfully operate in without spreading too far out. I can't speak for the othe
  13. I have witnessed many British and others nations risky moves, British going to aves was very risky, same with fred and the Antilles in general, same with the Yucatan and with the Americans coming down to saint nic and the pirates attacking saint marc and saint nic... there are a lot of risky moves not just by the french. I took my Victory from PR to Fred for the port battle, that is a risky move, same with us going to mort town and parrot cay with 3 Victories and doing 3 battles one after the other.
  14. Here my my opinion on this all. The British and American Clans did not go to PVP 1 because they ran or were scared of the french or pirates or whatever other reason you think is true, the real reason is the population has been dropping badly, near 2-3 weeks ago the server pop was at around 800-900 and even 1k at peak, now it is at around 300-400. Should we stick it out on PVP2 and sail around for hours looking for PVP? Should we be forced to leave when and if a merge finally comes? People have gone to PVP1 because it's more exciting and entertaining, there is constant PVP around ne
  15. I would love to see epic +15 3rd rate fleets or even victory pavel fleets you can not capture.
  16. More nations = bad, not enough players for more than 3-4 nations at the moment.
  17. Yes no one AT THE MOMENT has reinforcements, did before. And no, your community is not what makes you a nation, the game mechanics do. technically you are a nation even if you band together or not, you can do what every other nation can do... Like i said, this is not the place to talk about this.
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