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  1. Prediction - There will be very few "upgrade-able" 1st Rates built. Reason being is that people already have a "throw away" mentality when tit comes to 1 durability ships. "Why go into battle with a bunch of upgrades on a ship that, when it gets sunk, loses all of your upgrades?" they ask themselves. Very little to no reason other than for "waving their members at each other." Hence a plethora of "grey" 1st Rates and very few, if any, green through golds (golden 1st Rates will be slightly less rare than a unicorn in this game). A system that allows an HMS Victory salvage mechanic could help make battles more enjoyable as people try to survive instead of zerging their 1 durability ships. Dry docks with high, but not punitive, costs could be one of many mechanics that make battles better.
  2. The iron required either comes down or the number of carriages produced should go up.
  3. Crafting notes are two-edged; Have built two "Purple Pickles" that sold for 74500 and 78500 at the cost of 6 CNs and 1500 crafting hours. Made quite the profit off of each. Instead of the notes I could have been making Basic ships and been much higher crafting rank than level 10. Made gold instead of rank. Others have done the opposite. Will be interesting to see what works better in the early game when players have the gold but not the rank to crew the larger vessels that are coming soon to market. So far I have not had any CNs drop from making or breaking ships. Might just be from bad luck as one would think I'd have gotten lucky from one of those two Pickles but, oh well, such is life. Biggest problem with them is the 250 crafting hours invested only give 1 crafting exp. Would have liked to seen this a bit more; 20 or 50 would have been a good trade for the time invested. As for the price of the ships with notes; I never sell less than the current market note cost (currently 25k in K/PR PvE). No, it didn't cost me 75k for the notes to make the Pickles but neither did it for the buyer considering the other raw materials as well as my time.
  4. Please remove the "You are leaving Steam" url portion from your links; (https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://www.navalactioncraft.com/) The site itself is fantastic. Thanks.
  5. If you are without reporting it then yes. But most likely what happened was that someone didn't notice it the first time around, finally saw something wasn't right, asked around, other tried it and successfully reproduced the error, and finally the bug report with full details was submitted AND THEN no one talked about it or used it again. If that is correct then it was proper bug testing and reporting so the players should be rewarded. In other games players have found an exploitable bug in alpha/beta but did not report it. When the game went live they then exploited the bug far beyond any sane level (ex. Elder Scrolls Online item duplication bug). Players have been given severe smackdowns over this. TL:DR Find a bug. Replicate it. Report it. Don't Use it.
  6. I hereby acknowledge all the negative comments yet will endeavor to play the game in the manner of my own choosing. Onward to the next port, onward to profit!
  7. Here is a list for prices in ports on the island of Jamaica Numbers next to the commodites is the stack size (ex. Coal(25) means one hold section will carry a maximum of 25 units of Coal). Yes, I'm a greengrocer. Make Profit not War!
  8. Or in-game time that is sped up a bit from real time so we have to plan on fighting, or not, during the night. Hopefully with more environmentals (mist, fog, rain, terrain detection and collision, etc).
  9. Extra Credits - Doing Free to Play Wrong - How Bad Monetization Harms F2P Games Extra Credits: Microtransactions (Are Good If Done Right) Extra Credits - Free to Play Is Currently Broken - How High Costs Drive Players Away from F2P Games
  10. Scenario; Alvin and Bert both start their journey to Barbados in Plymouth, UK. Both set waypoints (if available), etc, and sail similiar routes. Alvin encounters a PvE/PvP scenario and jumps in. Battle ends approximately 30 minutes later. He continues on to Barbados with no other encounters. Bert does not participate in any PvE/PvP encounters. How much farther along is Bert than Alvin after Alvin finishes his battle? 30 minutes real time would translate to how much in game time? Can, or should, time compression compensate for battles at sea and "push" those that participated in them along their intended routes makinig up any time lost in battle? Without a time compression reset mechanic (the game placing Alvin 30 in-game minutes behind Bert) the players that avoid all scenarios will have much more than 30 minutes of in-game time to buy/sell/repair/etc. I believe that once we reach a reasonable answer to scenarios like this then we can have a better grasp on how large the world should be, time compression, etc.
  11. Buy-Once with cosmetic micro-transactions - The servers will need to be financed someway and selling a bit of paint and scrollwork (to reflect ship renaming changes) will help defray the server costs. It's either micro-transactions or a monthly sub to keep the server hamsters fed.
  12. This goes to how historically accurate the game should be so as to be a game rather than a pure simulation. If this can be a slightly different universe than ours than the game can incorporate various historical innaccuracies that would not be all that noticable to anyone but the more well read players. Agan, not that we should go full Archer but it could be slightly less accurate than what we know happened in order to add more playability.
  13. As for the time period, while I don't want to go full Archer (talking to the KGB on cell phones), being a bit flexible with the tech and years could help with the gameplay - Players could start a war by preying on the shipping of a country that was not at war with anyone at that specific time period.
  14. Would like to have the option for new players - For the first oh, some number around the "I got a Brig now" amount of battles maybe allow 3PV so that new players can used to the ships. After that make it optional in Duel and PvE while making Trafalgar on deck view only. Also; some sort of target range map - Solo mode for those that are trying mixed loads or wanting screenshots of their ships against the backdrop of various environments (storm, calm, calm evening, etc). 3PV enabled
  15. Join the CBC and hop in our Teamspeak - My rendition of "I'm So Lonely" is soo much better than the original.
  16. For testing purposes the current mechanic is fine as is. Once the game transistions to an open world with an economy then we should be looking at a more flexible system such as those found in the various threads posted in the suggestion forum. We're here to test weapons and damage models and I'm fine with that for now. Later, upon introduction of on economy, it would be nice to have to manage repair resources and make them part of the open world as well as impacting the upkeep and maintenance of your ship and crew.
  17. Was in a battle chasing down a ship and suddenly the sea graphic I'm in and next to changed to the land graphic and back as the wave level rose and fell ("Storm map") - No waves crashing or other indication of shallow water. Sub-surface and near surface hazards and their inherent warning signs should be a core feature ("Iceberg! Dead ahead!"). Should I be chased (pirate, enemy belligerant, etc) and I'm in a shallow draft vessel it would be nice to have the option to brave the shaols and sandbars daring my pursuer to follow and risk grounding or, even worse, tearing a big hole in their hull. Or if I in a ship larger and better gunned than my target they should have the option to brave the coral reefs in a bid to escape. But we'll need some signs of shallow water added - Waves far off the beach, old mast sticking up out of the water, etc. Along with navigation hazards we should also encounter weather extremes (a truly PvE encounter) that could cause ship damage or even lead to capsizing should we set the sails incorrectly, not sail into the wind and waves, avoid land masses and sub-surface hazards and the like. Trying to skirt a hurricane/cyclone/typhoon and messing up your navigation could get you sucked into a PvE weather encounter - A few minutes (5-15, more or less depending on crew specialists, location, etc) of sheer terror. Rogue waves might be a bit too much but could be added as a way to greatly endanger a ship from time to time. Success would award experience points which could be based, as only one example, on how many seconds one was in the encounter and subtracting shiip damage. Epicly fail and... well there's always another ship needing a captain somewhere. Risk/reward and all that.
  18. Did the different ships have their magazines at various levels in relation to their water line? Not a naval historian so maybe someone can post when the following was mostly true; (from Magazine (artillery) ); "Historically, when artillery was fired with gunpowder, a warship's magazines were built below the water line — especially since the magazines could then be readily flooded in case of fire or other dangerous emergencies on board the ship. An open flame was never allowed inside the magazine." Would be interesting to see which ships would have the command "Flood the Magazine" as an option under Ship Repairs (hot key "M" or somesuch).
  19. As the game has more details added to it a repair resource (patches, extra sails, etc) could be a part of the economy - Buying and managing tons(?) of repair materials could be part of the resources that players need to purchase and keep a stock of. The larger ships would be able to haul more tons of repair resources. These could be used in a percentage capability; wooden patches for armor and rudder, extra sails for damaged sails, tar and rope to patch leaks. etc. As their player orders his crew to repair the ship he would see his supply of repair resources dwindle and have to manage this as well. Maybe having a carpenter and/or sailmaker on board would help speed repairs as well as make repairs more efficiently (trade off between paying the specialists for faster, better repairs or stocking more repair resources). A "ton" of repair resource could be as simple as a generic amount or repair points or complex as a number of points of wooden patches, extra sails and sail patches, and tar and rope. Three patching opportunities seem simplistic for a game that should be balanced through economic, reputation, as well as other mechanics (crews, etc) posted in this subforum. This would give the players options such as only stocking a minimal amount and leaving room for more cargo or taking more because they are going pirate hunting and will need very little room, if any, for cargo.
  20. As for experience awards - What is going to be the difference in fighting a warship vs a lightly armed merchantman? If I do the same damage to the SOL and merchantman do I get the same reward? Shouldn't that merchantman should be a much lower reward due to risk/reward? Are we at war with the nation that the warship is flagged for? If not, the player should get the experience but their fame/infamy should suffer. Same with the merchantman and its flag. At war with England? Raiding should hurt the enemy when done with planning and precision (blockades, etc). Fame/infamy changes should reflect. Simply asking for a full PvP with no trade offs as to who one should and shouldn't fight risks the game turning into gank fests. Don't prevent players from ganking but make it economically more beneficial to fight beligerants, allow neutral ships to sail away, and defend friendlies. Only here to sink anyone and everyone? Be prepared for PC and NPC ships to be constantly hunting you and making life unbearable and unprofitable.
  21. Along with morale would like to see a mechanic for loyalty - The idea would be that if you are a French flagged ship with a French majority crew then their moral would be higher fighting against a ship that is flying the flag of a nation the French are currently in a state of war. They would be more willing to attack the enemy as well as defend "their" ship to the last man. Should the ship you are facing be a merchant vessel with a mixed crew whose only goal is to get to the next port then they have very little loyalty to the ship's captain and would be willing to surrender should the be facing overwhelming odds regardless of the captain's intentions (ex. coastal goods hauler with small, mixed crew versus a flagged warship with a highly loyal, well trained crew). Mixing well trained crew members of differing nationalities could result in a number of desertions at the next port should war be declared between nations. This would allow more variety in the crew in terms of cost, training, and fighting spirit.
  22. Interesting that I got my key earlier this week - bought the game Monday, key sent Tuesday. Was someone cleaning up before the New Year holiday?
  23. Well met fellow salties, First a bit of background - Not coming from a naval based MMO but from a big, stompy robot arena shooter (as well as Sid Meier's Pirates! but passed on the open seas MMO's) it is good to see many, many posts about how open and receptive the dev team is and has been. Should they feel that only they have the ideas that will make this game a success and exclude any suggestions of real consequence then they are in danger of becoming insular and marooning their original backers on an island. One hopes that they are willing to keep an open mind and admit mistakes (even as far as FFXIV tho' one hopes it never comes to that debacle). As a former tester of a stompy robot game it became apparant that the dev team was going to allow an incredible amount of weapon loadouts, engine rating and armor changes, as well as no loss of chassis. An economic reward system was put in place and then discarded. A number of other rather "interesting" mechanics were added that pushed a large number of original backers away as it no longer was what had been originally portrayed as. Lessons learned; Do not allow unlimited customization - We already have the number of cannons hard coded but one could go further and ensure a center of gravity machanic dissuades anyone from placing the largest sizes at all positions or risk capsizing in all but the lightest seas and smoothest of turns. Quite a few SOLs were lost due to poor CG and sea state management. Losses of ships - Already a lively discussion going on elsewhere so the main point is that there should be mechanics that dissuades players from just "ram/sink/respawn/repeat". Features such as reputation (fame/infamy) to economics should not prevent but only penalize players that play recklessly and poorly while allowing new players to learn how to best manage their ships and play style. Ship upgrades - Upgrades should not easily be found at all ports, perhaps a few only at specialized ports or only at time of initial build (barring a major refit with the attendent expense and time out of commision). Economics may well come into play as that an inconvenient war could place a hold on all but upgrades for warships, etc. The upgrades themselves should have trade-offs; faster turn rate will play havok with your CG if not managed properly, etc. Ships upgrades should be more or less expensive based on size of ship, reputation, allied nation, etc. Other musings; PvP - Safe harbours should be relatively safe from all but the most dedicated, well equipped group of players that have a solid plan (see any number of enemy port assaults). Same with well established and well patrolled trade routes. Players that explore in uncharted waters using smaller, cheaper ships could still be attacked but would offer the attacker a poor risk/reward scenario. Economics should push the players with the more expensive ships to higher risk/reward areas while allowing some measure of relative safety to smaller ships. The player that loads up his merchantman with expensive goods and goes sailing off through enemy waters with no escort is simply tempting fate and only has himself to blame should he lose his ship. Want to avoid PvP? Use a fast ship and sail to the nearest safe harbor at the first sign of trouble. Instanced battles - Not seeing how an ally that is racing to your rescue could join in if they "stumbled" upon you under attack or decide that the battle is over and it's time to set sail for a secure anchorage. Hoping there is some way to do so even if there is a wait time so that, through voice coms, players are not being continously rescued by friends sailing in from across the ocean. Ship economics - In Pirates! there were a few times that running low of food would necessitate an attack on a friendly ship in order to acquire more provisions. It should be costly to try to maintain a large crew for any length of time. As an aside, allow some trading on the open seas for just this as well as smuggling, etc. Crew resource management (CRM) - Would like to see crew morale reflect both the ships and captains ability to see them back to home port. A crew that is distrustful of either or both would have a negative impact on battle and economics (from discension in the ranks to leaving at the next port and all the way up to mutiny). Better quality provisions, better crew quarters, entertainment, and the like could be ways of making eager sailors to flock to your ship at recruitment time. A well behaved ship and a competent captain would assist in keeping the crew in line as well. World resources - Many months from now it would be nice to see economics play a huge role in what is moved from one port to another. Allow the players to choose from a set of shipping requests unique to the port they are at as well as what their ship is best at hauling. Specialized cargos could have higher rewards for the first ship to arrive as well as a reputation boost for the captain and higher morale for the crew. Tea runs, anyone? Wartime - In concert with economics hostile nations are going to make the life of a trader more interesting. For smugglers, opportunities abound. And for pirates looking to go legit this may be the time to get that Letter of Marque (you do have a neutral or better reputation with the nation you're requesting a letter from, yes?). Here's hoping that NA turns out to be the sleeper hit of 2015 or 2016.
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