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  1. Prediction - There will be very few "upgrade-able" 1st Rates built. Reason being is that people already have a "throw away" mentality when tit comes to 1 durability ships. "Why go into battle with a bunch of upgrades on a ship that, when it gets sunk, loses all of your upgrades?" they ask themselves. Very little to no reason other than for "waving their members at each other." Hence a plethora of "grey" 1st Rates and very few, if any, green through golds (golden 1st Rates will be slightly less rare than a unicorn in this game). A system that allows an HMS Victory salvage mechanic could hel
  2. If you are without reporting it then yes. But most likely what happened was that someone didn't notice it the first time around, finally saw something wasn't right, asked around, other tried it and successfully reproduced the error, and finally the bug report with full details was submitted AND THEN no one talked about it or used it again. If that is correct then it was proper bug testing and reporting so the players should be rewarded. In other games players have found an exploitable bug in alpha/beta but did not report it. When the game went live they then exploited the bug far b
  3. Join the CBC and hop in our Teamspeak - My rendition of "I'm So Lonely" is soo much better than the original.
  4. Was in a battle chasing down a ship and suddenly the sea graphic I'm in and next to changed to the land graphic and back as the wave level rose and fell ("Storm map") - No waves crashing or other indication of shallow water. Sub-surface and near surface hazards and their inherent warning signs should be a core feature ("Iceberg! Dead ahead!"). Should I be chased (pirate, enemy belligerant, etc) and I'm in a shallow draft vessel it would be nice to have the option to brave the shaols and sandbars daring my pursuer to follow and risk grounding or, even worse, tearing a big hole in their hull
  5. Did the different ships have their magazines at various levels in relation to their water line? Not a naval historian so maybe someone can post when the following was mostly true; (from Magazine (artillery) ); "Historically, when artillery was fired with gunpowder, a warship's magazines were built below the water line — especially since the magazines could then be readily flooded in case of fire or other dangerous emergencies on board the ship. An open flame was never allowed inside the magazine." Would be interesting to see which ships would have the command "Flood the Magazine" as an
  6. As the game has more details added to it a repair resource (patches, extra sails, etc) could be a part of the economy - Buying and managing tons(?) of repair materials could be part of the resources that players need to purchase and keep a stock of. The larger ships would be able to haul more tons of repair resources. These could be used in a percentage capability; wooden patches for armor and rudder, extra sails for damaged sails, tar and rope to patch leaks. etc. As their player orders his crew to repair the ship he would see his supply of repair resources dwindle and have to manage this as
  7. Along with morale would like to see a mechanic for loyalty - The idea would be that if you are a French flagged ship with a French majority crew then their moral would be higher fighting against a ship that is flying the flag of a nation the French are currently in a state of war. They would be more willing to attack the enemy as well as defend "their" ship to the last man. Should the ship you are facing be a merchant vessel with a mixed crew whose only goal is to get to the next port then they have very little loyalty to the ship's captain and would be willing to surrender should the be f
  8. Interesting that I got my key earlier this week - bought the game Monday, key sent Tuesday. Was someone cleaning up before the New Year holiday?
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