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  1. A handful of historically possible colors available to all to mix and match as they see fit.
  2. I'd like the F keys to select what sails to trim/adjust. Like the gun decks are. You could toggle control of them on and off. I'd REALLY like to see reefing of main sails, but I imagine this is all too much for the scope of the game. I look forward to the improved fore and aft sailing characteristics that are coming up.
  3. 18th Century Algerian Xebec (Barbary Corsairs) http://www.themodelshipwright.com/high-resolution-ship-plans/sailing-vessels/french-xebec-boberach-captured-from-algeria/ Algerian xebec plan from Fredrik Henrik af Chapmanā€™s Architectura Navalis Mercatoria (1768) Ships like these were a real factor in control of trade. The tactics used with and against them, I hope will be represented in the open world game. Great for hit and run opportunism, especially if you have a nearby friendly coastal battery to run to. If oars are implemented, huge benefit in light winds as well.
  4. Same here. What is this "Default" login and can we use it some how? Not cool, bros... I need my fix of Naval Action!
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