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  1. I have no screenshots. the individuals referred to are not you or other PFK guys (today) - you attacked me fair and square east of Les Cays. and you let me fight Jan 1 vs. 1 in his Bellona until I had to retreat after roughly 35 mins of fighting and a couple of smart moves made by him that cost me 80% of my armor on one side. I did however express my disappointment in him during the battle as he had always acted proper in other engagements but was particularly hostile towards me yesterday. You and I had a conversation in battle before you left in which I explained my POV and you explained
  2. Maybe the Polish players should get over being Polish As you well know, I'm danish but playing british - and you're polish playing prussian. We're both in nations that suits our play-style rather than our own real nationality.
  3. Many players have escaped me under the forts, last time was yesterday when a Wappen got away. I was in an Aggy and my mate was in a Trinc - we definately had the advantage. I consider this to be fair - it was somewhat of a "gank". Thinking back to before we got the forts I'm pretty sure they have worked in my advantage - ESPECIALLY now with changing winds. More players are willing to do PvP than before because they have the security of a massive battery behind them - in the past they would have run into port. It is not impossible to beat a player sitting under a fort.
  4. The same thing happened to me and @NethrosDefectus yesterday - Nethros was using smugglers flag and I couldn't join his battle.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the fear of losing your capital part of the reason you play as polish? I'm sure that if you considered it game-breaking then you'd play as the English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish or Americans (There's PLENTY to choose from....). Yesterday I was verbally attacked by several polish players for attacking their ships in OW PvP claiming that I was not honoring the agreement between our nations. I'd like to remind the kind players of the polish nation that the british players with whom you have made a verbal agreement with CANNOT speak on behalf o
  6. Can we have the option to assign separate keys for each fire mode? Would be nice to be able to switch to the fire mode you'd like instead of having to scroll through them.
  7. I like the idea of reducing the bonuses to near insignificant levels - that would make it a gift rather than a necessity. I can get behind that 100%
  8. I specifically stated :"I'm not saying this is something that you will do ". I quoted your statement to show that a powerplayer with enough materials will be able to do that. you have to see beyond what you, as an honest player, would do. We know players will abuse in-game mechanics, we know people farm PvP Marks, we know there has been abuse of trade-missions. I'm sure that my example is going to happen eventually. Is it something we should try to prevent? Or just live with the fact that "Powerplayers" and "Exploiters" will have the best; thus increasing the gap between the player g
  9. I see where you're coming from, but won't the rarity of the upgrades have the opposite effect of what's intended? Like you said yourself.. you crafted 8 Bellonas - no casual player will be able to do that. What if you craft 20? Eventually you''ll get that "Very fast" T/T 5-5 Bellona. This means that now you, as a "powerplayer", have the best ship - and you can now sell the remaining 19 to Casuals who have no hope of getting the same vessel as you. Please correct me if I'm wrong in my asumptions. I'm not saying this is something that you will do - but I think it's very likely t
  10. But do not forget that the sisterships of the Endymion performed similarly to eachother and were of a slightly different design + built on the cheap using softwoods (fir). That is the main reason why the sisterships were decommissioned early while the Endymion continued in service for roughly 40 years after the others were broken up. The performance issues were clearly down to design and material choice; so I'd say the Endymion is an excellent example of why you should be able to influence your design more and not less... But it is an interesting discussion.
  11. As previously mentioned, I'd like RNG removed completely. I do however see your point and I agree that there is some fun in the new implementation. I'm sure some compromise can be made. Admin argues that my suggestion would benefit "powerplayers" more than casuals. I believe the exact opposite since only "powerplayers" have the resources to make 20 ships in a row to get the best builds. I'm curious to hear what other people think? What if the chances of getting a better build was higher? That too would benefit the casuals - even better would be to chose the type of trim (mast/hull/cr
  12. @admin I respect your stance on wanting to keep RNG in-game, and I'm glad to hear that feedback is taken seriously. We all want the game to move forwards. I think it's important to find gameplay oriented solutions to in-game problems rather than RNG solutions. I love the expansion of ship modifications as mentioned. I just feel that this was a missed opportunity to give some meaning to trading and crafting.
  13. But as testers... should we not test and provide feedback? Or should we simply just sit and play and put money in the pockets of the developers? I assume we're here for a reason.
  14. @admin Just gonna quote myself again since the discussion seems to have gone off track. At the very least consider the suggestions rather than outright dismissing them - we're all players and would like to share our opinion with you to make YOUR game better. There is no reason that the above method cannot be combined with RNG (Letting RNG choose the trim if you don't do so yourself). But by implementing at least some of the above-mentioned ideas you will add content to a game severely lacking it. We all love the combat aspect, but most of us are dying for content when not actively fi
  15. There are many other reasons for doing this than just an advantage in mods - such as making the crafters more relevant
  16. I disagree - If you guarantee the availability of the resources through trade-missions, then you can get the resources for the trim you need by sailing for 2-3 hours instead. A sail like that can easily be split up into smaller bits by logging out at sea. This benefits the casuals since they do not have the time or money to build the ship again and again,
  17. I like the idea that ships are now more customizable than ever - I truly believe that this benefits gameplay and makes things more interesting and unpredictable in PvP. An Endymion is no longer just an Endymion. But why RNG? RNG has always been and will always be game-breaking in my opinion - especially when it costs time and resources. I should be able to get a ship identical to that of my friend provided that we have the same crafter making it using the same materials. I'd like to propose the following: Create a set of resources that only spawns in a few locations on the map
  18. I'm not sure I'm too fond of the idea of 1 PvP mark for sinking someone in a 1st rate doing missions outside the protected area. If I manage to do that in a Cerberus I'd like a proper reward for it. But I do like the idea of a PvP rank and your suggestion is not unreasonable - it's just a matter of making it work.
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