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  1. 2 minutes ago, Hethwill said:

    Make captain names only visible on the ship card when the ship is taken or sunk.

    If not happen, you'll never know.

    Similar to "unknown quality of enemy ship".

    Complete opposite of yours, just to add seasoning to the soup.

    And has inherent benefits and cons as well.

    This was my initial idea, but figured the following stated by @Je maintiendrai was going to be a problem.

    1 minute ago, Je maintiendrai said:

    I have alliances with individuals in other nations so pls no xD

    It's important to consider that this is a game for a wide audience, not just the elite few¬†ūüôā

    What other solutions do we have? I really feel like it's becoming an issue.

  2. Hey guys!

    For a while now, it has been a problem that people leave when they see who you are in battle. Sometimes people prefer an easy fight, other times they tag someone they realise is a friend. Other times they have heard rumours of the person that they have attacked and prefers to stay away from whoever this person may be.

    This problem first started back when names were removed from Open World. This was not too bad initially, although I personally wanted the names to be displayed.

    With the latest changes to tagging I see some new problems arising in battle. People now spawn much closer than they did before, and it takes a lot longer to leave battle. While I am personally in favour of this new mechanic, I do see some of the old things being somewhat out of date.

    If people join and decide to leave because they will not fight the person they have tagged, it will now take 8 minutes to get out of battle and for both sides to continue playing the game.

    I do not wish to discuss the mechanics already implemented, I am sure that the developers have had their reasons and I am fine with that. What I want to focus on is what is now outdated.

    I suggest the following two solutions to the problem:

    1. Make names visible in Open World again
    2. Make names invisible when the battle starts and only reveal them after 5-10 minutes
      1. For this feature I would also suggest disabling battle chat until the end of the ‚Äėreveal timer‚Äô or until one person has died from the opposite team.

    With option no. 1, we will satisfy a lot of people who are worried about tagging players in Open World, but it is likely to introduce a reluctance to PvP against some people thus reducing PvP combat.

    Option no. 2 is the one I personally consider to be the most interesting, this means that during the initial phase of the battle you will not know who you are up against. This could keep some people in battle who would otherwise leave very early.

    Feel free discuss;¬†maybe the third option is to simply leave the mechanics as they are.¬†ūüôā

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  3. I think it'd be a sound idea to create a sub-forum for general discussions in 'other language' - but giving special treatment to a language as small and insignificant (For the NA community) as Catalan seems over the top.

    Given that there's a fairly large chinese player-base I'd say they should have a much higher priority.. The same is the case for the Scandinavian community who are often treated as having just one language and in this case is without a subforum (Denmark-Norway and Sweden are even in-game as seperate nations..). Furthermore, I bet the vast majority of Catan speakers are perfectly capable of communicating in either Spanish or English and a sub-forum would only serve to alienate and distance the minor Catalan group from the rest of the NA community.

    36 minutes ago, Pablo Frias said:

    I believe it¬īs slightly¬†more nationalist blaming someone because he wants to speak his langague which is recognized in Spain at the same level as spanish

    In that case I'd like to request the creation of a Faroese sub-forum as that is officially recognised in the Kingdom of Denmark at the same level as danish. Hardly an argument for the creation of a sub-forum here though ;) 

  4. 2 hours ago, Da Hool said:

    Have got the E-Mail too but haven't looked into it further.

    What are the Prices for pre-order? @Beserko


    Scroll to the buttom

    I downloaded and played it yesterday for around 15 min. So far it seems good, but with limited gameplay available at this stage (Alpha/Beta), don't expect anything big just yet.

    Will there be seperate sub-forums for those of us who wants to provide feedback?

  5. 10 hours ago, Wolfram Harms said:

    Another thought, about the woods:
    To avoid unrealistic speedy SHIPS, it would be great if the SHIPS of RANK 5 and higher could only be built of woods, which would have really been used in real life: OAK, TEAK, MAHOGANY, WHITE OAK and LIVE OAK.
    Bigger ships could not be built of FIR or BERMUDA CEDAR - those woods were to light and would have warped, if their decks had carried 18pounders or even bigger cannons. 

    I’m sorry to break it to you but that’s just not true.. though it was not the preferred material, frigates were routinely built of fir by multiple nations and carried 18lb cannons and bigger, you need not look further than the Endymion-class ships.


    What would be interesting to see though is a simulation of real life maintenance costs. Since there is no maintenance on ships ingame, this could be done by greatly increasing repair costs on light ships and making repairs cheaper on oak based ships. This could potentially simulate the increased maintenance that comes at the cost of building vessels on the cheap.

    This will also greatly decrease the speed bonuses achieved with light woods since they’d have to carry 2x more repairs.

    I can agree to limit 3rd to 1st rates to non fir/cedar type woods, but there is no historical basis for not allowing the use of fir on frigates.

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  6. 23 hours ago, ManuelSpain said:

    before introducing mods it is necessary to introduce to Spain and France playable I think

    That makes no sense

    If modding is possible in this game then the developers already know. It will have absolutely no impact on whether France and/or Spain will be playable. I'm not requesting a feature so don't worry about me blocking your spanish dreams :D, with modding available you may even be able to add Spain to the game yourself.

    A game such as Naval Action is moddable, but your options are limited due to most of the data being stored on the server.. seeing as this is a Single Player game, there is no reason not to open the files to the public.

    It's basically a yes/no question. :)

  7. The developers have decided to make a much needed wipe, this has left every player with only 50k, future wipes are very likely to happen so try not to get too attatched to your items.

    Good luck out there! Safe sailing :) 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Cetric de Cornusiac said:

    This solo class patrol should also enable what we on PvE Peace Server often discuss affirmatively as "consensual duels". Our admiralties now ask combat medals for ship notes just like on PvP War Server but the means to earn them are not yet provided (I think). Make it so people can meet in solo patrol zone (and only there) for duels, with option if it will be without damage/loss of ships (like in the old tournaments) or "bloody-real" with damage and possible loss/capturing of ships. In the latter case the winner earns combat medals, the first tournament-like duel is just for fun, without rewards.

    This little opportunity for PvP on PvE Peace Server may trigger some people to discover they like PvP and also venture over on War Server. In case you need a motive for introducing this feature. All the rest of us have a lot of fun, combat medals and can settle personal issues with each other :). People who just cross the zone and deny agreement for a duel are not getting harmed = PvE Peace Server fundamental rule of tranquility is kept intact.

    I certainly see your point, but I'd fear that the opportunity for a little PvP on the PvE server could make some players make the jump from the PvP to PvE server.

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  9. 30 minutes ago, admin said:

    New ROE: used by many - we see battles escalating over and over - giving exciting and even pvp opportunities for players
    New trading: used by many right from the start
    New group missions: used by many right from the start
    Delivery missions: used by many right from the start

    I really think you've done a great work with the recent patch, but there are things that I'd definately like tweaked. I have to say though that it's hardly fair to compare the suggestion put forward by @Vile Executioner to features you have already implemented that has no real alternative for players.

    Please do not take this the wrong way, however:

    Claiming the new ROE it is a great feature because it's used by every player is a bit far fetched when that is the only way you have left us to play the game we love :) personally given the choice between the old ROE and new ROE, I'd certainly chose the old one because that provides more safety for me as the attacking party.

    It's all a work in progress though, we'll see how things develop.

  10. If you ask me you should keep Global and Nation Chat free of "banter", not all of us is interested in reading it, nor do we find it funny. It has been seen on several occasions that "banter" spirals out of control and turns into very hateful arguments.

    Keep "banter" in Clan Chat and PMs where only friends can read it. There are lots of ways of joking in public chat rooms that does not involve having to resort to death threats.

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  11. I don't think anymore guarantees are going to be given by the development team on what stays and what goes - besides that would only lead to further toxicity in the community if such guarantees were to be taken back due to unforeseen changes in development.

    The best course of action is to just lean back and enjoy the game, if you're worried about future wipes and big changes you can always leave and come back post-release. We all need a break from time to time. 


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  12. 5 minutes ago, Yehoodi said:

    For some of us, including me, this is my first EA game.  I was not warned at the purchase that things that I spent time earning would be taken away.  But just that the game was not finished and that the game was still in development.  I do understand the need to wipe some stuff in order to rework something which can not be gotten around via coding or compensated for in exchange for money (like giving a person money for tobacco he had if that is going to be taken from the game).

    However, the decision to wipe XP, ships, materials, etc., is a decision and not something that is being done for the purposes of getting around coding.   All that is really happening is folks that have spent time building assets are going to loose those assets.  This is not different if in this December, we wipe everyone to zero assets as we anticipate more gamers coming in on a holiday sale.   And so the "even" playing field card can be used basically at any time in the future.   

    Some games, like Battlefield 1942, which I played a lot, it does not matter how long you played as everyone has access to a gun, a tank, jeep, etc, and do it does not matter if one starts from scratch as that is all you have to begin with, these items, so nothing lost.

    On the other hand are games like NA, where one has to spend several hours of human time to gain certain items, it is time spent.  To see that thrown away is frustrating.  We all have to go through the effort to gain these assets, why should we have to do it twice?

    Also, there will always be new folks coming to the game and will be at a disadvantage what makes the release any different than new players buying the game in the middle of August?

    As i have already stated a delay redeem on assets would be a perfect middle ground.  Folks who have worked hard keep their sweat equity and those noobs will have time to be up to speed before we get our assets back.  Seems like a perfect solution.  


    I understand your problem, and I agree with you that an asset wipe is probably not the first thing to come to mind when buying into early access - with that said, it is a natural thing for a game that is in development to change and potential wipes do occur.

    The reason for doing a complete wipe of certain materials, ships and other assets is to test changes quicker. eg.: trying to balance the economy will take months if people have assets worth millions - this is why a wipe is a great tool for developers because with a complete wipe of assets and cash you can test and balance the economy in only a couple of weeks. This drastically cuts down development time.

    It is for the exact same reason that redeemable ships are given out for free when they are introduced to the game; to balance them quicker and not having to wait weeks for people to first find blueprints, get materials and then craft them.

    Sometimes the developers give and sometimes they take away.. This is why I wholeheartedly support them every time we have a wipe and/or things are given away for free. I am however sometimes very vocal when I disagree with changes to the game, but wipes and free stuff are a necessary part of testing.

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  13. I feel like people in this topic has completely forgotten what they bought into... the game is unfinished and wipes WILL happen. You're basically here to test the game.. if you do not wish to test then I'd say the solution is fairly simple.. wait until the final release.

    I have disagreed hundreds of times with moderators, developers and admin himself, but that has been in regards to game-changing decisions. The decision to wipe the server has zero impact on the gameplay and will force us TESTERS to go through things for a second time in order to TEST if things work properly.. Which is exactly what we're here to do.


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