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  1. It used to be AUSEZ. It was a fun bunch of guys that were not serious, but had a great time "messing about in boats". Sadly now defunct. I hope they form another clan, great team. We Aussies are VERY useful to many clans because of our time zone. We are awake and prepared to attack or defend when the Northern Hemisphere guys are asleep or depleted in numbers. If any Aussie clans see this thread and recruit the OP, please send me an invite as well.
  2. The first book mentioned by the OP ("Seamanship in the Age of Sail" - Harland) is extraordinary, and is chock full of wonderful information. It isn't fiction, but fact. An excellent source of knowledge, and invaluable. I have a smaller book which was recommended by the management of the replica ship "Bounty". I had the great honour of crewing her across the Tasman Sea, and it was recommended that I take a look at "Eagle Seamanship: A Manual for Square-rigger sailing" by Lt Edwin Daniels before boarding. A great book explaining how to sail a square-rigger, the terminology and nomenclature a
  3. I am having trouble editing my signature block. I would like to add a photograph and perhaps a Gif file. Can anyone help me? I tried to drag and drop the photo, but it didn't work, so I uploaded it to photobucket and tried to import the URL, but was unsuccessful. I tried to drag and drop and import the gif file to this post, but was also unsuccessful. Can anyone help me to improve my posts (not the content, just the appearance).
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