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  1. It used to be AUSEZ. It was a fun bunch of guys that were not serious, but had a great time "messing about in boats". Sadly now defunct. I hope they form another clan, great team. We Aussies are VERY useful to many clans because of our time zone. We are awake and prepared to attack or defend when the Northern Hemisphere guys are asleep or depleted in numbers. If any Aussie clans see this thread and recruit the OP, please send me an invite as well.
  2. We also have players residing in Europe, USA, and Asia as well as Australia. Another point to add is that Australia is a VAST country, and spans three time zones. I am proud to be Aussie, and I'm a shift worker, so sometimes when the others are sleeping/resting/living a life, I can sail around with our European or American friends. We also have retirees that are not restricted in their "Game Time". Most of the time when we log in, there are quite a few comrades to wreak havoc with, or to chat with whilst we simply "mess around in boats". We have training sessions, and are a very active clan.
  3. Actually, it's a very good idea. We love our new home, less politics, more fun, easy trading, new members, less ****heads. What's not to love? By the way... how do you know what "most of us are wondering"?
  4. Thanks for the clarification Fasti (not that I am killing anyone YET). Are our "allies" in agreement, because that is important that it is a bilateral agreement? Seaman Stains (SCAR) - [Southern Cross Armed Rebels]
  5. I was forced to abandon this game for a while, but recently rejoined. Many changes have occurred, most for the better. I suppose the things I think are not for the better might make perfect sense to others (certainly to the devs because it got implemented). What I'm most intrigued by is the durability of ships. Before the most recent wipe, ships had a durability of 5, meaning you could "lose" them 5 times. Now it seems they only have a durability of 1. I'm only a 1st Lt at the moment, and so am sailing a pickle (after losing my cutter several times through noobishness, aggressive tactics etc - but getting it back for free, just losing my MIGHTY 6 pounders). I can understand it having a durability of 1 as it was a "gift" - a "redeemable" for loyalty because I was part of the beta before the wipe. But if I craft a ship, does it have a durability of 1 as well? If I buy a ship in the "shop", I can understand how someone might lose a ship a few times because they have attacked a larger force, but when they upgrade they sell the ship, and it might have only 1 or 2 durabilities left when you purchase it. It seems to me that this durability of 1 would make people less inclined to spend in game gold to upgrade their vessel, as they might lose it at any moment, and make them reticent to enter combat, or to flee when it seems as if the odds might be even at best, or overwhelming at worst. Is there durability 5 ships out there? Can someone enlighten me as to why all ships having a durability of 1 is a good idea, good for the game, or evens out the playing field?
  6. I can thoroughly recommend this clan to anyone, from any time zone. We have night shift workers (like myself) and day walkers, so most of the time you can find shipmates to sail with. A great bunch of guys, very helpful, and very active. They have dedicated crafters, and traders, and always have someone that can help you in whatever you need. Trust me, you won't regret joining this clan.
  7. I'll log in now. I need to brush up on all things "Naval Action" again. Fortunately, I have a large file from my previous "incarnation" in this simulation.
  8. Ahoy Seaman Stains here. I was a member of your clan as the Australian Navy, before...err... lots of things changed. Are you chaps still active? I haven't played for a LOOOOOOONG time, and I checked yesterday, and there's been a wipe, as well as a (understandable) cleanout of inactive clan members. I might wish to rejoin if things are going well at work etc.
  9. Welcome aboard, Sir Richard. We are pleased to have you as a member, and I hope to sail with you sometime soon, or at least to give you a hearty "Huzzah" from my deck. I was confident if you joined us that you would be more than happy.
  10. As someone currently going through that ordeal (2nd Lt in a cutter), I can assure you these chaps will do more than just help. I am an ensign, just short of 2nd Lt, and currently sailing a basic cutter. I participated in a few missions yesterday with other clan members, and was gifted a Snow and several upgrades, as they were no longer needed by the previous owner. A mere mention that you are grinding to achieve the next highest rank will immediately result in several higher ranks volunteering their ships and services to help you rank up. I can't recommend the Australian Colonial Navy enough. A terrific group of helpful and considerate chaps. As for the ping difference, it is really negligible in a game such as Naval Action. If you are considering joining, please come visit us on TeamSpeak. You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. We have many members in different time zones, so there's always someone to sail with.
  11. Great work Flavalicious. Thanks on behalf of all newbies.
  12. An excellent piece of work, and will be very useful indeed to crafters. Thank you Sir. An extra grog ration for you tonight!
  13. I joined an Aussie clan yesterday. Australian Colonial Navy (Ausez Gaming). Check them out. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8549-ausez-australian-colonial-navy-now-recruiting/ A great clan, and some great, very helpful players. They play on the European Server (more targets...err I mean more players) and have an active TeamSpeak channel. Great bunch of likeable chaps. (EDIT: Added "Australian Colonial Navy" which I neglected to put in the original post)
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