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  1. Maybe hail every ship you see. If you can private message them then they are players, now avoid these guys *edit trollish content*
  2. I cant find it on https://bibliotek.kk.dk are you sure its "Vindens Passager" in danish?
  3. Well they are working on the open world. You cant have my rum, i sto... bought it from a merchant on the high seas my self.
  4. Thats normal and the company name is a joke.
  5. I would love to have that for the market like in eve, if only for the sake that i love to put stuff into spreadsheets.
  6. You could play in windowed mode, and whats up with the german words sprinkled in?
  7. Can we have a way to see all new topics posted? Or i there already is one can someone point me to it.
  8. In Denmark we have Peter Tordenskojld, Niels Juel and Peter Willemoes.
  9. How would you decide it should reload immediatly or after next shot?
  10. Handuer


    We have just passed 100 subscribers!
  11. It would be quite awesome to have WW1 battleships to fight in, maybe even a first rates vs Bismark mode, where there are a number of first rates against one bismark, of course just fun.
  12. CPU: I5-3570K GPU: R7970 4GB RAM: DRR3 8gb I can run the game at 30 fpsw with 4x aa and 60 fps with 2x aa.
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