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  1. Blue Squadron is, without a doubt, among the very best squadrons in all of the SLVF. I am proud to fly the blue ensign.
  2. Public Service Announcement: I try my hardest to be a gentleman in this game (doesn't always work, sadly) but when I fight, I will ask for no quarter and give none. If I'm going to sink and you put yourself in a position where I can ram you, expect it. If I'm trying to maneuver to get a close broadside on you and I end up ramming you, well as they say, c'est la vie. Now when the game changes and there are consequences to losing one's ship, I might be a little more circumspect, but for now, game on!
  3. I hate myself for saying this but, I want to see one of those...
  4. I have to admit that I've never seen that sketch before and initially I assumed that this was for real... up to the point where "no cardboard" was mentioned. Quite funny and sadly, reminds me of a lot of our Canadian politicians today.
  5. At this stage it's really all about testing the system. Win rate is not a consideration right now. So just play and see if you can "break things". But remember, if you do, press F11.
  6. Well, you could ask first before you go into the room.
  7. Firstly, excellent work on the graphics guys. Secondly, to quote Lord Nelson.. .
  8. Thank you so much for doing this. My hope is that my opponent hasn't read them!
  9. Lol, ya, I was trying to instill confidence in the crew. Way to blow me out of the water captain!
  10. Not that it matters a ton but... From the Game Labs blog dated November 2014: "p.s.we must add the usual statement - that this is an alpha sea trial. there is no content except for ships and combat and multiple bugs." I've seen nothing from Game Labs since that would indicate that the game has moved from the Alpha to the Beta stage.
  11. Server appears to have crashed. Be patient.
  12. Alpha game is alpha... I bet that as we speak, dozens of highly trained support technicians are racing to the Game Labs headquarters. Once the storm passes, we will sail again lads, we will sail again.
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