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  1. Uppdatering av Nya Sverige Handelsföretag (Update on New Sweden Trading Company) Hej alla, I just wanted to let people know some of our company contact info. ​Our website is: newswedentrading.enjin.com Our Steam Group: Nya Sverige Trading Company Our Teamspeak 3 Server: sharpless.se Contact or hop on any of these to contact me. Tack så mycket igen!
  2. I am not sure if another captain has suggested this, but i would like to see hot-shot implemented, although I fear it's ability to be very destructive to the point of becoming to over powered.
  3. The Nya Sverige Handelsföretag, or New Sweden Trading Company is looking for a business partner to help protect them on the rough seas of the Caribbean. This group will preferably be of the Danmark-Norge alliance or, of course, from the esteemed nation of Sweden. These captains will need to be good, battle-hardened, and ready to beat to quarters without fear of defeat. Please contact me if anyone is interested to become a well payed business partner of our trading company. Much action will be in store for the small but great nations of Danmark, Norge, och Sverige.
  4. Den Nya Sverige Handelsföretag har en Enjin website! http://newswedentrading.enjin.com Go Check Out the Official Website of the New Sweden Trading Company, the Official Trading Company of Scandinavian Enterprises!
  5. Här är inlägget om den Nya Sverige Handelsföretag: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4713-join-the-nya-sverige-new-sweden-trading-company-please-read/
  6. Ni alla borde gå med min guild / handelsföretag , Nya Sverige Handelsföretag. Vi ska prata på engelska eftersom det kommer att bli både nordamerikaner och européer.
  7. I was wondering if when the open world prototype comes out if we can change and pick our name. Sorry if this was already suggested.
  8. Ranks of the New Sweden Trading Company Kommendör 1.GR (Commodore) Myself, Kommendör 1.GR Holm (changed my name too much this much so can't change it as of now) Kommendör (Captain) Available Örlogskapten (Lieutenant Commander) Available Kapten (Lieutenant) Available Löjtnant (Lieutenant Jr. Gr.) Available Fänrik (Ensign) For New Recruits I won't go into the lower ranks because as we will each be controlling our own vessel, lower ranks will not be needed.
  9. Calling All Explorers, Soldiers, and Business-Men of the Seas! These Being of the Highest Order! Join the Nya Sverige Handelsföretag Before you leave because playing Sweden is virtually impossible, read this! We will be playing neutral simply because trading and exploring will be done at a much more efficient and productive rate than if we were at war with everybody. The soldiering aspect of the New Sweden Trading Company will come in the form of defence ships lending their superb fighting and sailing skills to the protection of the explorers or traders, or swear
  10. We are not solely a Brit group, despite the name "Royal" you remember the French were quite royal indeed.
  11. I have a suggestion that is not necessarily a specific battle scenario, but a battle mode: Custom Game Mode This mode would be a button at the bottom of the screen, after clicking, the Custom Battles server list will pop up. At the bottom of this screen there would be yet another button that would say, Create Custom Game. Upon clicking this game customizing options will then appear, they could be, for instance: Weather, Map, respawn (yes/no) class of ship limits, password, etc. (of course this mode would not give anybody damage, xp, etc) The main reason I bring this up is for training
  12. Dear Naval Action Sailors, I come to on behalf of the First Royal Navy. We are a newly formed and will be focusing on the training of Naval Action to become better sailors and take control of the seas as we wish. Perhaps in the future there will be an in-game mode in which a player can form a private custom game in which we, the First Royal Navy, can train. We would focus on manouvres and coordinated attacks. I am not good with protracted w1st Royal Navy Admiral Prinzriting so this is it, but if anyone is interested please contact me on my steam account at http://steamcommunity.com/pro
  13. Haben ein glückliches neues Jahr und Gottes segen! I can see this year will be one of goodness for all and especially for our wonderful game Naval Action. Thank You Developers for all that you have accomplished and done, we know you work hard and we appreciate you. Have a great new once again!
  14. O Gott! I do not want to be in that looking position when on the opposite team!
  15. -I would really like to see an entire gun crew, not just one man working each cannon. -Guns rolling back into the gun port after fired -Musket fire (One of the greatest Naval Captains of all time dies from musket fire, Lord Nelson) -Actual commands in that ship's language i.e. French ship, people yelling in French, English, people yelling in English etc. -Funny little things the crew says throughout the battle i.e. "Oh what I wouldn't give for a swig o' rum right now." or when on the Surprise someone might yell, "Quick's the word, sharp's the action!" -Ship's rigging being
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