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  1. Now This is a good way to do Events, i like the way you guys made possible for everyone participate and have a chance to win. That's a good way to reward the people who play more and consecutvely contribute more, and another step in the right direction is that you guys are given redeemable ships, not redeemable BP. I still think rewarding ships is not a good idea and i dont liked, But everething else i see in the changes i do like very much!
  2. It is realy funny how danes keep exploiting the fails in the game and then every single action gets insta patched so no one else can do, and they still keep the things they got by exploiting. BTW great video keep them comming
  3. I Don't have any problem with people receiving anything especial. EXCEP SHIPS, and where did you see me talking anything about everyone automaticly having access to something?
  4. Every nation having a BP is not the same as Every individual having... Please don't get confused!
  5. Please go back to page 1 and look at: So talking about that is not off-topic! And Elite dangerous also have special tournaments, especial events even a ladder and give prizes for all that, BUT what they dont give are ships! There is NO excuses or explanation for giving people exclusive Ships in events and tournaments!
  6. Sorry Hethwill i was not tryng to sound rude with you, and tbh i was quite pissed in that moment!
  7. I can undersatand you, and PLEASE dont get me wrong. I LOVE naval action, and it is because i love this game that i do CARE, i never was against anything that the devs trowed at us, i aways wecome every single decision until you decide to gave ships as prizes. and i will always be against that. So please don't think that my criticism is hate because is quite the oposite!
  8. So first you assume and acuse Magnum to be a xenophopic, and now you imagine that i'm using a bad tone? Do you have a cristal ball? To the point now, please dont imagine or assume what is my tone, i have interact with other moderators and other players and i'm a pretty easy going guy, i gave the answer as i did because i wanted to hear the answer from people of the staff. I was not tryng to be a jerk or sound rude! remenber my primary language is no english so i speak in the way i was going to speak in Brazilian Portuguese.
  9. How players from PVE server will get the ships that are only available as tournament prizes? They will only get if they participate in the tounaments? Remember, one of the promisses of this game before going to Steam was that PVP was never going to enforced on players!
  10. 1- Sorry, where i was is not of anyone business. 2- Because the entire comunity only plays PVP right? Especially in PvP 1 3- So, there will be ships aquirable ONLY by tournaments?
  11. There was no regional bonus then! And if you wached babay stream you know that the Vicks and Santis had no chance against the Oceans with the hull bonus. Again, nothing agains the Danes, they are using and doing the best with the tools they have. But the buffed L'Ocean are way unbalanced!
  12. So what was given was a BP of a ship, and not the ship? WTF, now one entire aliance have acces to a ship that is proven to be OP with all the bonus... Nothing against you Kloothommel, you guys are using the tool in hand and deserve props to that. This entire system of Premium (Special, gift, reward) ships are a complete JOKE!
  13. Main post updated to answer some of the questions raised in the topic: Regional bonuses will remain and NPC ships as well will have them tooAWESOME Regions and map will not change thus your repositioning to new areas will remain validAWESOME ETA for the changes is somewhere between end december - end january. We will first add land in port battles and some other previously promised things. Well done, port battles needs to change a bit. Wood types will remain and will affect ships stats, what will change is how the ship general stats and upgrade slots and other elements are determined d
  14. So i was having some discussions on other topic abou events and how the way that events has been done was unfair and didn't gave everyone a chance to get the prizes, i play World of Tanks and World of Warships, and what wargaming is doing for a good time now is giving some good premium ships and tanks in events, and the way that events are made over there are a good way to do it. First the events run for an entire month, and in that month you have some tasks to do, i world of warships is about damage, and in world of tanks is about kill. In Naval action could be about kills or damage, but if y
  15. OR someone could have a job that actually require to work on saturdays right? So that person shoud make a choice of play a game and MAYYYYYBE get a ship orgo to work!!! Yeah it is a tuff situation!
  16. No, the events was not available to everyone, not everyone can play the game every day, not everyone can play the game all day... The maps was for Sea Trials before the OW came along!
  17. I Know exacly what i paid for... i play this game since the first weeks of Sea Trials back in 2014, and NEVER until de first round of events de Devs had mentioned anything about ships only for events and tournaments! So please.. dont tell me or other people what they did or did not payed for!
  18. That's so unthoughtful, EVERYONE shoud be able to craft every ship in the game (as long as people have enough craft experience and level) because everyone payed the same price for the game, with exepcion of the Yach, you are not a free to play game, so please, dont act like it. You guys are making a lot of bad decisions, in the last 2 patches the game population has been decreasing and you keep doing the same kind of mistakes! Wanna do events? OK, fine... give prizes like uncraftable mods like marines, and handbooks, NOT SHIPS!!!! ~ A much better word ~ The Moderation Team
  19. So do you wanna propose one mirror for each nation? Because there is no way to balance nation population. and Nation population is not the problem here, the problem is that people like me can't play the game!
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