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  1. I'm still in the TF2/CS style cosmetics and market camp. I'll tear off my left arm and beat myself to death with it before I buy a filthy DLC line-ship, but I'll gladly pay for a different sail pattern or cannon style. My personal favorite would be to go for clan based RVR and have each clan able to pay to customize all the ships in their clan, with their own sail colors, flags, hull colors, trim colors, cannon embelishments, etc. For the right price of course.
  2. What about obusiers/2 pounders on the Pandora or LGV refit as a boarding ship?
  3. Please for hte love of god let us skip the tutorials and go straight to the exams, I've played this game since 2014. I know what convergence is. I know how to use the spyglass. I know a hell of a lot more about manual sails than they teach in that tutorial. I have 0 interest in slogging through an hour of tutorials If someone can complete the final exam without doing the tutorial that means they don't need the tutorial. I have no alts and this is extremely frustrating even so as I've already completed this tutorial at least 4 times with wipes and two different servers. I know exactly what the game is going to tell me to do before it does it which just makes it more frustrating waiting for it to tell me to do something so I can have it "count" in the tutorial. Just let me do the final exam and be done with it.
  4. The Trafalgar battle right before the one so large it like crashed the MM for a bit. Full maxed out battle of everything from yachts to Victories, myself on a trinco. The hype, the chat, the memes, the triple lines of warships, the smoke being so thick it completely obscured half the battle at times the entire lines of warships firing simultaneously... back when most people didn't give a shit about the meta or dps or repair cycling, just having a literal blast in a big, immersive naval battle with a basic command structure. Glorious in every sense of the world. The battle in sea trials alone were worth the price of the game to me, everything afterwards was a bonus.
  5. You said he was "tagging me just for insutling," so to clarify did he tag you and fight while insulting or just tag with no intention of fighting at all just to spew this abusive language? I feel this is an important distinction because if they were just acting inappropriately in chat, then that should be reported with the in game function and not on the forums. If, on the other hand, they were griefing and abusing game mechanics to draw people in an instance for no purpose other than this vile display of immaturity, then I'd say it is tribunal worthy. Either way this must not go unpunished.
  6. I think the OW should have anonymous comms between hostiles. IE you can message them but it doesn't say their name or anything just a chat room with "anonymous" and you. That way you can still communicate without being identified if you want.
  7. Well if nobody wants to defend then yes. I mean if nobody contested port battles they would be PVE too after all.
  8. Imagine logging in on saturday to discover that a PB was set on wednesday and the port was lost on thursday? I get that this is on a smaller timescale so it would be easier to surprise people, but at the same time the consequences are not as great. Raids could also easily have windows set by the port owner to prevent night raids. Losing something like a few days of port productivity and a tower or two isn't going to be nice but its not the end of the world. Rewards and penalties could be adjusted to make both attacking and defending worthwhile but not catastrophic.
  9. Richer port = better rewards but also tougher defenses. Weak ports are easier to raid but don't give much of any rewards. Pirates generally didn't raid well defended ports. Blackbeard blockaded charleston sure, but that was an exception. Pirates would generally attack weaker ports. Well protected ports would require a very well coordinated and swift attack with little to no warning, and with limited rates for pirates they would have to get most of the raid done before the defenders even react. For such a feat, the rewards would be spectacular, as would be the damage to the port. A small little port they can just stroll up to with a couple guys and blow up one tower before leaving would not give remotely as good rewards and wouldn't suffer much from it.
  10. How can PVP work? Attacking pirates show up to port. If they have enough players, they can launch the raid. The battle instance starts with the port in the middle and the attackers can start doing their objectives (blowing up stationary merchant ships, blowing up towers, dropping off raiding parties, bombarding the town, whatever) Defenders can join at any time and drive them off. If the attackers successfully complete enough of their objectives, they get rewarded, possibly by stealing resources from the port or just regular rewards. The raided port on the other hand would lose supplies and/or temporarily be unable to produce them. If the attackers are driven off the defenders get good rewards for each attacker sank and maybe a slight boost in port productivity. Attackers who die in a raid or leave one without achieving a required % of objectives can't launch another one for a set cooldown to prevent spamming. I don't think it has to be complicated. *Edit limit pirate ship sizes though. Honestly just completely rework pirates. Has admin commented on pirate plans at all? I'd like to know if they even plan to add pirate mechanics into the game, so I can make my suggestions about them. Interesting, hardcore, outlaw-style pirates are the only thing that would make me start playing this game again. Its what I wanted to do from day 1 when I joined in 2014, and I still haven't been able to do the one thing I always looked forwards to in this game. I hope they pay attention to this area in future.
  11. I said nothing of the game, only the community. I log on once in a while to see if its worth coming back to and every single time, without fail, there is ALWAYS some stupid hello kittying drama bullshit happening in the tribunal that I don't even understand the source of.
  12. Shit like this why I don't play this game anymore. Everybody just trying to be as big of an asshole as possible and threatening to ban each other for anything and everything. So called "testers" exploit the shit out of a game soon to be wiped anyway because they are quite literally addicted to 'winning' even if its by cheating or exploiting. People using alts to get what they want, then reporting their enemy's alts from their own alt forum accounts to stop them doing exactly what they were doing a year ago or what even ever... Everybody bitches and moans about the developers supposedly 'killing the game,' like this game has any chance to survive with this community, when the first thing a new players sees is this kind of crap?
  13. Topic is H. Darby - let's do H. Darby. - Naval Action Memes
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