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  1. I distinctly remember being chased by AI at some point in the early OW
  2. Topic ´╗┐is H. Darby - let's do H. Darby. - Naval Action Memes
  3. I'm not going to accept the idea of spending weeks setting up the facilities and resources to craft decent 4th rates and then having some guy cash out 30 bucks and get infinite redeemable ones with any wood type he wants. I'm not going to accept the game's entire economy being destroyed by what I cannot describe as anything but a cash grab. I'm not going to accept that, I'm just going to stop playing this game. I've never wrote an angry review for this game or tried to sabotage it, but I'm not going to lie to myself about what it is or try to ignore blatant game breaking problems because I don't want to see it fail.
  4. These premium ships are so bad for the game because they are 100% meaningless to sink. Sinking a player on one of these is like sinking an AI. Infinitely more to be respawned. Whats the point then? We might as well be playing a lobby game, then at least everyone has the same amount of skin in the game, instead of players without DLC working to get resources and crafting ships over time while the people with DLC can snap their fingers and get a ship that is just as good in any wood type they want and keep spamming the redeems every day till they get a nice one at 0 ingame cost. Just my 2 cents
  5. I'm saddened to see it has gotten to this, I miss the times when the most controversial thing happening was Mr.Doran's chatban for spamming trinco duel requests. I do have a question though, will the developers still read/see suggestions made on the forums? I've been wanting to write up a huge suggestion for a while now about how to make pirates a realistic and unique class for solo players, I hope my delaying won't make it impossible to get that suggestion through.
  6. A dedicated fishing boat would be cool, it would be nice to see AI fishermen sailing around ports. Even better if pirates could attack them to reduce prosperity of hostile ports.
  7. I think people are so invested in the gank wars mindset they've forgotten that people fighting because they both want a fight is actually possible (and for me at least, a lot more fun). The PVP server isn't what PVP can and should be to me. Its not realistic either. The PVP server isn't like the golden age of sail, its like warhammer 40k in wooden vessels. What @Slim McSauce said basically. The PVE server, with consensual or limited PVP opportunities only for people who want them, could be far closer to what many including myself hoped NA would be than the PVP server currently is.
  8. I wasn't too active anyway, but I'm out of here because of the premium 4th rate/new DLC stuff in general. I'm not going to argue about it, that horse has been beaten already. I'll just acknowledge that I definitely don't like it.I think I might like the PVE server actually. Cooperative sailing and having fun fighting with friends sounds more fun than raging and searching fruitlessly for pvp for 2 hours only to get surprise ganked and sank in 10 minutes. I think the PVE server fits my enjoyment of lighter vessels more than PVP anyway. I don't care about the wipe whatsoever though, I mostly sail brigs and corvettes anyway and I don't usually bother with expensive ships or hoarding resources.
  9. plsnoban, I'm here for the memes not the politics behind them!
  10. I need more! MORE I TELL YOU! If I can't sail against the wind by shooting backwards, I don't have enough cannons!
  11. Purely fictional ships aren't a good idea in my opinion, but the idea of having what is essentially a large indiaman with as many 4 to 9 pounder cannons as you want/can support while still being able to move definitely appeals to my pirate side. I'd love to see a pirate ship similar to what Queen Anne's revenge is thought to have been, even if its not called that.
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