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  1. Hello Support staff and Anyone else who reads this. I haven't played for along time not since there was a reset back in beta but started playing again yesterday, and just like before i do love the game. I am learning the game slowly since so much has changed, nice to see there is a map now. One issue is really got me worried! When i got into battle on the PVP server after 5mins of sailing and every 5-8mins after that i get "Battle over! [TIMEOUT]" pop up and i cant press anything and just aimlessly drift, first time it happened i waited for 4mins in the hopes that it was just some strange lag issue with your server, so after 4mins i only had the options to "Surrender" or "Exit Game", well i am not surrendering! so i clicked Exit, i reloaded the game asap, it loaded me back in, and i was been boarded which has changed since i last played too haha, anyways i figured it out and won the boarding fight and also the battle. I have played a few more battles now but each time i get "Battle over! [TIMEOUT]" pop up after 5mins, so how i survived as i reloaded again after 35mins of battle with 5 "Battle over! [TIMEOUT]" pops and reloaded each time for that i have no idea. This is very game breaking for me, i have two friends who also own the game we want to play together but if i cant play they might not come back. Please help me! Thanks.
  2. Aussie here too, but i have not tested for about 10 months (real life issues)... I Realy want to play again but i dont know where to start or what to do as so much has changed, anyone got any help/tips?
  3. I agree with not having names over ships maybe we should start a poll about this?
  4. Indeed this is the case, I've been in many a battle that i thought i was sure too lose then pot lucky and you one broadside shot some poor fella and thats it, its game over for them. Its very enjoyable to win thoes, so dont give up!
  5. Just snowballing the idea in my head but that all crew (inc Captain) you can hire and they can also die in combat, Crew lose all commanding officers, Morale drops and surrender occurs? I am not sure whats planned tho
  6. I picked this up around xmas along with AC4 as i was realy looking forward to a sailing game. So far I've done 65 Hours on this Alpha-Navel Action and have yet to install AC4, and that is because NA is satisfying i need to sail and i cant wait for the next update!!!! so yeah how much would you spend at the pub, its like one round of drinks with friends. Btw how is AC4?
  7. Go full PVP, but dependant of people countries of choice (if they are at war or not) or if they have a letter of marque to raid a said nation shipping or for the realy brave few priates. maybe have one port, like a major port for each reigon for each nation that thats a safe zone (untill it gets attacked and taken hahahah),
  8. sounds good, also sounds like a lot of work but totaly worth it mayhaps when open world has people testing it Devs might consider doing this.
  9. I saw a victory try and board a surprise (i won't name names) and lost, I have never won a boarding that was worth boarding, i think it needs some fixing before open world, or maybe if you do a successful boarding you get 1-2 repair kits from salvaged wood, At the moment the my crew lose all battles boarding unless i have 100+ extra cabin boys to send in the slaughter.
  10. couldn't find Blackwave. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=215596418 is that the one you mean, Blackwake?
  11. Le temps nous dira, maintenant, nous attendons et espérons que les développeurs prennent une chance de faire un style de jeu à long jeu plutôt que courte. après avoir un oeil à tous les gens qui postent sur le forum déjà, je pense qu'ils le feront.
  12. Thats a great idea for little ships to try there luck vs larger ships by drawing them into storms
  13. I am over stormy weather too, you made your point devs avoid sailing into storms and fighting or you'll have to play the storm battle map. I yeild sir! I strike my colours!
  14. Game speed for me is perfect, i sometimes catch myslef reaching for the speed up botton (from total war) when i hit dead wind chasing people. i would not change it.
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