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  1. that spanish ship looks very nice, thats gonna be the next one for sure a 4th rate should indeed fill in some gaps. I'm gonna start working on it tomorrow hehe.
  2. both look pretty nice, ill do some more research on them to see which one i'll take, building plans of the barfleur would be nice
  3. I followed this tutorial, worked out pretty good: http://www.piratesahoy.net/threads/ship-hull-modeling-tutorial.17259/
  4. k ill send an email at once then thnx Mirones, gamelabs does the texturing rigging and masts themselves. If you have any suggestions on a ship you are welcome to give me a link hehe.
  5. It's finally done I've reached my polycount so I can't get more details in, but it turned out pretty good. Made an album with renders of the entire ship, with and without wireframes for the ppl who want to see the topology
  6. Bow is nearly done, need to optimize some curves to look more smooth. Only need to do the stern and the anchors now saved the best part for the end hehe
  7. Some more updates Still need to model the stern and bow but the inside and sides are pretty much done.
  8. Long day, made a lot of progress though, the inside is almost done. I will add more details later if I have enough polys left after modeling the stern and bow. Thought I'd give you guys an update since it got pinned hehe.
  9. Greetings, I decided to try and model my first ship Though I'm a bit confused by the cannon count which should be 66 guns. I'm following these blueprints and if im counting right there are 33 gun ports on each side. Now that means there are 66 guns already, but there are still 2 stern cannons i didnt add to the count, so then there are at least 68 guns. Also I can't seem to find any information if it has bow chasers. then the ship would have 70 guns in total? (in case there are 2 bow chasers). If anyone knows a picture or plan with its bow chasers visible that would help out
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