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  1. yes the stern is funny indeed, I followed the blueprints thats what they want the most, for the quartergallery I had no top view so it was a guess how it exactly looked. I'll see what they say about it before making changes myself, thnx for the feedback though, it really helps out for future ships aswell
  2. oh a trader with 62 guns, yes please. however I have no idea if this ship could actually carry a lot of cargo
  3. thnx, it contains 17.676 polygons or 33.5k triangles. You should aim for less than 50k triangles for a big ship.
  4. its done! the quarter gallery looks a bit weird I might make changes on that. And lets compare it to the panteleymon, this one looks way better hehe
  5. another update. Got the steeringwheel done, some internal parts and the first part of the stern too.
  6. Took a break for 2 weeks but now im working on it again. Reworked the bow and love how it turned out (it has toilets on them ). Need to add some bits on the inside and ofc the stern has to be done too. But with the wipe comming this might take a while hehehe
  7. thnx, here is the link http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4707-spanish-62-guns-4th-rate-san-fernando1725-with-plans/?hl=fernando
  8. Allright I'll change it then, keep the last 4 gunports like the bellona? or just remove the entire deck
  9. yeah I wasn't sure about it either but I was looking at the pavel here http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6271-second-rate-pavel-in-game-screenies/ and it has gunports on every deck. On the drawings of the san fernando it shows closed gunports all the way to the top. it looks a bit weird indeed with the gunport not completely opened. What do you guys think I should do with it?
  10. hmm not sure actually, can't really find much info on the ship other than this spanish website and potbs wiki http://www.todoababor.es/listado/navio-sanfernando2.htm I check my model against pictures of the one made for potbs so I guess it's that one
  11. another update, completed everything on the sides, a lot of the detail is gonna go into textures for this one though. Bow needs to be finished and then I can work on the stern, the fun part really happy with the gunports, think I'm gonna do it on the panteleymon aswell
  12. Another update! besides the steering wheel everything on the inside is done, I'm also gonna rework the windows they dont look right atm. polycount : 13.000 triangles
  13. Allright here is an update for you didn't work a lot on it yet though but it's starting to look more like a ship
  14. Since there aren't 4th rates yet I decided to model this beautiful spanish ship Some of you might also know it from Potbs where it was a popular pvp ship. Armament: Gundeck : 26 x 18lb Upperdeck : 24 x 12lb Topdeck : 12 x 8lb Just started working on this one but I thought I'd make a post and show the progress like I did with the panteleymon hehe.
  15. Seems like a nice ship! love the armament on it for a 4th rate, 44 18 pdrs and 6 6pndrs should be a frigate killer. Do you have any reference image from someone who made it in small scale? Thinking about modeling this ship
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