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  1. lol steelsandwich you are referring to battles even before the wipe, this has nothing in common with our current setup of members, tactics and the current gameplay. I can start talking about how I killed you in sea trials as well and make assumptions based on those battles...
  2. Well said charles, not to mention that when fighting with equal numbers we almost suffered no losses while taking out the entire dutch fleet. I think we proved we are more than capable of taking out your forces and we're not being cowards for not fighting you on equal terms for port battles. If you want to do another arranged battle to show us how you would beat us in an equal fight please do, I'm more than willing to participate in it.
  3. Dat zal niet zo moeilijk zijn als je een belg bent Ik ga die zeker eens lezen ziet er indrukwekkend uit.
  4. If you are modeling for example a certain spanish frigate dont only look for that specific ship as a reference, take a look at other spanish ships for reference as they usually are built the same way. The reference is just for being able to figure out what it all looks like once you know all the shapes you need less reference images and can build a ship from the plans alone. Id suggest you get plans with a good top down view as well where you can really see every little detail. as for sail plans dont bother modeling masts or texturing anything just make the basic hull. Don't model like gold
  5. I learned it by myself and as you can see I started out bad, just keep going and eventually you will get the hang of it. As with everything practice makes perfect One other hint I can give you, don't model anything like you think it looks, always look at reference images and try to think how it would be made and how all the parts fit together. If you need some feedback on your new ship feel free to ask and good luck!
  6. Good start. First thing I notice is all the triangular shading on your mesh, you have to assign smoothing groups to make it feel more round. You are making the inside of the hull for the entire ship, don't. It takes a lot of polygons and you will never see them. The keel of the ship should stick out at the stern, it's merged with the stern on your model. You also picked a very hard ship to model I would suggest easing into it with like a smaller merchant ship or a frigate. As to how to continue start adding decks by making them out of a plane, make it like a plane with 6-7 segments instea
  7. Thanks! 33.2k tris and I can still lower that if I wanted, Think the tri cap is 40k for that size of vessel. I used the original admiralty drafts made when the brits captured this ship and named it HMS Amelia. These plans are generously provided to me by ragnar hairy trousers. It's the ship as it was originally though and not after the refit by the brits, which there are also plans of. I've sent this one to the devs but it's in review, one can hope they accept it though
  8. Just noticed some other things with your mesh, there are a lot of lines that are coming from your gun ports that you don't continue through the mesh. Only create 3 or 4 sided polygons. So you could weld those points to one of your normal lines going across the entire hull. Also I've noticed you started making the stern from extruding from the hull, try making a plane or box and model that into the shape of the stern. You then move the stern into position and its k that the hull goes into it without it being connected. This lowers the poly count a lot and makes it easier to model as well. The
  9. Looks like a good start indeed however I think your smoothing groups are wrong which causes the black spots. Also for a first ship this is gonna be nearly impossible to model if you are new to it. I'd suggest you start out with something like a smaller frigate first. You have to learn what every part of the ship should look like and with the 7 prov there just are too many details to start with. I've started out with a rather difficult ship as well and it didn't look anything like a real ship haha I'll show you. You see how bad that looks The stern and bow are completely out of pr
  10. french 18 pdr frigate later captured by the brits and called HMS Amelia. Same designer as the belle poule.
  11. Well it's very good that it's gonna get fixed. But people are abusing this so hard that honest players are falling behind weeks worth of progress. This is completely unacceptable and promotes abusing broken game mechanics for personal gains. Am I crazy for not logging in right now and exploit this as much as I can before the patch? It's looking very tempting with the way this threat is being handled. If such an exploit would become available when the game is already launched I sincerely hope you review your exploiting policy by then.
  12. If the admins let this one slide I would be massively dissapointed. I've spent so long trying to get recipes and still only have the 74 recipe after breaking up 70+ of them And a lot of others have this bad luck as well. Now you come here and basically say either you abuse this or get left behind... You should be ashamed of yourself sir. There is not a single argument you tell us that's not about making yourself feel better about abusing this. As alex said we captured vics and bellonas from others so we could abuse it. Yet we don't... Let's hope you feel good when port battles arrive so y
  13. I refuse to take part in using this exploit and will smile when the devs see that this has gone to far and punish ppl abusing it heavily.
  14. well that isn't really an exploit you still lose materials and gold and basically when you can transfer recipes that tactic is gonna be useless and is just a replacement. The duplicating however makes ships out of thin air and that's so wrong
  15. I don't think you guys get it, ofcourse we expect there to be exploits. It's our job to FIND them, not ABUSE them. After you find one you report it to the devs and don't use it, there is no excuse for using this exploit. A lot of people spend a long time playing this game to progress if ppl take shortcuts it hurts the honest ppl. Although the progress is gonna be reset on launch this still hurts us now and takes the fun away from playing the game.
  16. It's not because it's gonna get fixed that you are allowed to abuse this. I think those ships should be erased from their accounts tbh. It's not fair that they exploit and keep their ships after the fix. And it's very bad atm because not a lot of people have these ships. This means honest people only have a couple of first rates in the fleet while the exploiters have an entire fleet of them. K you lose them when they sink but they have such a powercreep that they shouldn't have doing things without exploiting.
  17. Saw 2 danes with first rates today, since almost no one has the victory recipe yet and they have 2 in 1 day, perhaps more makes me think they duplicated it aswell Especially since they already duplicated their bellonas. If they keep abusing this I think there should be a punishment. Although I'm not 100% sure they duplicated these vics. But I wouldn't be surprised if they abused this mechanic again.
  18. yes, that's what their main 3d modeler says the limit is for a small vessel. for a big vessel like the santi you get to play with 50.000 triangles. Out of curiosity, how much triangles do you have?
  19. you can only have 26.000 triangles (not polygons) max for the size of that vessel. It's looking pretty nice but I'm 100% certain you are way past this limit. A ship can look beautiful but it has to be able to run in a game engine that's why most of those golden details are gonna be in your textures instead of modeling them. If you look at it from a long distance you don't even notice that it wasn't modeled. Btw inspect some ships ingame with the free camera you will see how low poly they are.
  20. Dont disable it for large battles, only for small ones that way there is an actual use for the small battles. Also please lower the amount of players for a generic fight or a timer after 8 ppl joined. when the playerbase grows you can still increase it. Atm its either 8 ppl or nothing which is really weird. Since you cant abuse generic fights i think its perfect for 1v1s aswell. A lobby for generic fights would also be great.
  21. I'd love to play more events, but needing 8 ppl for a generic battle is holding me back, I wan't to duel friends without having to make an alt, seems like the generic battle is perfect for that since you cant abuse exp and gold with it. Could the required players for it be lowered so a 1v1 is possible please? Then I would use it quite a lot for training purposes aswell. The trafalgars seem to work pretty good though, way more easier than meeting at plymouth.
  22. Great, I've reported it some time ago and haven't used it even once on my main character, made seperate testing characters for it to test it once and erased them after hehe, Good to know that honest ppl get rewarded
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