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  1. Yeah I might make it less pink indeed, breast cancer awareness frigate lmao, nice one
  2. hello everyone, Thought I'd drop my progress of this french frigate here, there is still a lot to be done but here's where I'm at so far. Atm the hull + rigging and masts is 90k triangles. Here are some screenshots from the ship in marmoset toolbag, it's a program showing how a 3d model would look in a game engine so no fancy vray renders hehe. I also made some cannons and swivels which are on the ship, here are some renders of them. cannon: swivel: I still need to add some rigging and one more mast piece and dont mind the stern either I'm
  3. the problem with the pirate faction is that everyone can join them without consequences making it super imbalanced compared to other nations. I don't mind a tough fight but it really is not fun to see former people from your nation turn pirate because they have an easier time then. And then what bothers me the most is that the game strives for historical accuracy so hard yet you have this pirate nation that wouldn't have existed irl. It's like the tv series black sails but then even more ridiculous hehe. I'm happy the devs are gonna make changes to this and can't wait to see what they a
  4. yeah it looks great, so you painted in the planking with photoshop in black and white and later on converted these to a normal map? I quite like that, have to try it myself now Could you perhaps show me the UV layout? Interested in how you unwrapped the hull. Btw I've noticed your cannons are sitting very high in your gunport, they usually have to sit a little bit below the middle point of the gunport. In the reference image you can clearly see the difference.
  5. nice, did you get all the planking and dirt on the bottom in through normal maps? or is it a displacement map.
  6. yep got 2 kills 16 assist, got 1.17 mil gold and 11607 exp for it, great fight but the victory isn't that much tougher than a bellona atm so 25 ships for like 5 of us doesn't seem like a bad trade. not to mention all the gold we got from this fight easily covers the expenses of new vics being built
  7. thnx, well yeah it should be done by tonight but it's not guaranteed that I start working on a new ship right away, got a lot of 3d modeling to do for school too hehe.
  8. UPDATE: Got a lot of work done on this ship and am close to finishing it. I only need to fit windows on the stern and make a hole for the rudder so that's probably something I'll finish tonight.
  9. I've been working on a new ship and thought I'd share it with you guys, it's a 12 gun Swedish privateer and boy is it a beauty. It's the ship in this post : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4142-swedish-privateer-ship-12-guns-with-plans/ Here is where I'm at atm and I'll finish it in the next couple of days. The colors are just a prototype and so is the wood texture, this isn't unwrapped yet. it's just there to give a basic idea of how the ship would look colored. to do list: -bow -stern windows -rudder -gratings -some details on the side I hope you guys like
  10. sure propose a time and number of ships and im sure we can work something out perhaps do the fight around la tortue?
  11. perhaps an arranged battle in between our primetimes might be a good idea? because its pretty clear neither of us are gonna have good fights else and we should enjoy the last weeks before we can grind ourselves to death again
  12. that's an awesome frigate, 60 x 30 pdrs , wow! But I'm afraid this might be outside of the time frame for the game.
  13. we already have had our share of fighting with the usa and because of the timezone difference we neither can bring our full forces to a battle, it was just port flipping which isn't fun for both sides. As for the port battles at fort baai you guys successfully defended against the spanish.
  14. we do that in the form of arranged battles with tap out. I'd rather save my ships to do port battles against the danes or others.
  15. good point konali but the problem is the french, spanish, swedes all have a low amount of active players. They also haven't been taking any of our ports and we have been communicating with them since before the wipe. So you basically want us to attack our own friends to make things more fair? Surely when EA hits there will be other clans of the spanish, french, etc who probably do want to attack us so that will most likely balance things out. Seems quite reasonable doesn't it?
  16. perhaps the book "How to fight as a team and not a bunch of solo players" might be a better choice for xmas.
  17. no the most current battles do matter since they accurately show which force is the best trained/organized. Also I am only responding to your accusations that the brits need their "dogs" to beat you guys which clearly isn't the case. It's not about bragging that we took your ports, you guys make a huge deal about it even though you shouldn't even have ports in that area.
  18. oh and btw tac the only reason you only repainted your vic is because someone on our side accidentally destroyed the last tower so you could leave the battle... I was talking about the arranged battles where we have beaten you even when we were outnumbered. Or did you forget about those. If we didn't have a tap out battle you guys would have lost a lot of ships there.
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