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  1. Yes we really need it! Maybe only limit it for a certain time window or X amount of battles each day so ppl still spend most of their time on the OW. But it's super hard to train fleet battles atm that's balanced and would love to have an option to train again.
  2. Greetings, Me, Tosch and Admaa stumbled upon this polish player being attacked on the OW by 2 russian players and joined the battle on the polish side. Once we entered it was clear they were friends and tried to lure us in to a false battle. In the chat logs the polish player talks about not helping the fight. He fired a full broadside on me as friendly fire and also deliberatly came in between me and his friends to ram of my bow sprit. Occasionally he fired into their masts from long distance to "prove" he was on our side... The 2 russian players did not f
  3. that's a pretty good idea actually, makes for a good portfolio piece too if it wouldn't be suitable for the game. I'll have to research this a bit more though
  4. Yeah, they got a lot of ships to complete first so I doubt they will review mine any time soon, if they even need mine though. In the meantime I'm working on a tiger ausf H1 atm which is coming along nicely, but looking at this post I get the urge to model ships again haha.
  5. Concerning ship modeling I'm gonna wait a bit and see what happens with the devs but in the meantime I'm making pieces for my portfolio. I'm modeling a WW2 mp40 atm which is coming along nicely hehe.
  6. thnx, I might make a sculpt for the figurehead in the coming months but I'm not rushing it at all. Sent it to be reviewed and have taken a break from it for now. Let's hope for the best hehe.
  7. Just put some furled sails on her and baked out some ambient occlusion, think she's done for now unless I decide to sculpt a figurehead which would make it complete though... got more final renders on my artstation for the people who are interested: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3aZ2D
  8. I haven't quit on her hehe. here is the reworked stern, completely changed the quarter deck gallery, added glass planes instead of a painted glass, closed the lower lids, etc...
  9. More Details on the stern. Something is looking wrong though, can't seem to find what. Anyone got any ideas? Oh and I'll close the bottom 2 lids next too
  10. thnx a lot for the feedback I was modeling this without knowing there was an entire book with details from a sister ship... If only I knew about this earlier lol, would have taken most of the guess work away. I'll take a look into it!
  11. laid down in 1784, got admiralty plans from when she was captured by the brits, but it's pretty basic and doesn't show a lot of detail especially in the carvings. What do you think is looking wrong?
  12. Another carving done, tell me what you guys think, does it fit the ship/french style? Also this is just a test color i still need to make materials for these carvings. This carving is baked to a 1377 triangle low poly mesh btw As for the carronades they are really easy to model and only sets me back 1 day probably so thats not a problem.
  13. exactly, this is how she was outfitted when she was captured by the brits. I'll model some carronades after everything else is done and that should solve the problem
  14. yes, There are supposed to be carronades there which I have yet to model so the cannons there are placeholders, carronades are small enough for use next to that cabin.
  15. Started reworking the stern for more decoration and detail, got 1 of the sculpts done and its baked to a low poly version of only 250 triangles, gonna make a couple more sculpts and probably add a little bit more geometry too, some parts look pretty dull. Also added these little pillars between the window frames.
  16. Update: Finished the rigging and made spec and gloss maps for all the textures Now I'll be making furled sails
  17. well I made it so it would be up to standards for the game considering textures poly count etc. So if it would get in that would be awesome but if not I also made it for my portfolio as I'm trying to build a career in 3D modeling. People don't care about your resume in this business and look at your work instead.
  18. she's hebe class indeed with the 18 pdrs, I prefer this one over the trinc too. When all the carvings are gonna be in place this is gonna be a beauty hehe
  19. Yeah that makes sense, although 4 cannons in the stern would be awesome it unfortunately isn't accurate. I'll put a lid on them. thnx for pointing that out
  20. I believe your drawings are from the 1809 proserpine from a different class, there are massive differences both at the bow and stern shape. But I might spice up my stern a bit with these kind of decorations though. But then again it must be historically accurate.
  21. ooh that is an excellent figurehead i might just model that one thnx! gonna be hard to get it to look right low poly though. As for the cabin, actually there are carronades where the cabin is which take up way less space. But I haven't modeled one yet. She does have 4 stern chasers I forgot to put cannons in the lower gun ports
  22. It's the one from the picture indeed, she later got captured by the brits and renamed amelia. I'm still figuring out what to sculpt as figurehead, the drawings show like a lady in cloth but its not so detailed so guess I can come up with something
  23. yep no coincidence I wasnt playing naval action full time anymore well the san fernando had a wrong blueprint and would need a big rework, who knows someday ill finish that ship. I actually really would have loved to do a good model of the panteleymon victoria too, it's such an amazing looking vessel.
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