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  1. I think the problem is that we have way to less ships for having wider trees atm. in WT or WoT they started with just 2 nations but both nations had whole trees of 25+ vehicles each. We are not even close to have enough different ships to have a wider tree then its now.
  2. I noticed that getting out of the cutter is way harder then ranking quite a few ships after it With a cutter you just cant make enough damage against (navy) brigs from brig up to atleast cerberus you can get the next ship in just 3 or 4 games Also why you need less experience and cash for the Constitution then the Trincomelee while its later in the grindlist
  3. we figured a part out, my clanmate had changed his nickname on steam between last weekend and now and because of that he got kicked out of every match when it started, he changed it back and worked again mine was only locked out for the battle apparently, even that i died in that battle by boarding and left afterwards
  4. i had twice that when the battle ended cause time was up and no one got any rewards after that battle
  5. for a 5th rate sailor there is almost nothing to do In pb you dont need 5th rates and in OW you have to sail first 2+ hours to find some enemy and when you find them, a lot of time they run away when they see you to a port or they try to gank you. There is just a to small group of players that like to have a decent fair battle thank god Sea Trials comes back
  6. i know it can be fun, we have taken 1st rates with just a privateer/ lynx and a frigate but i think it will be then to easy to screw the match maker when you go with a group of small ships against 1 or 2 bigger ships. to match the battlerating of a 1st rate with just rattlesnakes or gunboats makes it no fun at all for a SoL. They will not have a change to win
  7. using their speed for cap or defend cap. when there are muliply fronts you can way faster reinforce another group but just as Sea Trials, I think Cerb as smallest ship against 1st rates is fine, Shallow water ships are just to small to have an impact in battles up to 1st rate edit: to balance eco, you can make more/less exp/gold for killing lower/higher rated ships like in a lot of arena games you have light/medium/heavy vehicle. in Wot your also not going head on with a light tank against a heavy tank or in War thunder head on with a fighter against a heavy attacker
  8. I wish you good luck TRYING to hit a Surp or Pickle that knows how to use manual sails properly. with such agile ships you should be able to stay on their stern or even their bow. As long as there is no 2nd ship to defend the stern of the SoL, an agile ship should be able to stay on the stern.
  9. your sooooo wrong, I love to fight SoL 's in a frigate I refuse to sail a sluggish SoL
  10. they couldnt say it better even that i have never played when they have that new booster some trees are a pain in the ass to grind. But there are also stat whores that just played their favorite tank and convert with money the exp on that tank to skip a lot of tanks in a tree.
  11. you are so wrong its not P2W at all after he mentioned that groups are not under premium anymore. its only cosmetics and exclusive premium ships. Same as WoT, War thunder, etc, etc
  12. great news this are there any restrections in size of groups in normal (with randoms) like 3 man groups in WoT. Else I think it can get quite unbalanced if a group of 15+ against all random (new) people It can kill the game for quite some new players if they are always facing large groups of enemies while they dont know anyone yet in the game
  13. yeah you are right here. I have played wau to much WoT since their closed beta and they cjanged it somewhere in their first 2 years Hopefully we can also get smaller battles like organized teams 7v7 like they do a lot on WoT. That made the game popular as E-Sport and gives a good variation
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