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  1. for a 5th rate sailor there is almost nothing to do In pb you dont need 5th rates and in OW you have to sail first 2+ hours to find some enemy and when you find them, a lot of time they run away when they see you to a port or they try to gank you. There is just a to small group of players that like to have a decent fair battle thank god Sea Trials comes back
  2. dont make any of this kind of rules, its a big part of making a line up of your ships demasting was way easier in the previous 1 and not every battle ended up in that We even had the unsinkable Essex in the tourny boarding can be a really valuable tactic whit a boarding fitted Cerb (damn SLRN :P) only repairs should be put in rules max ships out fully with repairs makes the battle way to long. I guess the old amount of 1 hull and 1 sail should be more then enough. Its only hard for the ref to keep track of all repairs
  3. I loved the tournament, was 1 of the best things i did in the game. Gave us a purpose to try other ships we never realy used. But I dont think you can run this much faster then we had with our 1st tournament. Battles alone take already 1 hour each. Or you should make it directly a knock-out system 2nd problem is that you dont have any instant battle rooms that you can use for it so people have to sail beforehand now to have any tourny battle.. 1 dura problem on top of this previous point. You sink in the battle means you have no ship for your next match or you have to sail another ship to the place where you wanna do the tournament battle and have the change some enemy sinks your ship(s) underway A lot of hardcore pvp-ers already left this game Best solution is to wait for the new Sea Trials and hope they have an option for private servers to do this like we had with the previous tourny
  4. I deleted the game and that was my best choose i made in a long time in NA I will wait till Sea Trials is back
  5. if Im right they wanted the modules and upgrades less important then the ship itself. Well it went the complete opposite. You can buff almost any ship to max 15 knots and with all mods stacked you can even make a 40% reduce on reload time. Do this on a lightwood ship and you have a speedboat with a hello kittying Gatling machine gun. And besides that Im getting tired of being tagged and attacked for hours because there is a gankfleet outside my initial battle waiting and after a few escapes and/or kills from them i run out of repairs and i cant log out or take a break cause it throws me in the OW. I know small group OW/pvp hunters are a minority in the game but atm they are making it impossible to have any fun this way. Well this was it for me, I wont play the game anymore till thwy fix some things in that, so my guess is never, just like they removed the signal perk to close a battle
  6. @admin is the Cartagena Tar replenish in store nor working. It should be in Cartagena de Indias but its never in the store. All the other special goods for the upgrades I can always find in high or low numbers in the port where it should be in only not this 1. And there is also no contract on it, its just bever there
  7. I have been looking for the Cartagena Tar for a few days in the port where it should be available, but i have not seen a single 1 popping up in the store, even now right after the downtime there is nothing at all. Is it a bug or does it gives only 1 every few hours?
  8. global as main server and EU to hello kitty around as rat when they have higher population at some point of the day
  9. maybe im in the minority with not doing RvR but Im pretty sure there are a lot of other people who prefer fighting on OW and find it more fun and interesting then the RvR edit: I can live really good whit it, I will capture your ships when you trying to reach a pb
  10. maybe you dont meet eachother in the crappy PB's, but like i said i dont give a shit about pb. I hunt on the OW and i have find people from every timezone on the OW and splitting the servers in 2 will make it more quieter on all times on the server. And because it will be more silent on the sea, even more people will quit. So we have then 2 semi dead servers instead of 1 healty server.
  11. server splitting will kill the game. And when they start with the Sea Trials, we probably dont have enough players for 1 server I dont give a single crap about the whole port battles. My choice is to delete the whole port battles and put us all on 1 server
  12. In Sea Trials it was the whole battle mechanics and how good looking it was Beginning of the OW was a part exploring the unknown (no map, no one new how for you were able to sail) and still the battle mechanics and started to like the frigates more then SoL's. Portbattles in the beginning I enjoyed a lot but after doing it to much for a to long time I started to dislike that part. Now a days for me the fun and trill is to fight in frigates and hunt for bigger pray in the OW. The battles where the odds are really against you. And for 1 of the best reasons i still play the game is that I enjoy playing the game with friends that like to do the same thing ingame. Even with my 1800 hours im still 1 with the lower hours in the group
  13. we did, but we stopped playing it. We had a great group together with Ocean and TDA to fill almost 2 Cutters
  14. i realy enjoy this game, I have played H1Z1 KofK and this game feels so much better then that, A game will take max about 30 a 35 min to win it, I think the balance of loot and vehicles is not bad, still a lot of houses have no guns or just a pistol or crosbow and the vehicles are just easy for travel but not OP at all.Its easy to kill people in a car. only thing that they realy have to do and what they are doing is optimizing the game, dense area's or artillery fire can give you some lagspikes and there are sometimes crashes But overall Im enjoying the game quite a bit
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