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  1. No it is not are responsibility, But its what we can do to help, your personal issues with the game have nothing to do with this post, all i was asking was for us to band together and try to make post wipe a lot more fun and give admin more data Post wipe. Sadly this community has degraded to something alien and grotesque, wasn't expecting this much negativity from a request!
  2. All this complaint about transporting goods, why don't you trade players who have access to the goods, back in this time period every region had access to diffrent goods, you all are complaining about not having easy access to every material in the entire map, simple way to fix that implement a contract system players in any port can see and they will fulfill the contract bringing you the recourses or vice versa, then PVP players will see which ports are gonna have traders going too. It fixes your 3 hour trade route, and gives traders content. This Post isn't about NA issues it's about bringing players back and getting the game properly appreciates and to fix these issues, Not to gripe and fight. Has the community really turned this bad?
  3. There is a lot of negative aspects to the game as pointed out in many other posts, and have been present for some time. I personally have issues with the game that can never be fixed, and does make the game un-enjoyable but the fact remains if we all abandon the project then there is no opportunity to fix these issues! Alot of us have issues with the game but lets just see after wipe if Admin and the rest surprise us and make the game better! Also, the lack of content in the game is an issue but we can create are own. Organize tournaments, community events for the entire player base not just your friends and clan. We all have issues but what the game needs is player vs player content and its up to us to create that, I just hope they figure out a way to remove META ships from 4th rate PB's and 1st rate PB's thats all id like to see, and maybe for awhile the crafting changes, making it more tedious might help that
  4. Hello everyone, i have been a part of this community since Sea Trials and have loved the game and the community. Some of the best moments were when we changed and directed Admin and the others to improve the game. Id like to ask a favor from all players who are still active on the forums, pass the word along to everyone who has quit or haven't played in a year to return in 2 weeks (lets hope they keep that timetable). Organize are selves so we have constant community wide content we will make our selves. If we pump up are numbers we increase are content we can enjoy. I do hope everyone does come back and we show how much we love this game
  5. Good luck with the ship change! I do hope we get a population return in 2 weeks, let's hope everyone comes back and plays! A bit dissapointed it is delayed, but not surprised. Good luck!
  6. Upon release of more content id like to propose a feature, a tax rate when you join a armada, a rate a guild lead sets and its applied to all transactions of the player that involves all transactions when you make money. It will be a rate you set, and all funds will be transfers to a account (or if your feeling audacious a account of a players choosing). This will give armadas better management of Gross income! Itll work exactly like EVES, and since you have to join a fleet for it to apply it wont get out of control because people can just leave!
  7. Privateers are always welcome as long as you sail under saints iron fist wear are flag and give all your prizes to us!
  8. Id like to suggest a choice of many figureheads to choose from in a cash shop, like rams, mermaids, birds, sea-monsters, and maybe ornate figureheads that take up your whole bow. This will bring cash flow and make ships a little different if there the same ship, also the best part money, it affects nothing in game but brings accessories to make you look better than the competition!
  9. Will you be adding schooners of 2 mast or more? they were quite common at the time for piracy, merching, and privateering plus they were added to navy fleets. heres a few pictures if i get a response ill begin posting the plans and ships ive researched, theirs many during the time period we have.
  10. If this game is only battle and everything else is secondary, there just following the cookie cutter model of all MMO's, gear up pvp endgame or in this case grind up to ship and equipment pvp. some poeple like that i for one dont, i want PVP, exploration, merching, Influence, AI SuperPowers, and the ability to own sections of coast and sea persistant and mean something except bragging rights. THAT is a game not a instance based simulatoir battle game. Open world is much more than a none battle arena map, its a concept of true freedom from the endless gear grind, Tier grind, and money grind, it awards players of all diffrent play styles, it makes you wonder what will i do today? not will be faceing 20 1st rates god so unbalanced. The thing is we as a commuinity have to understand that open world isnt just a lable and a open map, its a complex machine that has many cogs that can make it great, or one big cog that will make it fail. Game Labs i hope you see this comment, because i truly beleive with your passion and work ethic you can give us a battle game of the naval era with all the individual cogs included to make this game a true and persistant open world.
  11. Sadly the arguemnt isnt about cannons and loadouts, its about cargo capacity and game logic (remember in a game everyone thinks diffrently about risk and reward than in reallife) in a fully armed ship of war, with provisons included for a 3 month journey is the average, but in a game why couldnt i just take half the size of my biggest cannons all fully crewed i could take half the cargo space of a merchant vessel so i would make two trips, but with an extra 3-2 knots of extra speed, two decks of cannons, and a full complimet of crew plus enough provisions JUST to get to my location. The merchant men carrys more, yes but thats its only advantage over the frigate. Remember in the game world specialization because everything is quantified, is much easier and repetitive tasks can be farmed.
  12. The thing is is that the early clippers were almost to a point, had crosswind yards and weren't square rigged, when pushed into the wind by a privateer or pirate group (yes there will be those groups, and yes they will outnumber navy groups 3 to 1 is my guess) your now slower and a sitting duck for them to kill you. These ships were square rigged and could travel in the wind, making them capabale of outrunning foes and blockades in most wind conditions. That is why i want them included, if Game Labs doesn't include ships to give merchants a fighting chance upon full release the beating heart of this game (carrying and trading) will die out due to the over population of pirates. Merchants don't need guns or armor, we need to have two choices, fast ships with limited cargo hold to solo trade, and bulky ships for supported trading. I personally have experienced this in EVE, and Archage, pirates are a dime a dozen, dedicated traders are rare, and people to hunt the pirates were, for every 6 pirates there was 1 person to combat them. its sad but true and keep this in mind not everyone has a group to play with, and some like the solo experience.
  13. yes i see all the good points you've all laid out and see the complications, and i think my case has been thoroughly trashed and sent off hahahah. Its sad to think that all us merchantmen will have a limited selection of cargo runners, bulk carriers and thats that. and to be so fragile and slow. Just seems like to me this is going to be another game where the economic ships will be just stepping stones to other vessels, and the poeple who do stay with the merchant ships will be loseing them to the horde of pirates that will be present upon release. I do like historical accuracy and the timeline, but i dont like the idea of being stuck with slow merchant vessels if i want to carry anything over 40 tons. But thats just me hahah can a moderator close the post?
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