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  1. I believe they more or less did yes.
  2. Already implied in my first post: Server population is currently too low to engage my interest and, combined with the possibility of more wipes/major changes, just doesn't make me want to invest my free time. So I wait.
  3. When does the game come out so I can start playing again? Not interested as long as there will be further wipes and/or the server population is low.
  4. So much time wasted in Alpha on millions of adjustments to balance, rebalance, re-rebalance etc. Instead of working on a solid core and adjusting later. I come back once a year, every year, for god knows how long, and nothing changes. At least there's a UI now I guess. What are the plans to resuscitate this game? Population is everything in a game like this, and given that even the core fans are mostly bored of propping these devs up (apart from a few who are well into the gambler's paradox state of over-investment of time), a massive influx of new players would be needed to make it a viable multiplayer game. What will be done to market the game and bring these players in? Or is the plan now simply to let it die and monetise it as a free-to-play, pay-to-win asset flip that no one asked for?
  5. Ok thanks, so it's safe to grind player and crafting levels then. Good to know that not all effort will be wasted.
  6. I just got back into the game after leaving it for months, I'm enjoying the changes, but revisiting the forums has made an unfortunate truth dawn on me again. What's the point of getting really into it again if it's all going to be wiped at an uncertain point in the future? I know that some things won't be wiped (or will they?), but I haven't been able to find any clear information on what will make it through to a release build. Could anyone help me choose how to best spend my time by clarifying some of this? Should I be amassing gold? Will I lose all of my redeemable ships that I haven't claimed, with no way of getting them back? Will crafting and player level be reset? Thanks in advance.
  7. One thing that is nice about the current grading system is that it adds a bit of granularity to player progress. Levelling up and getting better ships can take a fair while if you are not willing to use exploits and or 'power play' (dishonourable nonsense for kids imo), and so have categorical variations within ship types helps add mini objectives for player progress in between the larger objectives. This is not an argument for getting rid of the current system, just a case for preserving what is good about it. In other words, please make the new system use visuals and language to distinguish between ship; varieties, as opposed to just a percentage change in the stats here and there. A bit of 'flavour' - an algorithm to generate adjectives for the ship based on the stat changes, much like loot in many RPGs ("Race built traders cutter", for example), can really help make crafting and purchasing new ships based on small changes seem a lot more significant and exciting. Colour coding according to ship strengths could also help in this regard. With the current lack of proper UI, the game in general lacks these small but important elements that all come together to make that 'hook' that keeps people playing and coming back.
  8. "it is ok if you comment on that without personal attacks he is also not allowed to troll you and might lose his position because of that" Fine, but where do you draw the line? The more I get into the game the more I like to role play a bit. There have been occasions where I have, in good humour, called a fleeing french captain an ´amphibian brained field-hand´, for example. It was technically a personal insult, but I don´t think any player that isn´t a humourless sourpuss would want to censor any such banter.
  9. I heard someone mention that they will be adjusting - well I mean they have to, significant RNG isn´t really acceptable in a game like this. I suggest they go even further, I´m not a fan of ´mini-games´and the like but I do think they should consider some options to make crafting more about being a shipwright, an artesan, and less about just clicking on boxes. Easier said than done I know, here are some thoughts off the top of my head - 1. Dry dock management - resource acquisition would be only part of the focus - you would have to manage dry dock employees and could choose to spend more than the minimum requirement for each resource/component to get a slightly increased chance of those components converting into better ship attributes, higher chance of creating a ship 1 lvl higher than the one you selected, as well as increased chance of dropping crafting notes and BPs. It would be a risk, but would give more advanced players the chance to get BPs based on their experience and investment, as opposed to RNG. 2. Ship building mini game - as I said before, I´m not a fan of this idea, but I think all options should be discussed. Implement some kind of mini-game where I can take certain risks/management decisions whilst building the ship to increase the chance of the benefits I mentioned before, always with a risk. 3. Cumulative increase in chance of dropping CN/BP based on crafting XP. More to come...
  10. All sounds good apart from compression of power of lower ranked ships - unrealistic and unhistorical, not to mention counter-productive. Taking on and defeating a snow in a yatch or whatever is already possible if the player has enough skill, it shouldn´t be made possible for players who aren´t willing to try harder, just seems to go against the core design principles of the game.
  11. An insightful video that addresses some of the fundmental issues that GameLabs have to wrestle with when adjusting the in-game economy. What do you guys think about the issues raised in this video with regard to the current game state and future design plans?
  12. For once, I think it´s just fine just as it is. :-)
  13. Modified the title to suit. Does anyone know if there is a plan to set up a server for those on this half of the planet?
  14. Some of us don´t spend every day on the forum, and I don´t have the time to look through the entire forum to see if there is another topic. These are my suggestions, and I put them in the correct place.
  15. This game can never be advertised as ´realistic´if pirates are able to crew, use and maintain 3rd rates and larger. This is obvious, and the fact that the devs allow pirates very large ships goes against the core design principles of the game and the reason why many people invested in pre-alpha. For whatever reason, the devs seem incapable of simply sticking to their guns and denying all the Jack Sparrow wannabes from getting these large ships, so here´s a mechanics compromise to make it more viable. Pirates are unable to have crews large enough to effectively use SOLs, but they can still capture them, sell them and even use them if they like, they would just have a MASSIVE penalty. They would have the same number of ranks as the other nations, but each rank would correspond to a smaller crew. To compensate for this, and to reflect the pirate ´flavour´ with a bit more emphasis, I suggest that pirates are able to keep all of the durability on ships that they capture. This would be a fair compromise, and would also make being a pirate more ´piratey´ i.e. you would now have a great reason to go out and capture more ships as part of the core gameplay, as opposed to having one mastercrafted for you which is just ridiculous for a pirate. Thoughts?
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