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  1. Denmark-Norway Should be one country as it was back then also the Christian VII was build in Denmark tho i consider it both Norwegian and Danish
  2. the thing is it will never be voted in, Americans are too busy voting on US ships
  3. What about Christian VII that has been posted by me, 90 guns 2nd rate Danish
  4. Hope Christian VII makes it, we need Nordic ships and something with a bang, why not bring the Danish-Norwegian flagship which also happens to be the last king-ship of the Dano-Norway Fleet Plus can never hurt to get a second rate
  5. hope Christian VI gets picked as wildcart here
  6. Denmark-Norway ! we gotta remember that back then we were one nation till the british/swedish ruined that together with our great fleet
  7. Hey, I already added it to the list, and to the suggestions , problem is tho it's probably not generic for this thread as their looking for a generic 2nd rate
  8. Damnit All this.. Now i won't be able to sleep the next few months
  9. I made my vote for Christian VII The last of the great king ships from the Dano-norwegian navy who can deny her beauty
  10. Thats Linieskibet Christian VIII , Not Christian VII, This is from about 1849 or soo Here you go Christian VIII 1841-1849, Same ship as the Picture http://www.navalhistory.dk/danish/Skibene/C/ChristianVIII(1841).htm
  11. Not Dutch, Danish Two different countries Dutch = Netherlands/Holland , Danish = Denmark/Danmark And i believe this is a thread about French Ship of the lines
  12. Как датчанин, я благодарю вас всех за вашу поддержку
  13. I can agree the Dannebroge is a ship with good story, but then again it with the load out of cannons it has it would be a weak SOL in gun size and strength
  14. More Votes for Christian VII guys ! Give us a specially good looking SOL instead of the usual plain ones
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