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  1. Would also be insane because people could flee when they are shot up, repair and join the battle again. You'd have everlasting battles with unlimited respawns of the same players.
  2. There is a huge problem with that, and that is the time compression in OW.
  3. We'll get a whole zone of the map dedicated for newbies, and big ships won't be able to go there. So, just a bit of patience, and the problem will be solved soon.
  4. We had storms once... I thought they are awesome, but many people don't like them. But then again, now the weather can be made to match the OW, and whoever starts a storm battle... Well, it's his own fault.
  5. Both circles pull in all ships of both factions.
  6. So you tweaked some stats of ships and mods... Does this only apply to newly crafted ships, or will ships that are already crafted also be changed? Also, regarding the delivery quests... I would personally like to see delivery quests on player eco have a much higher reward than the ones for NPC eco. But We'll see how it works out
  7. Le Gros Ventre She is just such a beauty. I love the blue bits. On top of that she is a fast and well armed trader with large hold... What do you want more? Reno Definitely one of the most beautiful ships in the game, and I love speed. And speed is something Reno can give me Surprise Great handling, and nice and well rounded overall package. Lacks a bit firepower though for my taste in terms of penetration capabilities. Belle Poule Also well rounded. Like the Surprise handling more, but I am happier with the Belle firepower. And yeah, she's beautiful.
  8. I hope you are not suggesting to make SOLs even more popular and frigates basically just a stepping stone to the "big ships". The disparancy between duras and LH exists to make the seas more divers, and to paint a little more historic picture.
  9. Man sollte dazusagen dass alle Aussagen über RvR gerade ziemlich nichtssagend sind, da demnächst das gesamte System überholt wird. Der Plan sieht vor, es so zu gestalten dass auch solo-Spieler einen sinnvollen Einfluss auf die Kriege und RvR im Allgemeinen haben sollen... Bleibt nur zu schauen wie es umgesetzt wird. Allerdings mach ich mir persönlich keine Sorgen, da die Entwickler auf die Community hören und auch normalerweise kein Problem haben, bestehende Systeme noch einmal komplett generalzuüberholen wenn es nötig ist.
  10. Maybe it would be possible to have a client-only log. Means, the log gets saved on your PC rather than on the server. It's a bit wacky since you couldn't access it when you log in from other PCs, but since you don't really need the logs from previous game sessions this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  11. You didn't really read all the arguments against longer timers, did you? Well, if not, please scroll up and practise your comprehensive reading skills
  12. May I ask someone to link the thread to this 2-circle-proposal? Can't find it, sorry :/
  13. The flaw in this suggestion is that currently diplomats do work mostly on TeamSpeak, as far as I know. So they don't use the ingame comm mostly anyway, rendering the feature just a nuisance, unfortunately. (Although it does look like an interesting suggestion)
  14. Will crew cost be just paid once when hiring them, or do you plan to have an upkeep cost? In my opinion the "pay once"-option makes more sense gameplay-wise, but I could definitely imagine having to pay some sort of upkeep on Marines (but this upkeep would have to be tied to the online activity).
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