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  1. My Dad was born and raised in Devon, in Devonport. I was born in Torquay, and my gran lived in Torquay all her life. Haven't thought about a clan yet, it seems like it could be a while before we have a finished product.
  2. Endy

    Well I Did It!

    I'm in too. Thanks to the people who answered my questions, I'm now a captain. A happy and safe New Year to all.
  3. Thanks very much for your answer sir, it seems at 11/2 Gb, I can purchase sooner rather than later. As for your idea about public wireless, nice idea, however I still use a wire connector and wouldn't know one end of a laptop or notepad to the other, lol. Much obliged, regards. Endy.
  4. Hello all, I'm a lurker on this forum, I've been keeping an eye on the progress of this very nice looking sim. My question is --- If I were to buy this software, how big is the download? I ask because I only have a limited download a month. I look forward to an answer. Thanks in advance.
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