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  1. this has been the longest wait ... I'm 65 yrs young and could croak before I get to the open world. More eyes are better than sore eyes when fixing things up.
  2. Once I have explored uncharted waters they are no longer uncharted , and I should be able to mark it on my in game map. Where I've been and what I saw I will never forget , until I'm old and forget ... thats why we make maps.
  3. NOT gonna let an enemy ship pass just because he's a wee laddie ... that is not ganking that is ... open seas reality
  4. Any server with and open world , both pvp or pve included that said ... hopefully when I'm off line , my ship will not be sunk
  5. Hi Chuckle ... You are welcome to join CBC , get the game it is a awsome sailing , fighting ... easy to learn the ways of the sea (after a bit of learning the ways of the wind). As for our views on pirates and smuggling etc . gonna wait and see when that part of the game comes out. Probably anything is good . We have teamspeak3 (we have a few others playing others games also) , come on in and join us , tell a yarn , sail , sink stuff.
  6. I just love to socialize while skipping cannonballs across the pond
  7. Not played the game but just preordered and looking at groups my head says battle but my I think trader... not sure..... any websites for clans yet? We got lots of grog here ya,, beer too
  8. Welcome aboard .. nice to have another fleet from Canada
  9. I agree with you Suemychin your assumptiion makes a lot of gameplay sense
  10. I say that ..... Developers have to add new content to keep the game fresh and exciting to play
  11. Ah. You can only sail one at a time. And if you don not have any left because you got yours sunk. What ya do. If you don't grind or work your way up to a ship. How do you get it
  12. Games that are stagnant never last , Developers have to add new content to keep the game fresh and exciting to play I have no problem with premium ships or gear added added to the game as long as they are not better than their class Also I would hate to grind to a ship and lose it forever when sunk or taken, you will lose a lot of players if that happens.
  13. There has to be more than sailing around and shooting .. and you have to get new content added every now and then or the will get stale. The developers also have to make money regularly or the the game is gone also. That is why all the on line games got to the pay special items etc,
  14. the smallest man in the army can drive a tank
  15. Me I loves Olive Oil .. I be lookin fer Brutus .. If you sees em he owes Wimpy a hamburger ... uck uck as fer me ships and crew ain't got enough spinach yet to set me sails.
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