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  1. this has been the longest wait ... I'm 65 yrs young and could croak before I get to the open world. More eyes are better than sore eyes when fixing things up.
  2. Once I have explored uncharted waters they are no longer uncharted , and I should be able to mark it on my in game map. Where I've been and what I saw I will never forget , until I'm old and forget ... thats why we make maps.
  3. NOT gonna let an enemy ship pass just because he's a wee laddie ... that is not ganking that is ... open seas reality
  4. Any server with and open world , both pvp or pve included that said ... hopefully when I'm off line , my ship will not be sunk
  5. Hi Chuckle ... You are welcome to join CBC , get the game it is a awsome sailing , fighting ... easy to learn the ways of the sea (after a bit of learning the ways of the wind). As for our views on pirates and smuggling etc . gonna wait and see when that part of the game comes out. Probably anything is good . We have teamspeak3 (we have a few others playing others games also) , come on in and join us , tell a yarn , sail , sink stuff.
  6. I just love to socialize while skipping cannonballs across the pond
  7. Not played the game but just preordered and looking at groups my head says battle but my I think trader... not sure..... any websites for clans yet? We got lots of grog here ya,, beer too
  8. Welcome aboard .. nice to have another fleet from Canada
  9. I agree with you Suemychin your assumptiion makes a lot of gameplay sense
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