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  1. What is this page for comparing ships ? Care to put a link ?
  2. I am no longer getting the issue, Big thanks to the devs on my part. I recorded a full fight with great looking rigging and the world is right again. THANK YOU 🙂
  3. @admin - appreciate the fact that you guys are working on it. That alone is good enough for me 🙂. If you will need a specific combo of graphical settings for me to test, let me know and i can publish you the results in an unlisted video for troubleshooting reasons. Let me know if i can help 🙂 I am aware of the workaround, but can not roll back drivers, due to metro: exodus RTX update being the one for me in later driver, and needing newer driver for some other games, but I will patiently wait for the update.
  4. Hi, Ever since last 2 NVIDIA Driver updates (419.something) i had graphical issues with my RTX 2080 cards in the rigging. I tried various settings Shadows, vsync, anti-aliasing, nothing helps. Can you please see that this is resolved before release, here is a vide of the issue and i would be happy to provide more on request The bigger the ship, the worse the issue. On Endymion it is durable, on Christian it was almost unplayable
  5. The screens look great and the concept on paper sounds awesome. Is there a chance for media to sign-up to preview this game, and if so please consider me interested. I would love a chance to show it on my Youtube channel (when it will be ready to be shown, regardless if it is a month, year, or several years down the line). (just in case there will be a list this is my mail: info@grunfworks.com )
  6. Grunf

    Children in game.

    Agree with both of you, Age does not define maturity, actions and behavior do. So keep it cool, remember that this is a game, and we are all here to have fun. If you are beaten, learn from it and congratulate the winner, as both of you will enjoy sparring the next time as well. Your current opponent might be your teammate in the next fight. My point is, be a good person, and then age is just a number, regardless if it is just right, low or high :-) I enjoyed playing a match with you Timo, and will for sure play more :-)
  7. I would argue against starting with a brig, as learning how to do manual sails from the start before you know how the ships handle, how to aim etc seems pretty brutal to me. Having said that, I would keep anything less than a brig (or balance it with XP and cash) to keep fore and aft riggers mandatory for say first (up to) 10 fights / missions. This would give a new player ability to get a feel for the ship, the turning, the gunnery, UI, and get the feel of the game. I see ship progression in Naval Action as follows: Give a new player option to choose between Basic Cutter or Basic Lynx (Cutter being the sturdy armored one, Lynx being the fast glass-cannon-ish type) After approx 5 fights / missions / tutorial as reward fro completing tutorial missions award player with an upgrade (to choose Privateer or a Pickle). This would give players a chance to experience an upgrade (in speed or armamment), or alternatively take a path not taken (i.e. choosing privateer after a cutter) to try a different playstyle. By some 10-ish missions in (say on a first rank upgrade) give the player a basic brig, as then the learning curve gets another bump in terms of learning manual sails, but by now the player has figured out sailing, UI, gunnery so the "only" new thing to learn is manual sailing a square rigger. And then the game opens up. I have played since early alpha, so i have tried most of the ships and although i get new player frustration in terms of ship progression (hell, i'd like a surprise from the start please), but putting a player to tackle complexities of manual sails when they are still getting their feet wet with controls, catching the wind, learning to aim (yes it does take some time) is doing the new player a disservice in my opinion. However, getting to a Brig should not take too long to spoil the enjoyment. I think that approach would work as I see learning steps ( almost tied to a specific ship rate) as follows UI, Controls, Sailing - starter ship (7th rate - cutter / lynx) Gunnery, Aiming, Combat maneuvering, dodging fire while getting some good shots on enemy - "better" 7th rate (privateer / pickle) Manual Sailing, first proper combats, repairs, crew management, capturing - 6th rates Advanced Combat (dismasting, raking), basic fleet combat - 5th rates Advanced Fleet Action (maneuvering, battle lines, etc) - 4th rates Ships of the line action (as the differ greatly from frigates in terms of armament, fire capability, speed, fire by the deck) - 3rd rates Port Battles and large engagements - 2nd rates Learning to sail all over - 1st rates (people sailing 1st rates know what i am talking about, i.e. combat sailing a 1st rate is no longer a tactical but rather a strategic choice due to their maneuverability and speed)
  8. A tutorial on how to sail with manual sails in Naval Action game with a twist. I am showing this on an actual learning tool that the sailors of that period were using to learn the art of manual sails. The Mariner's Compass was graciously borrowed to me by a friend Zeljko Skomersic who has an impressive naval collection of model ships that you can view in the following video:
  9. USS Constitution - Old Ironsides:
  10. One of the changes i found great is in the ships screen. When eyeballing other ships to buy it shows the diff between your own ship with green color diff for better and red for worse. Love it
  11. On the topic of wind speed affecting travel, I love the idea and I think it necessary to be a part of the game as it was as important as having land in battles. Having just came from a long period of absence, and playing in battles with land now, feels so right that almost i dont remember how it was before. Do not let get discouraged by vocal minority. So far your vision for the game was bang on, and do take suggestions but keep vision and realism. There might come a rough patch with testing until the values get right but in the long run i believe it would benefit the game. EDIT: Read the rest of the thread - 100% agree on the prios, I was just under impression that this might not happen as opposed to being downprioritized (downprio is fine, not happening would be sad) @admin - Regarding the testing and polishing - why are there is no more Betas under steam (like OW was before the release), that would allow the devs to upload more experimental patches that the players can try out without much consequence. ? Also, does introduction of Land in port battles mean that we will see proper fortresses put somewhere on land in town ?
  12. How about making it so that for those ships that do not have chasers, there is gunnery equipment: Chaser Guns Fittings that allows you to add 2 chaser guns of the top deck calibre. (note you still have to buy chaser guns) It takes 1 upgrade slot but enables relevant chaser slot. You could have Bow Chaser Gun fittings and Stern Chaser gun fittings. For those that already have the chasers you could either make that it adds nothing, or that it Still adds 2 cannons, depending on the balancing. I think this would give a lot of flexibility and customization options, while still retaining a tradeoff in terms of consuming an upgrade slot. (Imagine Essex with bow and stern chasers but 2 upgrades slots taken). I find it to be a fair trade. That way you still preserve ship individuality but give more customization options
  13. Wow, that is a lot of changes. Any ETA (even a preliminary one) ?
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