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  1. Sorry guys, the bill had gotten large and I didn't realize it and it went unpaid. It should be ok now.
  2. The open world is not as fun as it could be due to the lack of valuable traffic/variety. If people's deliveries & captured goods were shipped in the open world there'd be more targets to accost/defend/raise hostility, and the world would seem more vibrant. Being a pirate is not fun, see above, and since pirate's can't attack pirates, but we have a home port, we're like a bad nation, not an individual sneaking about, using our wits and fame to turn a fortune. I'd like to see more of a privateer role, false flags, pirate ports done away with forcing us into free ports only, and let pirat
  3. I agree but I'd like to see ship deliveries and even resources be done in OW via NPC fleets with insurance payout if you lose it. We need more OW traffic besides the current traders/fleets milling around.
  4. I think what happens is sometimes guns fire simultaneously and the cannon fire pops because the gain is so high having multiple sounds played at once. At least thats what I was hearing at one point, but it hasn't stood out lately. Do you guys run the audio through a compressor or does unity do it automatically?
  5. That video is awesome. I'm really looking forward to hearing it in my headphones. One thing, having had the pleasure of hearing cannon fire across water and in vast open spaces, please don't forget one crucial thing, in reality you can hear the cannon fire ripple/echo off of distant trees, waves, buildings. If you're near shore at the very least have a second shot be heard as the sound ricochets off the land and comes back. I've yet to see a game get this right. EDIT: One more note, if you're near the shot, you hear it, then there's a delay (based on how far away the bounces occur), a
  6. I'd like to see a mechanic whereby action/repairs makes the ship more fragile/less performant over time, and eventually you can pay a % of it's material cost to regain the core resilience/dura and maybe improve/change a base attribute if you use crafting notes while you do it? For one this could provide another means to drive the economy on top of ship crafting, this will also incur a bit more cost for the people who use exceptionals perpetually paying only for crew and repairs, but it could allow their ship to change over time, giving them a bit of 'personality' as they age or potentially
  7. I'll be able to spend more time on this soon, and while poking around f360 I came across the live 3d viewer. This will allow you guys to see the latest version of the model as I complete it. I thought it was pretty awesome so I thought I'd share. http://a360.co/29zJyp7
  8. Deliveries should be open world ships, and they should have insurance costs in case they're intercepted.
  9. Domox's Fishing Report While working on some API processing scripts I made a quick sheet to summarize some of the fishing info we have available. Odds From what I can gather each type of catch has a weight, and considering all of the weights in the list, you will then be able to catch a certain minimum to maximum of it. I would like to point out that these percentages may be wrong, the odds are conjecture based on the types of numbers I saw in the parsed data and from personal experience fishing like crazy these past few days. Bodies of Water The map has three bodies of water. - At
  10. As it stands that's incentive to not go to port battles and not sail unless you have 4-5 friends with you at all times.
  11. I just finished a match that took about 40 minutes with me piloting an essex and the adversaries consisting of 2x connies, 3 trincs, a rattlesnake, and an AI frigate. I damaged all of them and lasted quite a while without them managing to board me. Kept the gauge etc. I got 13k and 340xp for the trouble. Lost an officer life, and a ship dura. We need some better incentives to fight or rewards for performance in the face of adversity, this is just sour all the way through. Never mind I lost 315 crew.
  12. So you do have to sail over and assign crew if they surrender, and you cap what's in the hold when that happens. I don't feel quite as robbed now.
  13. I just had someone surrender on me. Do I now need to head over to their vessel to claim it, and if I don't that's why it doesn't show in the post battle screen?
  14. I will also second this, ships magically puffing into thin air at while in range because you're maneuvering after a chase is so disappointing. The coward perk makes it more so.
  15. I had a merchant surrender and I got nothing from it. No loot, just the XP from the fight and not much of it. This an easy out and needs to be rectified please!
  16. Here's an image to give you guys an idea of it's size. I'll compare it to Niagara since it's probably the closest size wise... It has a deep draft but should be quick considering how sharp it is. Niagara - Moulded Beam: 32' - Loaded waterline length: 110' - Depth in hold: 9' 1819 War Schooner - Moulded Beam: 25.5' - Loaded waterline length: 99' - Depth in hold: 11.5'
  17. Domox


    That stuff is the primo mount gay. It's excellent. I wouldn't mix it unless with a bit of water (or over ice), or at most tonic.
  18. Here's a mockup of the mast heights to give you an idea of how it may look.
  19. It was a productive stream, and thanks to all who stopped by! I completed the main deck, cannon ports and transom (bar far the hardest part) Non ortho rear quarter view: It's so much easier to get fair lines with an actual mechanical engineering tool!
  20. I'll be streaming my work again today at: https://twitch.tv/d0m0x
  21. Domox


    On a hot day I normally sip mount gay eclipse with a splash of tonic and a quarter lime (keep the scurvy away), very refreshing. When I'm feeling fancy I run with one of two variations of a mai-tai: Trader Vic’s original recipe, 1944 * 2 oz 17-year J. Wray Nephew Jamaican rum * 1 oz lime juice * 0.5 oz French Garnier orgeat/falernum * 0.5 oz Holland DeKuyper orange curacao * 0.25 oz rock candy syrup/orgeat Shake and strain into an old-fashioned glass filled with crushed ice, garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. or Smuggler’s Cove Mai Tai * 2 oz premium aged rum (Appleton Estate 12-year or E
  22. I'm really liking how accurate the surface modeling in fusion 360 is. At the very least it's the ideal place to start and then retopo from there...
  23. Better zebra settings to show off the curves. Sorry still learning about hull design.
  24. I ended up creating a spline cage based on the station lines, water lines, and cross sections. In this spline cage I then created TSpline faces and adjusted them to fill out the spline cage. It's tedious but has created the most accurate version of the hull so far. I also took the time to remove some of the drafting errors/distortions that seemed odd when viewed on the hull itself. Video Preview
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