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  1. Well the carribian isn't full of those things but the point of open world right now is testing travel and attacking as far as I know.
  2. Is there any way to "Redeem" yourself so that you can stop being a pirate?Maybe you were agitated/drunk/whatever and you decided to attack a friendly, is there any way to say "I regret that, take some gold, can you all stop shooting me now" or something?
  3. I found out about NA through youtube videos and there more I looked into it, the more I liked it and wanted to buy it so I did. A person I used to know explained how buying a 60$ game can be worth it if you look at it from the perspective of going to the movies. Where I am it's maybe 10$ for a 2 hour movie (Not mantena) so realistically, for NA if you play for 8 hours, you already got your monies worth. Value is determined by the buyer, not the dollar amount.
  4. Realistically, one on one combat, yeah it's going to be really freaking good but if it is outnumbered, it'll come down eventually. Also, the HMS is an ironclad and is way out of the time frame in both start and actual finish. I am sure the Pennsylvania could be insanely expensive. I haven't played EVE but I have seen many post regarding it for example, well imagine you have a battleship vs 1 frigate, yeah the battleship will win. This game has multiple elements that can affect the outcome of a battle like wind, if a smaller ship has the wind over the Penn then I am sure it can win or at le
  5. I remember I was diddling around on my first opening of the game trying to log in through other means, put Stuka as the name and that stayed rather then my steam name somehow
  6. I can imagine it would be like loading a shotgun a pellet at a time so yeah, it would need something to hold it together i would imagine in the cannon
  7. I feel like when the next large update comes out, they will release it on steam. Pure speculation, hope to see you guys out there
  8. I'd like to see ability to alter unit amounts in custom battles but I see you can't add more options but yeah for future reference, ability to say like 10000 base units for both and like 3 waves of 4000 reinforcments for each as example or if you wanted a one sided battle you could do that too =P
  9. The purpose of this thread is simply to list all know problems a Captain may have had to deal with during the age of sail. It could be privateer Captain, Pirate Captain etc. Since The age of sail isn't my forte my examples are rather basic but; Mutinee, Supply shortages, Colds perhaps and so on. I would like you guys to be as specific as you want from heavy wind to Hurricane George (if they named them back them). The idea is to create a realistic list that we might approach and then alter later on as we see fit for playability. For example, Captains may have to worry about like wood r
  10. I am sure it'd be rather difficult to code but I like how Gettysburg has worked out so I'd be interested in seeing a sort of campagin map for the civil war or perhaps several of the major battles and the outcomes of the previous battles can affect the objectives and reinforcments of the next perhaps? At the very least, just more civil war battles with the day by day battles
  11. Game is pretty fun so far, got it on the steam sale a few days ago
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