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  1. I would vote for this as a second rate. It looks amazing and is actually a second rate unlike all the 80 gun third rates being suggested in the thread.
  2. I would love to see water being pumped out of the ship even if it only happened in survival mode. It would let you know that either they're taking on water or its another indicator that they are hurt and to go for the kill.
  3. Is anyone else's game crashing after this latest patch? Before I could play it non-stop without any problem, but today alone I've crashed twice within a couple hours. Also I had trouble logging in one time as it said (Authentication error) but I was able to log in after trying again. My specs are gtx 660, 8gb of ram, and an intel i5 3570k @ 3.40Ghz and i usually get a solid 60fps on high
  4. I disagree with this. The game only lasts one hour at the moment so you'd waste over half the game with trying to repair masts. I think the way it is implemented currently is fine. Either you have to waste a repair on sails which you could have used on the hull, or your mobility is hindered. I think that's enough. They're still too easy to break in my opinion. They're based on health so once it reaches a certain point it just breaks. It's really annoying when you have to ships of the line just shooting at your masts to try to break them because they know eventually that they will. He
  5. Well i apologize if that's not the point of the discussion but that's what his request sounded like. He wanted a "blank sea" for clans to be able to practice on. I don't know how having your own private space during sea trials would work but for EA (which will hopefully have open world then) clan's should have to find their own little area where nothing is going on if they want to train.
  6. i5-3570k @ 3.40GHz 8 GB of ram 660 Nvidia GTX I get a steady 60fps with this setup on High. I'm looking to upgrade to a 770 soon after Christmas.
  7. Maybe not launch rafts but I do like the idea of a ship being dead in the water. Some of the larger line ships were almost impossible to sink because of their buoyancy .
  8. I think have enemy ship info off but when you look through the spyglass it shows things like crew count, sails percentage, and maybe armor too. Would be a nice balance i think.
  9. I'm all for clans practicing but since its going to be open world they shouldn't have their own blank space where no one can mess with them. I think it'd be much better if they had to practice maybe in a territory that they own. So that way other clans can attack while they're practicing as a tactic. Would make it much more fun i think.
  10. I'm sure eventually we'll be able to test things like graphics settings before launch. I would love to be able to figure out the optimum settings for myself.
  11. I like the idea of stunning during grapeshot as it is designed to kill crew. It would definitely take them a moment to recover from being hit with it. As for raking fire I think that having your cannons taken out by it is enough of a hinder in fight ability.
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