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  1. I'd be shocked if any Clan absolutely required you to use their TeamSpeak. And if by some chance the Clan you're wanting to join does... Well I guess you can let them know about your hearing. And they should still be glad to welcome you into their fold. You can also type in the TS chat if need be. But to answer your question: I don't think TeamSpeak is a "required" thing to join most Clans.
  2. I live in Canada, but elect to play on a EU server. I average around 150-160 ping. And it is totally playable / enjoyable for me.
  3. While the idea is interesting, Personally, I'm going to have to say " No " to the idea. Having such additions/limitations for Nations would handcuff a players ability to play how they would like for their chosen nation. Ex: If a new player choose to sail under the Spanish flag, but also wants to be a Trader for that Nation. He's now a lesser Trader then any of the Nations with a +10% cargo/sale price bonus. So in short, if he wants to be an effective trader he's now forced to a nation that has Trading bonuses? However, your idea could work as a Nation sub-choice . Every nation would have the same bonuses in certain fields but broken down into " Career Paths " Military Captain - +5% crew/gunnery skills (unlocks SOL's) Trade Captain - +5% cargo hold/sale price (unlocks Merchant vessels) So on and so fourth. This would at least allow a player to choose their Nation. And then their career path that best suits their play style. ~Cheers
  4. Sure, they could add a "profanity filter". But that is not the point the Dev's are trying to make. Seems to me like Game-Labs is simply asking for their player base to be better/more mature then the rest of the grade. And what better time to do so while the game is still in its testing/development phases. The only reason most MMO's of any type have a profanity filter is because their player base was never made aware that such language is not and will not be tolerated from the beginning. Then some time down the road they're forced to add in such filters. Profanity and excessive harsh words have consequences in real life. So why shouldn't such language here be any different, just because its a game? Or because such language can be filtered out? Adults and children alike know all to well what those **** are used for. I don't think Game-Labs is asking for all that much from their current testing player base. And with them letting the current testing player base know now. It really shouldn't be hard for a "Mature" person to think, before they speak (type). All of us here during this glorious testing phase are the Pioneer's for this game. So lets try and be mature and Lead-By-Example while we help Game-Labs develop their game. Let us all here show that having a mature player base is possible and can be achieved. So I applaude Game-Labs for trying to set a Lead-By-Example standard of gaming. ~Cheers Gents
  5. Give me 10 minutes in-game. And I'll post pictures of other players sailing around Dutch capital. This show's us that every player encounters other players around their ports. I'm pretty sure this is working as intended. I've been in many EH encounters. And not once was our fleet there to engage actual Players. A lot of the combined/allied fleet force at EH is simply do to the fact that there is no other place in the current OW that offers consistence fleets of those sizes to engage. Any new British (Nation) player reading this should now know that, the enemy fleet outside their capital is not there to "gank" them. And can simply be avoided. Here's a step-by-step on how to avoid 1) While in Port press " Sail " 2) Once outside, click on all " Combat " markers. 3) If the " Battle Rank " is suspiciously high, do NOT enter. 4) If you're outside your Capitals port. And see large scale battles happening. Open your National chat window. 5) Inform your Nation that there are large player fleets outside your capital AI hunting. And inquire if anyone would like to "Teleport" back to their home port and plan for an attack. 6) If no one of your Nation is willing to muster up a group. Sail away and look for your own AI fights. 7) Or test your luck/skills and enter that large scale battle outside your port. (But do NOT complain afterwards when/if you're sunk) 8) If you entered a large scale player battle by mistake. Open the Battle chat to ALL. And ask if you can Leave safely. Most people will comply. Simply sail away from the combat. And Leave once able. I realize this list is fairly basic and straight forward. And that is intentional! Simply put, its very easy to avoid these battles and situations. Its useful when more experienced players type in chat with information to help their new players. A new player can never have to much useful information. It was also mentioned before that if some of the larger National players could " Teleport " back to their capital. Muster up their newer players and shuffle them to more calmer/safer waters to engage in. Or even if the larger/older players for your Nation can give directions to these areas. Us Dutch do this on a regular basis. Since our Capital is surrounded by many hostile players. Simply put We-Take-Care-Of-Our-Own!!! End-of-Story... ~Cheers.
  6. I was also in that battle in a Renommée. But I was able to escape without taking a single hit with our group. Like Konali mentioned you had spawned in quite close to the enemy fleet (bad luck/timing). And the AI targeting, targets nearest enemy's first. Regardless of the size of their ship. Really just a case of wrong place, at the wrong time once you spawned in. I'm pretty sure everyone reading this, has had this happen to themselves at one time or another. And when it happens, you just wince and cross your figures that you can escape. Sadly in this instance, since we had engaged such a large AI fleet. And you were the first presented target to the AI. You had no place to go, other then down to Davy Jones Locker.
  7. 1) Its 10minutes from the start of a battle for players to join. So once the battle timer hits 50:00 minutes. Players can no longer join. Sadly, currently there is no timer to affect AI. And they will continue to spawn into your battle. 2) I agree, Ai spawning in shouldn't magically *poof*appear* right beside you. This also applies to players.
  8. Now now, we don't have all the information. Just one side of the story. We don't actually know what the player in question was trying to do. But if you're implying that he should keep using an exploit in hopes the Dev's will notice. You couldn't be more wrong. Unless he is pressing F11 and filling out a report. He is not doing the game a service. For all we know the player in question. Could be filing F11 reports. And if that's the case, the Dev's are made aware. And he should no longer keep exploiting. Now, If someone finds a exploit, and willingly and knowingly continues to execute it, over and over again. And without following the proper usage of F11 during this testing phase. They're the epitome of a "Grief Player".
  9. My only thought is this, Were you all sailing in an actual group? Or were you all just sailing individually but staying close together? If all of you were actually in a group. Then yes, I would agree with you. The BRS would seem like it isn't working as intended. And allowing "griefing" players. If all of you were sailing individually but sticking together. Then its just a case of being pulled in since you're in range of the targeted person. As in 1 ship with its BR being put against the Lynx's BR. 1v1 and pulling in surrounding players/ai in range.
  10. Hmm, I'd agree for AI sake. Having them ask if you need assistance or not during a battle. I don't agree with being able to disallow actual players to join. If they want to help, it's their choice. While yes, the idea is so that a player can "solo" play and try to maximize his Xp/gold per match. But, also I can't seem to find any physical reference to where a Captain of any nation during this time period. Was like: "I see one of my fellow countrymen is engage in battle. Oh wait, he signaled me to just leave him alone. Guess I'll sail in the opposite direction. And hope to see those countrymen back in port alive". After all, this is a game. And not all realistic things will work. But just seems odd to me to limit an actual players interaction with his countrymen. Even if he is willing to help. ~cheers
  11. 2 months - 2 Years...Doesn't really matter. The Devs have a vision, and I am on board with it no matter what time-frame. Like mentioned above, all that's important is that the game is released bug-free and is stable upon release. People are fickle at best. I'm confident Game Labs already knows this! And that is why they do NOT give time-tables. Kudos to them! I'll leave you with this piece of music to listen to while you read below: All good things, come to those who wait!
  12. This game is all about the immersion factor for me. So, I will agree 100% with this post.
  13. Not sure what kinda music they will add into the game down the road. But here's a link to this subject. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2222-periodic-music/ ~cheers
  14. Morning Gents, Just wanted to post this before I forget. Played 2 games this morning and one of the two, I accidentally clicked on " Exit " while in game. For some strange reason, my brain thinks that's how you exit the in game Menu. Even though there is a " Back to Game " button. haha Anyways, was just wondering if after clicking on " Exit " while in game. If there should be a " Yes " or " No " option. Something that pops up extra to make sure you want to quit the match. I know I always pop into the Menu while in game since I press ESC a few times to exit chat window once I notice I'm not using any ship controls. Since I was last in the Chat window. Anyways, just my 2cents for the mornin. ~Cheers
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