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  1. I read the title and i thought you where going to go a completely different way with this thread...
  2. Love that song. good luck and fair seas. TDA KingEmu
  3. I strongly disagree with admin and agree with Prater, northern wolves, Alex Conner, Charles Caldwell the others have said. the way the conni is right now laughable. I was in a generic battle the other night and watched a live oak conni get run down by a live oak 74 while we were forming a line of battle. it also seem a live oak Connie takes a lot more leaks than other live oak ships. the way the admin has been about the conni for the last 11 months i am beginning to think it is something personal. there is no call for the the conni to be one the slowest ships in game. edit: no
  4. Happy new year! time to go drink some rum!
  5. The Acheron is heavily based on the Constitution though I do like the red better
  6. After doing some more research and after everyone's comments that the current stern is correct to 1812 (whether it was white or golden could easily change on how wealthy the captain was). But the headrail bulwarks are not accurate to the 1812 version. Not sure about her rigging I don not know enough about it to make any comments (I will leave that to the more knowledgeable) . Am I missing anything else? What do the devs need to eventually put a corrected 1812 Constitution ingame?
  7. Thanks for all the responses . Ill try and get in to contact with the model makers about the stern and Ill email the museum about it too. the thing that bothers me most about the in game constitution and the current real life one is the weather board on the bow. interesting read about the figurehead http://www.history.navy.mil/USSCTour/manuals/ConstitutionFigureheadReport.pdf Robert Danforth that was a good read http://www.history.navy.mil/constitution/documents/ConstitutionRestorationHistory.pdf
  8. As far as i can tell the ingame USS Constitution is modeled after the constitution in its current (2014) state not how it was originally built, or during the war of 1812. The key differences are, the current USS Constitution has higher bulwarks, different stern decorations, and the bow has weather bulwarks. http://www.ussconstitutionmuseum.org/collections-history/faq/#appearance In 1798 she would have looked like this. http://www.shipmodel.com/models/constitution-old-ironsid note the different stern decorations , lower bulwarks, no weather bulwarks on the bow, and it has a figurehead.
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