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  1. KingEmu -PVP1EU- 1. Son of the Dockmaster -decreases the cost of repair kits and repair in port 2. From before the mast- increase the crew's morale and adds a small hp boost to rigging. also decreases the amount of prize money and experience you get 3. Strict mast of arms - decrease the chance of fire 4. Prepared gunner- guns are already loaded at the beginning of the battle 5. Prize master- allows you to send a portion of your crew to man a captured prize. allows the prize ship to either follow you around in battle instance (but not fight) and open world or you can send the prize off to a port by itself in open world 6. Odd goat keeper- increase the effect of defend in boarding (due to the weird guy holding a goat) sorry if i copied anyone's before me it was unintentional (a lot of ideas before mine)
  2. I read the title and i thought you where going to go a completely different way with this thread...
  3. Love that song. good luck and fair seas. TDA KingEmu
  4. I strongly disagree with admin and agree with Prater, northern wolves, Alex Conner, Charles Caldwell the others have said. the way the conni is right now laughable. I was in a generic battle the other night and watched a live oak conni get run down by a live oak 74 while we were forming a line of battle. it also seem a live oak Connie takes a lot more leaks than other live oak ships. the way the admin has been about the conni for the last 11 months i am beginning to think it is something personal. there is no call for the the conni to be one the slowest ships in game. edit: not sure anymore with the new patches that have come out recently.
  5. if i understand it right we all agree that the constitution she be as least resistant to shot as a 74 (not to talking about hp or crew). The only points we have left to debate on are how live oak and white oak splinter. I suggest we wait on discussing on how to balance it economic wise till later. correct me if i am wrong.
  6. alex don't worry about it I am having trouble finding the reference if there is one at all. I probably was thinking of how the US measures tonnage vs the Brits where they use different points of the ship.
  7. good post and thanks for helping get this thread back on track. there is only one two things i would like to point out and that is with point number 2 the bell and the conni are very similar in size. The constitution being longer while the bellona being slightly tall at the poop deck. Point 3 I am not so sure about i will reserve judgement on till the live firing test. here are some pics of the bell and conni side by side. notice the height similarities and how the conni is slightly longer. here are some pictures.
  8. I believe the US navy measure beam from the inside of the hull not the outside. That would explain the discrepancy in the hull thickness you provided. Would you mind redoing your measurements in the way the US navy does it?
  9. I do not see any measurement in the link you posted would you mind pointing them out to me?
  10. I think you are over simplifying it that situation. After running aground in New York harbor suffering structural damage, to her hull, keel, and mast. The USS President (44 gun super frigate) then came into contact with a squadron of british ships. The HMS Majestic (58 razee), HMS Endymion (40 gun 24 pounder), HMS Tenedos (38), and HMS Pomone (38). After a running battle against HMS Endymion (one of the fastest ships of the British fleet capable over 14 knots) and the other British ships closing in she surrender not being able to outrun the or out fight them. it tells me against one 58 gun razee, one 40 gun 24 pounder, and two 38 gun frigates VS one 44 gun super frigate (with structural damage to her hull and mast ) that it is a good idea to surrender to prevent a further loss of life.
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