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  1. Sorry I'm sure this has been asked? Sorry didn't see anything in the search on it. Can or will we be able to download pre-made ships? Say the workshop? Cheers friends.
  2. Love it great first Core implementation! Really enjoyed rule the waves 2.....if you can implement those features and with your amazing graphics and design features this will be a WINNER!! Appreciate your hard work!!
  3. Sorry if this has been asked....when is the ETA for the first installment of the campaign? So looking forward to that element. Single one off battles <meh>. Like the battles to mean something. Pleas allow a auto resolve for though tiny overwhelming odd engagements
  4. +1 JUTLAND (Storm Studios) had a great scenario editor and you could place and change almost anything.....weather ship placements etc. Mind you, you had only WW1 ships (all of them :)) to choose from.
  5. Any new Campaign details that have come out recently? Seems they are keeping their cards close Really hope it has many of the fine aspects of Rule the Waves 2 but of course with decent graphics and models this time! What is your "guess" on the first roll out of the North Sea campaign? Thanks friends.
  6. Would be nice to have a few battles pre-set. Silly not to play famous battle. Ultimate Civil War had this. Now an Editor would be ideal!!
  7. I have been wargaming for 35 years never seen an AI be any real challenge in any game......this is assuming it doesn't cheat. Human players ADD so much depth to a game. JUTLAND was an amazing product with Human players. Jutland with ALL the ships on the board with human COOP commands now there is a wargame. The AI couldn't come close when it commanded ships. I'm sure MP isn't going to make it in......maybe in the next iterations of warmness. Fingers crossed.
  8. New to the game but any custom historical game I try to setup it seems I'm always fighting the a Yamato super ship! Is there a way to restrict the AI besides dates of design of their ships? Can I place tonnage restrictions on their designed ships. Sorry if this has been discussed anyway we could design all the ships in the battle rather than just one?
  9. Lets face it the AI in any wargame is no human or even close. COOP or MP would certainly be a big add. If you want SP great play and win and quit whenever you want but nice to have a friend you can play with for a relaxing hour or so. Nice to get some social time in at the same time
  10. Thank you sir.....top end rig but his video card is 3 or 4 years old!!! Replaced and fixed
  11. No sir, no over lay. He has updated his video drivers.....+ https://www.microsof...s.aspx?id=40784 x64. Still no luck. Will still keep trying. Edit - He has a older video card I just realized.....it is a GTS 250. About 4 years old. Do you think this is the issue. Every thing else is 1 year old.
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