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  1. Does it include the xebec and her lateen yards put horizontally (at Broad reach/Running) ?
  2. @AeRoTR we agree with each other on the issue, not on the solution. You're surely right. I keep quiet from now on 🙂
  3. if we take this very interesting reasoning of yours further, there should be reserved areas (such as the current shallow waters) where : only the 9-pdr frigates (and smaller ships) meet and fight (Surprise, Hercules, Pandora, RenommĂ©e) only the 12-pdr frigates (and smaller ships) meet (L'Hermione, Belle Poule...) only the 18/24-pdr frigates (and...) meet (Trincomalee, Endymion...) only the 7th rates meets only the 6-pdr ships meets etc. @DeRuyter ... 😉
  4. Comparing the lightest in-game 5th Rates (such as the Cerberus) and the heaviest ones (like the Trincomalee) is like comparing the WWI aircrafts/tanks and the WWII ones (or let's say early-WWII ones vs late-WWII ones) and wanting to make the lightest ones as competitive as the heaviest ones is a nonsense. IRL : Cerberus : built in 1758, 6th-rate, 28 guns, heaviest guns : 9-pdr, length of gundeck : 119' Trincomalee : built in 1816, 5th-rate, 50 guns, heaviest guns : 18-pdr, length of gundeck : 150' Devs's choice to give most of the in-game 5th Rates 32-pdr full-carro is already a tool to reduce this RL gap between them.
  5. Bonne idĂ©e. De toute façon, le Duguay-Trouin a eu une belle fin le 4 novembre 1805 et c'est celle-lĂ  qui compte : Sinon, l'Ă©tude et des relevĂ©s du bĂątiment avant destruction par des historiens, des architectes navals, etc. auraient peut- ĂȘtre Ă©tĂ© plus judicieux qu'une pure conservation.
  6. @Archdouche That was just a joke. af Chapman's plans are great. That's what matters about this thread. 🙂
  7. Now I know why there's no Nobel Prize for mathematics 😉 :
  8. Now that the development of the first chapters of the US/GB campaigns seems to successfully progress, does the idea of implementing some day some other campaigns (France, Spain, Russia...) becomes even more worth considering ?
  9. En effet, avec des drapeaux ramenĂ©s vers l'arriĂšre et non sur le mĂȘme plan que la figure (comme sur le monument), ce qui fait penser aux ailes d'une Tourterelle. C'est quel monument, quelle pĂ©riode ?
  10. @Wagram Merci pour cette rĂ©ponse. Je n'avais jamais remarquĂ© que deux navires (mĂȘme de type diffĂ©rent) pouvait porter le mĂȘme nom en mĂȘme temps. Tu donnes 32 canons Ă  la corvette (comme un autre poster du forum). C'est quoi ta source ? Demerliac ? Pour Boudriot, c'est 30 : 24x 8-pdr + 6x 4-pdr (pour la FidĂšle, un navire-soeur ou frĂšre plutĂŽt 😉 Pour R. Winfeld, French Warships in the Age of Sail 1786 - 1861, c'est 30 aussi, mais avec 22x 8-pdr + 2x 12-pdr et 6x 36-pdr (obusiers) pour la 'class UnitĂ©" On a les plans de la Tourterelle, sa sistership, 'as taken' here avec une figure de proue intĂ©ressante :
  11. Beau cornichon !!! FĂ©licitations. Si ça t'intĂ©resse, Prater avait regroupĂ© a long ago quelques plans des navires en jeu ici. Toute une Ă©poque... 😁
  12. Quelqu'un connait-il l'histoire de ces trois plans british de l'UnitĂ© (?) qui ont pas mal de diffĂ©rences, avant/aprĂšs modif (?) ? Mai 1796 : capeture Juillet 1796 (?) : figure de proue intĂ©ressante... Oct. 1796 (?) : 1798 (?) : C'est sans doute un Ă©pisode du forum que j'ai ratĂ© 🙂
  13. there are 2 different questions : who would buy them ? who would sail them ? + a third one : who could resist such a beauty 🙂 :
  14. what about a brand new 7th or 6th rate some day soon (DLC or not) ?
  15. That human nature that makes us desire what we can't have... 😉
  16. so just wait for a problem on the PvE server 😁
  17. not randomly, but as a gift to the dedicated testers of the Alpha version of the game (Sea Trial).
  18. - Don't buff 6th/5th-rates. No point in turning them all into heavy frigates. We need real diversity, not just cosmetic one. - Create more shallow water areas all around the map. - Make 6th-rates and shallow water 5th-rates freely and massively available via free DLCs without cool down (always available).
  19. and the French artillery had already been organized in permanent companies since the 17th century (Louis XIV, 1668).
  20. The French Navy during the 17th century An upcoming monograph at ancre.fr written by P. Villiers describes the French ships armed with 70-110 guns and built during 1624-1715, ie. during the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV : For the record, among others, another monograph written by JC Lemineur from the same publishing house described the Navy of Louis XIV : ...and Le Saint Philippe (1691) is described at length in another one :
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