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  1. Actually I've just started one about land battles (you know, when French tacticians for the Artillery actually also used the word 'brigade'... but that's another story 😉)
  2. I said it again and again : that British rating thing will only bring you troubles, baby! 😁
  3. DLC ships should come with free carronades, repair kits, etc.
  4. Isn't it a matter of mirror ? « Miroir mon beau miroir, dis-moi qui est la plus belle ? »
  5. Very nice visuals from what I see on the Steam page. Congrats. Waiting for more pics...
  6. Have I already mentioned I'd dream of a video game version of it ? (I have 😁)
  7. Quelqu'un connait-il un ouvrage fiable sur les drapeaux français de l'Ancien régime (Moyen-âge et surtout Temps modernes (16e s. - 18e s.)) ? NB : si je dis 'drapeaux' @Surcouf, c'est bien parce que je pense à l'armée de 'terre' (infanterie, artillerie, cavalerie) et accessoirement à la Marine. (un livre, pas un site internet qui a vaguement copié-collé les info d'autres sites.)
  8. C'est ce que j'ai pensé ensuite. Sur Mac, ils appellent ça 'clic secondaire' (et non clic droit) et il faut 'toucher avec 2 doigts'. No comment... 😁
  9. You can't mention Rose de Freycinet without mentioning Jeanne Baret (even though she didn't write anything iirc) 🙂
  10. right-click = cliquer avec le bouton droit de la souris pour faire venir le menu (cf. image) et cliquer sur 'Ouvrir l'image dans un autre onglet' : Puis tu vas dans cet autre onglet et tu copies le lien de cet onglet et tu le colles dans ton post de NA. J'imagine qu'il y a aussi une autre façon de faire mais ça marche comme ça et ça me va. Voilou 🙂 PS : j'espère avoir été clair cette fois.
  11. @Muttdog1945 I really like your forum Avatar. The best movie about planes. 🙂
  12. would you mind posting the flags of their living room ? 🙂
  13. GL forums quite focused on MMO Naval Action for a long time. It might partly explain why there are quite a few Multiplayer fans around asking for Multip. in any GL game 🙂
  14. Strangely enough, the word 'balanced" sounds very much like a synonym of 'weak' in your sentences 😁
  15. ^ The French created permanent companies of artillery in 1668. So the British couldn't wait too long to do it 😁
  16. Indeed. Maybe part of the issue is also the timeframe of NA ships ? From what I know (ie France), French stopped building 9-pdr frigates (such as La Renommée) in 1774 and 12-pdr frigates (such as L'Hermione) in 1798 while building 18-pdr frigates during 1781-1813 and 24-pdr ones during 1772-1843. I don't know if a similar chronology may apply to the British ships. However, a 9-pdr small frigate built in 1758 such as HMS Cerberus 'cannot be in the same class with' a 24-pdr heavy frigate built in 1797 such as the Endymion as you stated above... (btw threedecks.org that you seem to know and use and that is based on R. Winfield's books classifies all the ingame 9-pdr shallow water frigates as 6th rates according to that British rating system. But I for one do not know anything about this system.)
  17. I guess he is Jean Baptiste Joseph Bara, 1757-1830, maître-sculpteur at Lorient. He drew, for example, the project of sculpture of the frigate L'Atalante in 1812 approved by Le Déan and kept at the Archives of the Navy. Maybe replaced by Louis Hubac in 1817 as sculpteur. Archives of his naval pension : here.
  18. right-click on the pic in imgur, open in a new 'onglet', copy the link and paste it here and you get that :
  19. use https://imgur.com, click 'new post', etc. then copy/paste here the link it'll give you
  20. the wink was more about showing you I wasn't the only one using a classification based on pdr than my actual asking you to take the time to give your opinion about what I wrote. Thanks for that. Neither did the 9-pdr frigates of the game (except maybe the British version of the Surprise, according to some NA posts iirc, but not to R. Winfield, British Warships in the Age of Sail). Neither did the 12-pdr L'Hermione... The 9-pdr frigate La Renommée built in 1747 and broken up years before the invention of carronades should be the queen of the frigates in her ocean with her 9-pdr guns... like lots of other frigates. That's the impossible equation. Reserved areas was just an attempt to solve it. At least there are the shallow waters for the 9-pdr frigates.
  21. Among your references, don't you have the date of 26 May 1716 when George the 1st created the first two permanent 'companies' of Royal Artillery ? Am I wrong ?
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