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  1. ^ Sounds more like a private joke because for 95% of the ppl on Earth, 'US Army' means 'US Armed Forces' (air + land + navy + space + whatever), not US land forces.
  2. Un mât de misaine ? Une bouteille de chouchen ? (ça rime)
  3. Les figures de proue sont maintenant ultra-réalistes !!! Ressemblent au bizutage d'un marin grimé en statue de rue/statue vivante, avec une jupette 🙂 Surcouf nous dira s'ils jouent à ça sur l'Hermione 😉
  4. indeed btw Sané, not Sanet, like Leroy Sané, the footballer 🙂 @Aquillas "Sanet" au lieu de "Sané", "ça n'est" pas grand chose mais... 😉
  5. Quid de l'animation des voiles des chébecs ? Y aura-t-il des shallows et des ship damages dus aux intempéries, échouages, vieillissement, etc. ? Y aura-t-il d'autres navires méditerranéens typiques ? Qu'est-ce que c'est le "British channel" ? La BBC de l'époque ? Quel sera le 'real flag' de la France ? Est-ce que les fans de simulation seront comblés ? La timeframe ? Serrée ou NA-esque ? Carronades ou pas carronades ?
  6. Oh! the stern of the modern replica of HMS Rose, renamed HMS Surprise for the movie Master and Something
  7. And as for me, I am sure you noticed what I've just wrote in a thread on the same subject : according to reliable source, IRL Prince had only 2x6-pdr (guns) + 16x12-pdr (carro). So have fun with your in-game 24-pdr Prince.
  8. Regarde par là 🙂 : https://www.sea-legends.com
  9. So why doesn't the Basic Cutter get 32 lb carronades considering I like that ship ?
  10. ^ J'ai lu ça dans la version anglish. J'savais que ça allait te titiller 🙂
  11. IRL Prince had only 2x6-pdr (guns) + 16x12-pdr (carro). Be happy with 20x 24-pdr carros 😉
  12. Gabares such as LGV were lightly-armed cargo ships used by the French Navy to supply her squadrons, arsenals, colonies, etc. in woods, etc. LGV was also as an exploration ship by Kerguelen in 1772.
  13. I'm not trolling at all. I for one have a life besides this forum. However anyone who claims to like Spanish ships, ask for more and who'd know a bit of naval history should be fond of LRQ and could consider her as if she was Spanish.
  14. We already have several Spanish ships in game. One of my favorite ships is Spanish (designed). It's LRQ. There are more 7th-6th rate Spanish ships (1) than French ones (0). meaning that what we need is a small French ship. Quod erat demonstrandum
  15. ... not to be confused with the old farts.
  16. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/33090-general-inquires/?do=findComment&comment=693293
  17. You' better write it in Latin. Your Roman fellow won't understand 😉
  18. Most of NA ships have 'more guns' than the figures you will find on the Net. You want to know why ? Answer at 1'10'' :
  19. If you knew what 'balconnet' means in French, you would understand why a Victory (or a Victoria) with 'balconies' is an high priority !
  20. When will you date the end of the French Revolutionary Wars in game ? 1796 ? 1799 ? 1802 ? 1804 ?
  21. You, like others (we both know of), may expect from NA to be a game designed to be historically/realistically accurate while it is above all a combat/MMO game dressed with a pinch of history and accurate 3d ship models. 🙂
  22. Then rename the Peace server Call it something like 'PvE server' (ie Player vs Environnement, ie Player vs AI) and let agressive combat ships attack...
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