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  1. Happy New Year to everyone !
  2. Maybe that too, but it's not that "legendary" and having some serious drawbacks is the way to have it on low tiers. I forgot about wide broadside previously - that is another one.
  3. There IS a way to balance 1627 Vasa and to model it's mechanics the way it would work ingame. Judging by what happened: 1. It would be unwieldy in side-winds, the stronger the worst and prone to heavy listing - to the point of problems with aiming. 1A. There should be special mechanics developed of closing bottom deck embrasures after certain degree of list and thus limiting its broadside by half - justified real life scenario to prevent flooding because of bad design. 2. Unwieldy in heavy sea states too, maybe with limiting broadside by half mechanics too? (reasonable irl) 3.
  4. There is also "fire at will" and that is what ranging shot mechanics can mimick...
  5. Traverse drag. So basically compare hull longitudinal crossection below water line against sails area, if you want estimate wind-assisted turn rate. I think that hull surface quality can be omitted for now. Oh, and drag grows in 2nd power with speed, so basically 60*/min is 4x power consuming as 30*/min. Hmm, seem to me, that more calculations would be needed to achieve higher precision because hull length definitely is important... Your assumption may be quite correct. Or, they were just "manageable" and nobody mentioned that because it was quite obvious back then?
  6. Seems that this thread is lacking a few pics for some people . Mast actually consists of several pieces joined together, it is not a one "tree". Topmasts could (and sometimes) were lowered in anticipation of stormy weather (not only sails). Connection with hull, historically. Pictures of Vasa (heavy). Weather deck: Lower deck, mast column visible - clearly mast heel is deep in the hull: Here are interesting US Navy instructions on raising masts in several ways, with good pictures, i suggest looking if not reading: http://archive.hnsa.org/doc/luce/part2.htm Here is s
  7. Maybe you could release UI colors as a text config file? So, apart from a few default schemes including simple colorblind ones, anyone could make their own if needed?
  8. That's why asked about prepaid - paysafecard is only an example i used recently with WG (which you worked with in past ? ). There are number of other providers, idk how much implementing these would cost you, though... Any ETA on steam?
  9. Is there anything planned soon? I'm hoping for paysafe or other prepaid means, that are easy to access. Maybe time to establish simple "shop" on portal?
  10. I'd volunteer to be at least temporary mod for Polish subforum if you make it and i could help with some translations. It seems to me that you need all major EU languages, because that's what sells games now... While English is "common language" and is widely understood at least on basic level, majority of casual players still feels not comfortable with using it and prefers their own in forums/interface/portal etc.
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