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  1. Sure, its a lot work, and NA is still in more early development phase. Anyway every 'Nation' absolutely same equipment? Then i don't need Nations, only playerbased guilds as factions. Why designing Nations if its only a phrase (or its only satisfying player-patriots)? Starting with a 'special' ship and have also later special ships does not mean that a dutch captain cannot sail a french-built ship. But building a ship in a dutch harbour should mean designing a Nations-design. We don't need so called historical or modern Nations if there are no single 'rules' for those. I am not dutch but if i
  2. I would also like also at beginning if dutch 'captains' get a 'small' dutch ship, french a french construction... and so on. Nearly for all Nations (and we chose Nations) its possible. Clear, NA is still 'under construction' and not a polished game, but not only as far away goal, more than a 'should/must be' as soon as possible to create. Same for all ship-types. Not only ww2 or ww1 games should have their 'real' national gear.
  3. Also Kurland hat schon Mitte des 17Jh die Kolonie verloren und war dann politisch bedeutungslos. Brandenburg hat die Ambitionen (da die Frau Kettlers Brandenburgische Prinzessin war und die treibende Kraft hinter den maritimen Geschäften) Kurlands für wenige Jahre geerbt. Also 'wenn' der zeitliche Rahmen einigermassen noch stimmen soll und nicht alles nach einem 'ichwillshaltso' sich abspielen, dann wäre Brandenburg tatsächlich eher mit seiner 'bekannten' kleinen Flotte passender, da hab ich vor einigen Monaten schonmal einen thread aufgemacht mit dem Hinweis, "nur zur Info", da ich nichts dav
  4. @ampaholic you are surely right, the distance is (at least for 'me' ^^) now much more important. Anyway i will learn it... again.
  5. Oh, after the last update i have not battled much, but i see, it seems i must learn now again to shoot. Shots of my broadsides going anywhere, but never where they should .
  6. The 'Victory' HP shows also the development of the Victory during the 18ct. Colour (also some fittings) of the ship changed from time to time. I give the link: http://www.hms-victory.com/restoration The stages of changes are listed there as: "As Launched 1765-1779" "Copper Bottom 1780-1799" "The Time of Trafalgar 1800-1805" and "Portsmouth 1817-1922"
  7. Man weiß ja nie, wie und was sich hier zukünftig noch entwickelt, aber momentan laufe ich unter der Niederländischen Flagge.
  8. In that phase of early development its for me not important if one nation is able to get friends... or foes if those momentary interests are to test the foundation of functionality in entire PvP battles. Its for my intension still not a game only testable early game mechanisms with sure (and thats a must be) functional gaming-models.... the ships which can be used, also still not finished in their functionality and the gameplatform. But its really today not more. What the hack now about weak nations or more powerfull? In three months NA still won't be a 'round' game.......
  9. Ah, i think you want an afterburner......
  10. .... you forgot '....of Paris'. So he 'sails' around the Seine....
  11. I hope really in Open World the goal for some success won't be only to get the heaviest ship also for 'single' fights, otherwise you will never have a chance against ....... the other heavy (line) ships. Such wonderful ships like that 'Venus' would only be a very 'nice' addition for the collection, a step to the next heavier one. So i pray NA will not be finally such a collection game, not heavier=better and so the only reason to play to get the most bulkiest ship.
  12. The collection of possible ships grows and grows. Thats absolutely great! Meanwhile i cannot say any more which 'beauty' i would like most.
  13. Salut, bin ja auch aus einem der Deutschen Lande, bei einer Flotte wären die venetianischen Schiffe recht nützlich, die Ende des 18.Jh zu Habsburg kamen. Gibts auch Literatur, in denen Schiffspläne drin sind, allerdings im Netz nur kleinste Auszüge. in den Büchern selbst sind genug Pläne...... Einmal: Das Erbe der Serenissima Rekonstruktion und Restaurierung eines venezianischen Linienschiffsmodells von 1794 Bildband mit Softschuber + 25 großformatige Schiffsbaupläne; Hardcover-Band mit Schutzumschlag; Format: 29,5 x 26,5 cm Der Autor Dr. Karl Klaus Körnervom selben Autor: Die Fregat
  14. I also not dislike Elite: Frontier, taste is taste, but there exist other games. If i will read in 'news and announcements' something newer than third march '15 then i will get nosy again. *joke on* Momentary its obvious devs are for months in holidays, make nothing except relaxing, waiting for a wonder ....*joke off* Anyway since two months no official 'news' from devs, must mean factly the opposite from my sentence before. They work hard, harder and hardest for realising the open world. There is only one question for me, when open world is at a stage it can be tested by massive multi
  15. In german news TV (Heute Journal) there was a short report about the Hermione and its momentary journey. Also the comment the 'original' needed 11 months for building and the recreation about 17 years. (Seems the main difference) . But its clear the Hermione project is nothing unnoticed, also by public. Anyway its a very beautifull ship, not only because its recreated.
  16. I must really say you must have not only the fingers to make such things, also the needed eye for the right look. Often seen very fine models, best built and fine painted, but the sails......... . Some modellers make wooden ships and leave the models without 'cloth' because its obviously something not easy to convert in smaller scales. I like to view those results
  17. Corel models are anyway fine looking models (if well built ), but i am also impressed about the fine 'sail-look'. You reached really a 'natural' appearance of the shapes, not only a crumpled piece of cloth.
  18. You are right, also today you use for that an engine, not the wind
  19. I think our @Admiral_Of_The_Fleet is the real "Duke of Edinburgh", Philip. But normally he does every day such jokes, so we must take care!
  20. @Sir.sigurd i think similar. I tried years ago also the beta of WoT's (worldoftanks) but as simgame-fan it was for my taste to arcade-shooter like and i soon lost interest. But there you see no 'humen', only the models, so i thought everytime i control a RC-model in a sandbox, never a 'tank'. Ok, here in NA its still Alpha, still the foundation of functionality important, not polishing appearance or the final gameplay. Also clear the goal should be at least to see optional 'crew', similar to PotBS, but momentary not really important. Naval Action is in that testable stage not a game, its a t
  21. But its clear, clothings, costumes are not only 17ct, 18ct different, you are nearly able to differ between decades, its obvious, at least 'officers', those are anytime very fashioned . I am member of the german society of historcial costumes and weaponry so my preferences are clear not to mix 1650 'hats' with 1750 'tricorns' but also clear game means for players most time implement all which looks cool 'to me'. So i will see wheather napoleonic 'uniforms' will be combined with 30 years war 'civil' clothing or baroque 1700 wigs. A small hope for me that it won't be like PotBs, there is to m
  22. But clear, i like the appearance of the Wasa, it looks great, absolutely, perhaps if there will be different servers (later) there will be period servers, ......perhaps....... But first devs should make +/- 30 years 18ct navy and then also the other beautiful ships, but different 'world'..... Or we have soon a pirates of the burning sea again, that game still exist... i think.
  23. But the Wasa 1628 was not a brig and it was in itself a misdesign. I wrote in another thread even the Victory was in its active service life modernised, also in design, so in 1800 the ship looks really different than some decades before. It would be totally anachronistic to see a 1628 Wasa design in combination with a late 18ct design. Has nothing to do when the ship was first build.
  24. I hope really we dont see ships mixed from 1630 and 1830. Its a difference between redesigning a ship from 1720 to something for a 1780 service. That can happen. But those 200 years difference in also appearance not only technological development, please not. There exist hundreds images (thousands) or plans of ships of 18ct. And now again folks arguing, 'i like greek bireme, please put it into game', and the next 'oh Hansekogge are also great' 'and Columbus Santa Maria'... and so on and so on. Its not important if a game has viking ships against ironclads or galleons against napoleonic ships,
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