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  1. I like this idea in general. On the other hand, it seems a bit patch work, and I like that it's a bit random when you come across a trader. Perhaps they could add another mechanic to try and help us out here, if you're doing a commerce raider career path in an area perhaps you could have a port option to "gather intel" or "spy on merchants" in that port. If you visit a port with this setup it would give you a list of traders coming to and from that port in the next game day or something, and what their cargo is. I think it would be cool to get something in Tiburon that would say "A Trader Snow carrying Oak is arriving from Jeremie between 08:00 and 09:30" and you could camp out to the north of Tiburon. Even on top of that, perhaps the message in the format of "A X carrying Y is arriving from Z between Time A and Time B" variables could expanded upon, the more you upgrade this port option, or the longer your spies are in place, the more information you get and the more accurate it is.
  2. Surely if you fulfil their wine consumption then that ports production of everything other than bodily fluids will go down
  3. That's cool, this could become a central site to the game Is it possible in future that we could add what is produced and consumed at these ports?
  4. I don't even want to take my Snow into a small battle because of this, perhaps you could have OW durability (5) and LB/SB durability (10) or something, when you run out of the LB/SB durability then it eats into your OW durability.
  5. I'm of the general opinion that the grind is okay in number of XP required terms, I think there just needs to be more to do mission wise for players that are in cutters. The missions are fun for a bit but get repetitive quickly and are forcing you to do combat in a ship that's a bit awkward to fight with sometimes. Being able to do do combat missions, trade missions, exploration missions, escort missions and so forth would real ease the feeling of grind IMO.
  6. Do you know if this is going to change? In my mind you should be able to capture a ship with it's cargo on the captured ship and send it to port so you can keep raiding. Really time consuming to come back to port after each capture, and as someone who wants to primarily attack traders to finance my own crafting I feel like I'm not getting very far from my outpost. To force you to come home eventually though, I'd like you to lose a few of your crew if you do this option, so each ship you catch and send back to port you lose men until you dock. Might be an interesting mechanic, come across a raider who's already hit a few traders and his combat efficiency will be down already, adding some risk/tension to extended commerce raiding.
  7. I've seen a couple of people report this but I thought I would too because I logged an ingame bug and have a number for it so hopefully it can help track down the problem. Details are as follows: Server: PVP One EU Name: LoudHoward Report ID: NAB-22921 Issue: Was in Jeremie, Haiti, then grouped up with someone on my friends list, we both took two Admiralty missions then spawned out fine. Came across a French Lynx so we attacked it to teach it some manners, 3 other enemy Lynx's joined in (such dishonour) and then I brought great shame upon my family, friends, and the monarchy by sinking in my Basic Cutter. Cue sad music. Anyways we lost the battle in the end, and when we finished (I used the Leave Battle) button after the battle ended, my friend spawned in Jeremie, and I spawned in...Sunbury. Now, I like America, hurray for freedom and flapjacks, however this is somewhat out of my way. I set sail and logged the above bug number. After that I teleported to capital and loaded in outside Port Royal to the reassuring and familiar smell of tea and wenches. Hopped into PR, grabbed another 6 pounder Basic Cutter that I already had there, everything looked fine, so I set sail and well this looks strange, I'm now outside Charleston. I don't know if the game is trying to tell me I should reroll to the USA but it probably shouldn't be doing this. Not wanting to wait 4 hours I decided to attack an American AI Cerberus that was passing by, just charged it in the hope I'd pop out in PR after I died. But alas, I spawned in.......Sunbury! Bloody flipping hell. I should've logged a bug again but I just raged and quit lol. Logged back in again just to make sure and yeah still in sunny Sunbury. I'm going to try and teleport again in 4 hours and I'll see what happens, current plan is teleport to PR, dock, logout, log back in, and see what happens. Please advise if I should do something different or if any amazing admins just want to magic me down to Jeremie in the meantime (and add a Snow to my inventory because reasons) I'd make babies with you. Thanks.
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