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  1. Trader Snow vs Frigate & Bellona.


    Good fight tonight to British GNF clan.  I thought my bounty was up.  After a long chase, and being severely demasted, my Trader Snow "Stern Camped" the Frigate (Bellona was left downwind...the escape-o-meter does not yet have the Frigate or Bellona on it...so I guessed upwind incorrectly).  Due to inactivity, the fight was broken off (The frigate forgot to fire I guess, after chasing me for 15 minutes...so I exited). 


    None the less, good  fight GNF ... good fight.




    PS - France, all this happened right outside Grand Anse :)  The Brits are HERE!

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  2. I fail to see ANYTHING in this gi-normous thread that explains away the fact that, by deliberate game design, EVERY nation is at war with EVERY other nation. If individual groups or groups-of-groups want to form agreements with eachother or 'non aggression pacts' or call themselves king or slaves or whatever they have the freedom to do so.

    NOTHING I have seen anywhere at anytime appears to state that anyone has the power to force other players to play by their individual and arbitrary rules. Pirates are their own faction.

    Sweden is in fact at war with the Danes and EVERY other faction, even if whatever-clan agrees no to pursue it.

    IF this has seriously become a tribunal thing, I recommend refering this 'King' and his clans up to the Tribunal for Treason against Sweden and cowardice in the face of the enemy and for aiding and assisting the enemy nation.


  3. At some point folks have to agree that this thread will find no solution or resolution.

    The is no right or wrong, only biased opinion.

    As there is no construct within the game, all players are within "the rules" setout by the developers.

    As councils are player driven "meta game", there is no obligation on "all players" of a nation abiding to said "meta game councils".

    I'm uncertain why this thread is still open. Best locked.

  4. Correction grim, the actual suggestion is that players MUST follow what is an unproven majority which quite likely is actually the minority but organised and vocal.

    Good point. In either scenario, those persons haven't made a thread :) but they'll spend alot of energy moaning here that no rules are broken, but their made up ones.

  5. Two weeks away from National News. I haven't missed a thing it seems. Boys, I'll write your suggestion thread herein for you. Being as you seem to believe it, I expect to see it in the suggestions forums by end of day March 31. If not, then what they hay?

    End of day boys. Get those twinkle fingers typing. If this idea sounds absurd...well...maybe it just is!

    Still no thread in the suggestions forum. Does anyone have conviction in this idea that players MUST follow the popular majority?

  6. 3. you accept that these clan leaders speak on your behalf during RvR negotiations or national council meetings - for lack of a better system. If you do not agree with your leadership, you are free to leave the clan or join another one that suits your interests better - and many people actually do that if they are discontent with their LEADERSHIP . OR MAKE YOUR OWN CLAN OF LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS

    5. you want to participate in the RvR aspect of the game (national wars) - this is the ONLY part of the game where you are limited. If you absolutely want to wage war against the Danish/Swedish, you actually need to convince the majority of players playing the RvR game that this is the right way to go by increasing your clan member numbers or gaining support from other clans. CONCENSUS IS NOT REQUIRED.

    So, by using some logic, we have established that majority decisions concerning national wars DO NOT prevent players from playing the game as they want. Even if the majority of citizens of a nation agree on having peace between Denmark and Sweden, the players of DRUNK and other small clans still have PLENTY of opportunities to trade, PVE, small scale PvP, do port battles to their hearts' content . The only limit that DRUNK have, is that they should not attack ports that belong to the Danish nation. That is the only limitation of their gameplay experience. THERE IS NO LIMITATION EXCEPT THEIR ABILITY TO TAKE ACTION (CLAN SIZE)

    We'll thought out logic. Herein is the flaw in your logic: that consensus is required.

    It might be "desired", yes.

    It is conceivable that a single group of like minded individuals can become the majority.

    As there are no game mechanics to do so, there is no limitations on Drunk's ability to RVR, EXCEPT for the number of like minded individuals they have.

    If they're a clan of 5, taking a port is probably impossible.

    If they're a clan of 18, taking the port is possible, but holding it is unlikely.

    If they are a clan of 36, 50, 75,150... Do I need to list all the permutations?

    I'll end on this note as it is key to your well thought out argument:

    There is no limitations to their desire to RVR. Consensus with the "popular majority" is not required. Their only limitation is the size of their group and ability to take action.

    You've self imposed your belief that minority group must abide by player made councils.

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  7. I can tell you how other historical world leaders have "dealt with" minorities...

    This is not a game philosophy discussion. This is about power and the "right" to wield it.

    Had anyone taken stock of the impact 2 small groups have had? Very little.

    "But Grim, they're starting to take ports now! What if they become strong enough to hold them too?".

    Power. That's all this is about.

    A few "elite" groups trying to maintain a power base - and to have gone so far as to create tribunal threads.

    Using fear and bullying.

    Abuse in national chats.

    Abuse here in forums.

    And only because they have a different vision of game play. A compliant should be lodged.

    If anything, I should hope that the development team makes a strong statement about the treatment of Drunk and RNON. Overall, very unacceptable by "the majority".

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  8. Two weeks away from National News.  I haven't missed a thing it seems.  Boys, I'll write your suggestion thread herein for you.  Being as you seem to believe it, I expect to see it in the suggestions forums by end of day March 31.  If not, then what they hay?



    Hello Naval Action Developers.  I am writing you with a great idea.  No, a requirement.  When a player joins "my" nation, please ensure the following dialogue box is presented to them so they know the consequence of their decision.   Ask them if they agree to the terms with a Yes/No option, and automatically assign them to Pirate if they do not agree:




    You are about to join the "ABC NATION".  The largest organized group in this nation is "ABC CLAN" and they represent majority opinion.  While playing for "ABC NATION", you will be obligated to follow the lead of "ABC CLAN".  Do you agree:  YES / NO?


    End of day boys.  Get those twinkle fingers typing.  If this idea sounds absurd...well...maybe it just is!

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  9. Welcome to our Tavern,


    English speaking group. Easy going. Join us in Teamspeak @ ts102.teamspeak3.com:8301

    EU players contact our Bar Keep @Morey via these forums.

    NA Players can contact myself, @Grim DeGrim.

    Don't mind the Door Keep, @Francis Tabernac.



    Join TS as a patron, no need to rush into "buying shares" in the establishment.

    You can always get a tall yarn from the bar keep. He'll keep your glass full and the stories coming...


    Danish occupation zone, Terre de bas.
    A students letter home to his sister intercepted by Danish authorities.

    Mr dearest sister,
    I am determined to write to you regarding a most peculiar event that happened in the old market square yesterday evening. I was walking along the cliff path, you know the one we walked on your last visit to the island. I was thinking about how the Danish garrison grows daily and must soon outnumber the people in town.
    As I rounded the point to take the walk back into town, there hiding in the deep bay right up under the cliffs was a warship. I nearly stumbled over my own feet in surprise. On closer inspection I realised that she had no national flag flying, surely she was Danish but why was she so well concealed. I could see her stern (her rear end dear sister) and just make out the name, 'Thunder Child' I think it said. I have seen the corvette thunder child in port several times in the past but she couldn't really be here, the Danes had the island bolted up under their heel.
    I continued walking into town dreading my realisation that Thunder Child must surely be a prize of some rotten Viking privateer. As I turned the corner to the old market square I saw a large bustling crowd. My first thoughts were that food shipments had started to arrive again and the old stalls were reopening, then I noticed the men, dressed in cloaks walking amongst the crowd distributing the red armbands and leaflets and the crowd was growing more and more excited.
    A man in a long navy style foul weather coat with his sword visible stood up on an old cart and began shouting to the crowd whilst waving a handful of leaflets around in the air. He cried out against the occupation and easy capitulation of the our military. He told us to be patient, liberation would come, the revolution was happening. He said it would come from the warships of the French navy, with or without the orders from the men at the top. He then waved his arm and the leaflets were thrown amongst the crowd. He then started shouting 'VIVE LA FRANCE' and the chant was taking up by the crowd, I even found myself shouting it.
    The excitement came to a swift end as a cavalry trumpet blew and a squadron of Danish horsemen appeared at one end of the square, swords drawn. Surprisingly the crowd continued chanting whilst slowly drifting away. I turned and the man from the stage was gone, as were the men in cloaks.
    What excitement, I'm now sitting at my desk, still wearing my red armband.
    I enclose a copy of the leaflet, I had to write it out for you because the original got soaked.


    People of France, Brothers and Sisters
    The revolution has begun. We are not to be slaves or puppets to the marauding Vikings or their Dutch lackeys. We are not be dictated to by men who would bow to their wishes in exchange for land. Our once glorious leaders have a knife at their throat, Fight now before that knife can be plunged deep and twisted at any moment. Our enemies feel they can overwhelm and subdue our free fighting spirit by taking our territory and resources, they are mistaken.


    Every man will have his say on the policies that govern us.
    If you wish not to fight then trade with us. Sell us your wares we will provide you a profit.


    I later ran back to the cliff point, and there out at sea was the thunder child under a beautiful spread of sail heading away towards the north, suddenly a double puff of smoke appeared at her stern followed a second later by a pair of gun reports, coming round the coast were a pair of Danish Brigs. Thunder child was too far ahead for the, to catch her and sailing before the wind. I noticed the large red flag sailing above the tricolour before they vanished in the gun smoke that followed the ship out towards the distant horizon.

    Your ever loving brother.

    A Tale of Gratitude

    A gentleman walks through the dank and squalid backstreets of a once flourishing Fort Royal. The recently ended war has taken its toll. Prices are sky high and everywhere men, women and children are cowering in doorways holding out their hands, palms skyward. The gentleman has a brisk pace, confident in his stride as he walks towards the docks. His long foul weather cloak open, streams behind him and his sword, an expensive gift from an old friend swings at his side.
    He stops to regard a young homeless, coughing woman with a young child. Both with sallow pinched skin and sunken eyes. He kneels in front of them taking a large handful of bread from his pocket and hands it to the woman. He then takes a juicy ripe apple and hands it to the child. The woman's eyes start to sparkle with tears. 'God bless you monsieur', she says, 'Merci'. The gentlemen stands up straight, 'thank Les Abaissé madam'. He bends back down handing her a red arm band before standing and smiling. He tips his hat before turning to stride off towards the cutter that would transport him to his warship and the long voyage into dangerous waters, leaving the young woman with a confused look on her face but admiring the bright red arm band now worn on her upper arm. She notices others in the street with the same article of clothing. A smile spreads across her face.

    Battle of the Masts

    Skirmish at La Mona (The battle of Masts)

    My dearest friend,
    I am writing this letter to you from my secret lodgings at La Mona, I wish to inform you of a battle that was fought yesterday just to the east of the island. Hopefully you can use it in your campaign to rouse more support for us back in the French territories.

    Captain Francis Tabernac and myself had rendezvoused off the coast before sailing into La Mona to meet Captain Grim DeGrim. Not long after our first drink in the a Four Masted Tavern did Mr Tabernac receive a message from our counterparts in the DRUNK squadron. They were on their way and wished to rendezvous before setting sail and harass Danish shipping.

    Four of their number arrived lead by Drunkensloth, three in Renomee style Frigates and one in a Corvette very similar to my own Thunder child (cerb). We received word that another DRUNK captain was also en route and was in the ponce area to the east. So it was agreed that we should go meet him. Our own ABC ships departed first making the Van of our force whilst the DRUNK captains formed the rear.

    La Mona hadn't even dropped of the horizon yet when a force of Danish- Norwegian ships came speeding out of the harbour and caught up with the DRUNK ships. Our ABC vessels immediately came about and set all sail towards the point of contact. It was plain that a slogging match would not do for us. With only seven vessels (5 Renomees and 2 Cerbs) and the enemies force made of eight vessels of various class, four heavy frigates (trincs) three frigates (1 belle poule, 1 surprise, 1 Renomee??) and one corvette. (Cerb), we were in a desperate position from the start. We would have to fight a running battle.

    The enemy had the wind advantage too, and we engaged in battle with our formation in disarray (ships pointing in different directions), and the enemy drew onto us. Thunder Child was separated and chased away early on by two of the heavy frigates until one turned away to join the main group fighting my comrades. I saw the captain of the heavy frigate wave his hat to me through my spy glass and I returned the gesture before my stern chasers hid the view in smoke. Our strategy was to use our maneuverability to our advantage and aim at the enemies masts. It appeared that they wanted prizes and were therefore doing the same. Thunder child and the heavy frigate captained by Black Pearl were locked in a circle chase, I was trying to get back to my comrades whilst he punished my sails. We tried quick repairs to gain us a knot or two and he released a devastating broadside that severely damaged my port side. The carpenters report stated that another like that would send us under. After trying to maneuver away a well aimed shot carried away our my fore mast and my ship was now at the mercy of a rapidly approaching heavy frigate, my men prepared to repel boarders but another devastating broadside of grape threw my crew into disarray and reduced our number dramatically, there was a curious pink mist around my vessel and several of my lads had simply vanished in the hail of grape shot.
    It was now that I knew my ship was finished and reading the signals from our squadron another of our number was floundering and couldn't stay afloat much longer. Another grape volley from point blank range further reduced my numbers.
    Black pearls crew attempted at boarding, but I still had just enough speed to knock away his grapples, then his vessel slowly overshot and I heard him curse in vexation from across the narrow strip of water, but alas I had too few crew to set sail and pull away, I couldn't even strike my colours due to it being blown away so I turned toward my enemy and locked my own grapples onto his vessel inviting my enemy aboard with a salute from my quarterdeck. Black pearl was very gentlemanly in his praise and turned a blind eye whilst my surviving men and I manned a boat and made way back to La Mona. It was from this boat that I watched the rest of the battle.

    Whilst thunder child had been playing cat and mouse with black pearls vessel. Much had been going on amongst the other ships locked in combat. One DRUNK ship captained by captain Belize had sunk after taken terrible punished from multiple enemies. The rest of our small squadron had succeeded in forming a tight formation where they could mutually support each other and were delivering well aimed shots on the enemies masts of which several were brought down. Our own ships had taken damage also but were still in good shape and for a brief moment there was a small amount of hope and enthusiasm that with the enemy being dispersed as they were, our ships could gain some kind of victory over the enemy. However Captain Francis Tabernac had lost the majority of his main mast and only his mainstay was still set, he could have quietly slipped away if he wished but decided to stay. After taken hits from a pair of Heavy Frigates his foremast and mizzen mast came crashing down. His vessel now resembled a Viking longboat, the irony was not lost on us. His vessel was left to the mercy of captain Tekert in his heavy frigate. But captain Tabernac was able to deliver several broadsides on two enemy ships as a floating battery before captain Tekert came in to board. It was around this time that captain Ingeman Ulfgard of DRUNK signalled that his vessel was no longer able to continue fighting and withdrew. Francis Tabernac and Tekert had boarded and counter boarded each other no fewer the 3 times before captain Tabernacs vessel was overcome.

    Our three surviving ships were still putting up a grand fight, and the Danish- Norwegian vessels were strung out with the majority missing masts. A couple had set all available sail and left the battle area. Drunkensloth's vessel had suffered terrible damage as finally his main mast fell into the sea and he signalled that his ship was taking on water. He was successful at bringing down Black pearls mainmast first before abandoning ship. Drunkensloth's rearguard action meant that only one enemy vessel still had all three masts and that vessel had suffered terrible damage and wouldn't take much more. It also allowed for Grim DeGrim and Reiwok both to pull ahead and get out of range of the enemies guns.

    Although for our small squadron it was a clear defeat with four of our seven vessels taken or sunk, for us personally it was a victory for morale and prestige. Our first sizable battle with everything in the enemies favour from the start. The Danish- Norwegian captains honored us with signals of praise and a fight well fought. We signaled the same and that we shall meet them again no doubt.

    Kinds regards
    Your old friend
    Martin W Morey de Saumarez

    A fine battle all round. Thank you to the Danish- Norwegian captains for their part in it

    We're a small group, very informal. PVE, PVP, Crafting. Our numbers are less than 5 most nights. Looking for folks wanting to play.

    We frequent War Thunder in slow periods and other games as the opportunity arises.

    The teamspeak is multi-gamed and always welcomes friends of friends.

    Abaissé is pronounced very similar to ABC (a be se).

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