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  1. You need to delete vjoy drivers, unistall, delete registry key, reinstall problem is gone.


    I had the problem did this no problem anymore. You do not need the vjoy drivers unless you have a really old joystick like pre 2001 non USB joystick. I still use my thrustmast 16000M for elite dangerous and it works fine with no problems on NA.


    Thanks for the advice: looks like I never had installed vjoy-drivers - or: what to look for and where?

  2. Ok, no joystick here (but has been used with my rig as well as pedals BEFORE installing NA, hence: uninstalling any drivers, plug in devices?) and got the non-centering rudder-bug now for the first time, playing with the new patch for some time since.


    Appreciate any help as I am very bad at aiming/tacking and checking a so-and-so centered rudder at the same time :(


    Edit: And yes, I did erase the input data in the NA registry, then to start with new/default key-bindings.


    And a (kind of final?) edit: I found somewhere here that it is important to assign "first" and "second" input to the same key (2x2 lines!)


    This worked for me - so far.

  3. I have the mentioned issues since todays patch, never experienced it before.

    The bigger the battle (or the more is going on that moment) the more likely it happens.

    Especially the 'guns not firing' issue happens very frequent atm on my end.


    Same here, new to this non-firing bug (and: firing all of a sudden) since my rig uploaded new patch yesterday. Seems like the bigger the PVP, the more likely.


    Edit: Having read the above posts I remember, that I most likely had switched to double before the bug appeared. Can hardly think of chain, ball and crate causing the non-firing experience ...


    have to report a bug in the bug report. namely that  I could not send a bug report.  :D 

    I wanted to do so because the chat is not working for me. I get this message while trying to chat.


    chat.commmon@conference.localhost: .......... Only occupants are allowed to send messages to the conference



    +1, yes, what is this? Thought it came with the patch, isn´t it?


    Miss the excitement and mostly entertaining chats in the lobby after auto-update tonight.

  5. To tell you the truth: stormy weather is my chance to have a good fight, and I am actually doing better (looking at the dmg-points gained and the opportunity to survive bigger battles) than in flat water, where I am always mixed up with staying close to the team without ramming them, or get out of the way for the heavier armed in our fleet.

    In storm everyone seems more on his own, forced to take initiative, trying to compete with waves and wind, observing more carefully his own position and looking for a target in reach. Whereas "in line" I am either a danger to my fellows or of no need. And, yes, I tried to be obedient to orders given.

    In storm orders are more of a suggestion, which I can follow or neglect due to the very situation.


    Just my two cents, and of course a very individual view on fighting under circumstances that appear unwanted to most (as in real life).

  6. ... yes, I was also pretty baffled to see (and read) how important gaining dmg-points became to most of even the higher ranks. Me, a major IRL and not an Admiral, don´t feel like ready for a Constitution, Victory or Santissima, and can imagine improving game-/teamplay with my brig or Surprise.

  7. I was screaming "damn damn damn damn" as I accidentally headed into the path of a victory in my surprise. :lol:


    Same happened to me yesterday in my second Trafalgar battle (only it must have been a Trinco I rammed). I got stuck with the commands, but first fault was to get out of the firing range for our bigger vessels - and instead of slowing down (and fall back again) I turned towards them, not realizing I wasn´t the last in line :(


    So if it comes to judging who is wrong, and who did right, I am always eager to admit that I am still learning (not about "starboard", but about sailing/aiming/winning or surviving the game). I feel bad if someone (not only "my side") is damaged because I couldn´t stop in time or got in between the bigger ones, but, heck, it is a game, and if in battle one easily targets for a course or a bait, not watching too carefully for others. Which is how I got a broadside into an enemy ship a few days ago, that was heading for a cutter of my fleet ;)

  8. Does anyone see an interference, more like a flicker, as well when the battle is launched (mainly PvE Light ships here, but same with PvP)?


    First time I saw this I thought I get kicked out or the computer will shut down. But as game started I didn´t worry too much: just interested if I am the only one and/or if this is related to patch and/or Nvidia-drivers.

  9. ... Anyway i will get no heart-attack if i will see a Hanse-Kogge :D


    I will! ;)


    But with a nome-de-guerre like mine 1660 onwards would be nice - still, looking at all those beautiful ships on the wishlist, how will the devs/servers separate the baroque ships from the Napoleonic ones (= not to end up in a game similar to "War of Thunder")?


    Darn: It is "nom de guerre" = which shows that i am only good at French wine!

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  10. Possible exploit here which may need to be looked at.


    Ramming is very powerful, even if your in a much smaller ship.


    You can take down a Surprise with a brig or cutter but ramming it top speed broadside on, then if you move at an angle to the ship, hit it with your guns but within a few mins it will normally sink from the ramming damage.


    Is this correct?


    Never rammed anyone on purpose!


    BUT it is true that two to three times I hit a Brig or bigger (in PvE) with my Lynx and/or cutter broadside, fearing my own vessel might leak, but instead got a chance to fire at short distance as well - then to see the other ship sink while my small one drifted apart nearly unharmed.


    I hear you say: So this is how he gains his points ... :D

  11. Similar happened to me yesterday, fighting alongside a bigger vessel that left me alone with two ships in PvE. I asked what was going on, but even got no answer (or: simply a "Huh?" at the end with that 2 kills).

    Anyhow, next battles I found mates (like "thorulf" and "dickie") that helped me gain my "Brig" for the first time. So any frustrating experience with sitting ducks is forgotten as you find a community that enjoys fighting instead.


    And, yes,


    "I love being outmatched and having the chance of pulling off an upset, it's a great feeling (NorthernWolves)" with this game (!) especially.


    Think of Horblower/Gregory Peck and "El Supremo" :D

  12. I appreciate there´s someone (at least) who enjoys listening to "Ludwig Van" (Alex) instead of Death Metal while cruising the seas. It always puzzled me to read about other fellows´ music taste when flying Hurricanes over 1940s England and I agree that period music is essential for "immersion".


    Why not open a WebRadio channel while playing NavalAction? I was happy to see that it didn´t result in lower framerates (= this game is sooo good)!

  13. @Balck, thank you. Will try right click next time (thought I had, but maybe I am missing it out in the heat of battle).


    And yes, the heeling (!) might have been the cause. Or taking water from leaks caused by my immature approach to battle :D


    @Henry d' Esterre Darby: Much appreciated! Thank you, too.


  14. Ok: I aim right side from my ship (starbord), greyish field on water appears as well as small red line.


    I look left side of my Lynx and the greyish field is there, but no small red line whatever I try to turn my ship while still looking portside.


    (I am a hopeless landlubber, I fear ..)

  15. ... so I dare to start a new topic: When in Lynx I noticed that I get greyish gun range and red line for aiming high/low, but


    when looking portside the red line is missing (which makes it even harder for me to aim).


    Am I doing something wrong, is it intentional?



  16. Dear fellow captains!


    Those who met me in battle might remember that I am an easy bait, running in between your briggs and cutters wih my little yacht, easily sunk but always having fun.


    I would like to continue on this quick weasel, but feel like I am either bad at aiming or the yacht isn´t made for doing harm on the bigger vessels.


    So what is the trick? i found some screenshots here showing the cutter and/or brigg with something like a HUD, but when I am in my yacht I got the greyish gun range (?) on the water an a small, moveable red line (which I thought was for aiming high and low).


    By the way, sorry if I behave like a maverick in battle: haven´t got any friends here, no teamspeak and only a few hours with the ancient "Age of Sails" ...

  17. For the record, it does say beta on my Steam game library.  ;)  I keep seeing both Alpha and Beta used depending on the instance, I'm not sure what to call it outside of early access.     


    Heck, I ordered yesterday and I am checking my Steam library/the Steam Shop once in a while since then: I cannot find a game called "Naval Action" there. Where should I look. Still no game key here, but I could  wait a bit if there is a constant communication telling us, when to expect them. And, yes, I shouldn´t read all these comments in favor of the Alpha/Beta access --- get´s me jealous! :angry:

  18. Just new to the site (having pre-ordered and waiting for anything to happen now: a steam-key? sent in batches? by sunday? and then?) and trying to soothe the exitement by editing my profile.


    Still have no idea how to change "my photo"/avatar. As this looks very much like the BoS procedure I click "Search" ("Durchsuchen" in my native language), but nothing happens. Cannot get to my HD files to upload anything from there. What´s the trick?

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